Report: Craig To Resign Saturday

An anonymous source (so take it with a grain of salt) is telling the Associated Press that Idaho Senator Larry Craig will announce his resignation at a news conference tomorrow morning. This would really be the best thing for the GOP since the Republican governor can appoint an interim Senator who can go into the 2008 race with some clout. It's a deep red state, but a race between two new challengers would be risky. Best to lay the groundwork now.

While we're on the subject of Larry Craig, I've got some real problems with this whole situation. While I'm no fan of his (I knew little about him until his vote for Amnesty), as a libertarian, I have a real problem with the misdemeanor charge he got in Minneapolis. If he had said to the cop "wanna have sex?" that would be one thing...but to say that he is guilty of soliciting sex by putting his foot next to another person's and swiping his hand under the stall...that to me is a real stretch. They say these are the known signs of someone looking for public sex...I guess I've lived a sheltered life.

Someone asked me recently, have you ever heard of this? I said, no, but I'm glad I have now so I don't accidentally do it in the future!

Exit question: Shouldn't airport police be worried more about terrorism than sex in the bathrooms? Also, what if they caught a Muslim soliciting sex in an airport bathroom? Just asking...

Pete Seeger Acknowledge The Realities Of Stalinism

I guess it's better late than never. The famous folk singer, Pete Seeger, known for his pursuit of social justice and being an avowed communist has finally admitted (somewhat) that he was wrong to support Josef Stalin. It may seem like much ado about nothing as Stalin has been dead for over 50 years, but this is an incredibly important point in the ideological debate between the Left and the Right. Why, so many will ask, do those on the Left scream for "social justice" "civil rights" and "free expression" in America when at the same time they either support or make excuses for regimes that crush these principles? Some didn't believe in freedom but used it as a means to an end, and others were simply deluded either by an incredible hatred of America and thus a belief that anyone against the USA must be good, or a deep desire to believe that a utopia is possible and it's happening somewhere in the world. I suspect Seeger has always been in that last category.

Changes In The Senate

News just dropped that Virginia Senator John Warner is not going to seek reelection in 2008. We're also expecting Senator Larry Craig to resign sometime soon. Many may look at this as bad for the GOP, and in the short term it is, but I'm always happy to see Washington life-timers put out to pasture. In the long term, that's a good thing. Now if we could get rid of Stevens, Kennedy, Byrd, and a few others, we'd really be on to something.

Flat Tax All The Rage Across The Pond

The former Soviet block countries in Europe are moving toward the flat tax, just as Russia did some years ago. Ukraine, Slovakia, Georgia, Romania, Serbia, Albania....yet in the land of the free and home of the brave, we can't even think about such a thing. What's wrong with this picture?

Harry Reid Getting Desperate

He's done a horrible job as Senate Majority Leader and dug a hole so deep he can barely see sunlight. Now, he's trying to find a way out.


Katie Couric, Iraq, And The Machine

There's a lot of chatter in the Blogosphere about Katie Couric's decision (or maybe it was the CBS brass) to go to Iraq and cover the war, thus putting herself in peril. Some are making fun or her. Michelle Malkin has decided to hold off on that as it's too easy and a little hypocritical since many have criticized her for not having gone to Iraq in the past few years. Is it a ploy for higher ratings? Absolutely...I doubt any of them at CBS would deny it, but it gets us back to the main issue at hand. I've said this a million times and I've become a broken record, but the problem with CBS News is not Katie Couric, she's just the tip of the iceberg. CBS News is broken and it has been for many, many years. The words of 60s radical Mario Savio always spring to my mind when pondering the trials of CBS News:

There is a time when the operation of the machine becomes so odious -- makes you so sick at heart that you cannot take part. You cannot even passively take part. And you've got to put your bodies on the gears and upon the wheels and levers, upon all of the apparatus and you have to make it stop and you have got to indicate to the people who run and own it, that unless you are free, the machine will be prevented from working at all.

Richard Jewell Dies

Richard Jewell was a guy who just wanted to be a cop. When he reported the suspicious backpack in Atlanta's Olympic Park to police he was immediately dubbed a hero, but the FBI thought this somewhat-awkward fellow may have planted the bomb and then revealed it to get attention. They tried to get him to sign a confession using trickery and underhanded practices that were an embarassment to the Bureau and the country. He was cleared, but his life was shattered. Luckily, they found the real bomber, Eric Rudolph, and that has lifted any doubt people may have had about Jewell's part in the whole affair. He was a hero. R.I.P.

Distorting History In Southeast Asia

It's amazing how many myths exist in the proud history of the United States. One such myth that I've studied at great length is the rise of the Khmer Rouge and how those on the Left that are willing to admit the genocide happened and that it was a bad thing (and there are still some that don't) continue to blame America for it. Mark Tooley over at FrontPageMag has the answers to this jackassery.

Joey Harrington Could Be Feel-Good Story

One of the reasons I like watching the NFL is the drama of some of the personal stories of particular athletes. In Atlanta, we have a star athlete who was the face of the franchise heading to the clink. In comes Joey Harrington, a quarterback from the Oregon Ducks who was drafted 3rd in 2002 by the Detroit Lions. Not surprisingly, as Detroit is quite possibly the worst franchise in all of sports, he didn't do well. So they shipped him off to Miami where he caught the tail end of the Nick Saban debacle. So, Harrington then moved to Atlanta and was looking at being a backup for the rest of his career, but the scene changed.

This is one of those stories where you really want a player to do well. Harrington has taken over QB job at a franchise that has been shell shocked. They need something to get their spirits up in Atlanta and they're hoping he can deliver. So far, he's handled it well. His play in the preseason has been solid and his relationship with his teammates is strong, Warrick Dunn stating that the players have responded well to him and "have his back."

It's the kind of thing that adds an interesting element to an already interesting game.

Zombie Castro Starts Political Consulting Business

Fidel Castro, either in life or from the grave, has had quite a week. He's named Jimmy Carter the best President of the United State in his lifetime and thinks Clinton-Obama would be a dream ticket. Not surprisingly, neither Clinton or Obama had any comment on this endorsement.

Day By Day Censored By Don Surber


Hillary Pal On The Run

The Chinese money-man that illegally funneled money to Hillary Clinton is now on the run. I'd be more interested in this if I thought the Clintons might finally face consequences for their history of crimes...but they won't.


Hydrogen On Demand

The way to help the environment is not reverting to a pastoral existence or taxing the asses off the populous...this is the way we can help the environment...through science and research.

Not That There's Anything Wrong With That

In honor of Senator Larry Craig, who says he is 100% not gay...

Greetings, Instapundit readers! Take a moment and check out the rest of the site.

Tuesday Funny

Model falls, anchors lose it.


Whither GOP?

Rick Moran at Right Wing Nut House gives us a lot to think about.

Rock Stars Get Real Jobs

You know how the song goes..."Get a haircut and get a real job." Well, some rock stars, after long, successful careers, have decided to do just that. From military defense genius Jeff "Skunk" Baxter to "Doctor" Brian May, they're making new names for themselves. (Hat tip: Don Surber)

Larry Craig Exposed

Now I understand why Republican Senator Larry Craig was a supporter of Amnesty. He was hoping to someday get political cover from the Left. Don't count on it, Larry, you're done.

Kurt Loder Sticks To His Guns

A while back, Kurt Loder of MTV News wrote a scathing review of Michael Moore's documentary on socialized medicine pointing out the obvious facts that it's an insane idea and it's laughable to try and make us believe people get better health care in Cuba. I thought at the time that Loder would be tarred-and-feathered and have to do some back-peddling to save his career, but he's sticking to his guns. In this interview on Fox News he points out several times that he's not a political pundit and is "no expert," but that's really kind of the point: you don't have to be an "expert" to simply look at the facts. The idea that Great Britain or Canada or even Cuba have a much better health care system than that of the United States is one of the biggest lies in the world. The facts are there, if you are willing to look, but Michael Moore and his ilk would have us believe there is nothing to see in Galileo's telescope. (Hat tip: Hot Air)

Quote Of The Day

"You're taking your chances here. You'll have to live with whatever decision I make."

Gonzales Resigns

The Democrats got a little blood today as Attorney General Alberto Gonzales resigns. I think this whole U.S. Attorney "scandal" is a bunch of BS, but I do have to admit, Gonzales handled it poorly. He took an ridiculous charge and ended up giving it credibility.

Now there's talk Michael Chertoff is the possibly replacement. That could be interesting as he's made no friends with the Conservative base after his comments on Amnesty.

I've said it once and I'll say it again. The presidency needs to be one six-year term. Most presidency's have burned-out by the time 6 years rolls around. Something to consider.


Quote Of The Day

"This kind of stuff just grosses me out."

Bill Moyers' War On Journalism

PBS would do itself a big favor if it would finally say enough is enough and fire Bill Moyers from the corporation. The man is not interested in the truth, he only cares about pushing his Leftist agenda and smearing anyone he sees as an enemy. Nothing has changed for this man since he was a hired-gun for LBJ, and it's a disgrace to the profession of journalism that he is allowed to masquerade as a defender of truth and liberty.

It's Official: "Unfit For Command" All True

Beldar has the goods.


Trying To Force Logic Onto An Illogical World

President Bush's recent speech making comparisons of Iraq to Vietnam has really raised the dander of many of the nation's intellectuals and elitists. Somewhat to my surprise, even Christopher Hitchens has been critical of the comparison, but he's missing the point. In his recent piece he gives us a laundry list as to why the regimes of Ho Chi Minh and Saddam Hussein were different. That's all well and good, but no one is making the claim they were identical, nor are we necessarily debating here the reasoning for going to war in each case. What President Bush is talking about is the consequences that the U.S. and Southeast Asia suffered by us abandoning our mission in Vietnam and how these consequences could prove very similar should we pull out of Iraq.

A transcript of Bush's speech is here, I suggest you read it. The reaction of the elites and Hitchens has to do with their misguided view of communism. Though they refuse to admit it and even offer shallow lip-service with under-their-breath statements that "Stalin was indeed and very bad man," these people will always have a soft-spot for the Marxist ideology because of central (yet false) credo "equality." The reality is that communism is an ideology based on man's self-hatred. Communism seeks to crush every human desire, good and bad, and with that, everyone is "equal." Hitler and the Nazi's weren't quite the same. Theirs was an ideology based on race...they hated everyone but themselves, very similar to the Islamofascists (hence the reason we use the term) of today. Many try to say Vietnam didn't have it so bad after we left. John Kerry, most famously. Max Boot tackled this subject:

After all, isn't Vietnam today an emerging economic power that is cultivating friendly ties with the U.S.?

True, but that's 30 years after the fact. In the short-term, the costs of defeat were indeed heavy. More than a million people perished in the killing fields of Cambodia, while in Vietnam, those who worked with American forces were consigned, as Mr. Bush noted, to prison camps "where tens of thousands perished." Many more fled as "boat people," he continued, "many of them going to their graves in the South China Sea."

That assessment actually understates the terrible repercussions from the American defeat, whose ripples spread around the world. In the late 1970s, America's enemies seized power in countries from Mozambique to Iran to Nicaragua. American hostages were seized aboard the SS Mayaguez (off Cambodia) and in Tehran. The Red Army invaded Afghanistan. It is impossible to prove the connection with the Vietnam War, but there is little doubt that the enfeeblement of a superpower encouraged our enemies to undertake acts of aggression that they might otherwise have shied away from. Indeed, as Mr. Bush noted, jihadists still gain hope from what Ayman al Zawahiri accurately describes as "the aftermath of the collapse of the American power in Vietnam and how they ran and left their agents."

Bush was not giving a history lecture at NYU, he was trying to explain some real world realities in a short amount of time. Like they say in football, you can have all the great stats you want but the only stat that matters is how many W's you have. In this world, the only stat that matters is America's win-loss record, because when America loses, freedom loses. You don't have to like it, but you do have to face it.

HuffPo Calls For Military Coup In D.C.

I kid you not.

The Tallest Building Ever

A construction corporation in Japan has unveiled designs for a new building, called the X-Seed 4000, that would rise to 13,000 feet (the Sears Tower is 1700 feet) and would house one-million people. Would such a think be possible? I think we've learned by now there's nothing man hasn't been able to engineer. However, the cost of such a structure would be about $1-trillion American. Whoa. (Hat tip: Hot Air)

Giuliani Talks Death And Taxes

There are basically two reasons Rudy Giuliani is leading in the polls: 1) Name recognition; 2) He's campaigning on the right issues. In his latest speech, he hammered home his belief that the death and marriage taxes should be repealed. Taxes and homeland safety. These are the issues he's running on and it's working.


Vietnam This!

Don Surber blasts the Western apologists for the tyrants of Vietnam then and now. Like the "great" Canadian Health Care system, the idea that Vietnam is thriving 30 years after America left is another one of those global myths that seems to have a life of its own.

MSNBC Gets Pwned!



Bush Slams Left With Schanberg Quote

You can always tell when President Bush has just delivered a brilliant speech...the Left gets insane. They're not too happy with him making the Iraq-Vietnam comparison...that's reserved for them, and he (or his speechwriter) showed a stroke of brilliance by using a New York Times quote from 1975:

A columnist for The New York Times wrote in a similar vein in 1975, just as Cambodia and Vietnam were falling to the communists: "It's difficult to imagine," he said, "how their lives could be anything but better with the Americans gone." A headline on that story, date Phnom Penh, summed up the argument: "Indochina without Americans: For Most a Better Life."

That line came from reporter Sydney Schanberg. You know, he was the hero in The Killings Fields, played by Sam Waterston. That one line proved to be one of the most erroneous predictions in the history of journalism. Sadly, history is repeating.

For a primer on the Cambodian/Vietnam aftermath debate between the Left and the Right, click here.

Shock: Bill Clinton Lied

As hard as it is to believe, we now have the proof that Bill Clinton lied to Chris Wallace during his meltdown interview on Fox News. Gee...I wonder if any MSM journalists will bring it up the next time he's in an interview? (Hint: the answer is "no.")


Minneapolis Bridge Collapse Partly The Fault Of Pigeons

ST. PAUL, Minn. - Pounded and strained by heavy traffic and weakened by missing bolts and cracking steel, the failed interstate bridge over the Mississippi River also faced a less obvious enemy: pigeons.

Inspectors began documenting the buildup of pigeon dung on the span near downtown Minneapolis two decades ago. Experts say the corrosive guano deposited all over the Interstate 35W span's framework helped the steel beams rust faster.

Although investigators have yet to identify the cause of the bridge's Aug. 1 collapse, which killed at least 13 people and injured about 100, the pigeon problem is one of many factors that dogged the structure.

We let their desecration of our statues slide, but now they're on thin ice! (Hat tip: Blue Crab Boulevard)

Sarkozy "Corrects" Chirac's Errors

More good press for French President Nicolas Sarkozy as he surprises everyone by sending his Foreign Minister, Bernard Kouchner, to Iraq. Amir Taheri, an Iranian author has a nice column on his recent visit.

No better man than Kouchner could have been chosen to signal France's change of policy. For Kouchner is one of a handful of people in the West who recognised the murderous nature of Saddam's regime and called for its overthrow as early as the 1980s.

In fact, Kouchner, a medical doctor by training, made his public career by helping the hundreds of thousands of Kurdish refugees who fled from Saddam's tyranny.

For years, Medecins Sans Frontiers, known in English as "The French Doctors", the organisation that Kouchner and his friends founded, was one of the few Western charities that publicised the sufferings of the Iraqi people.


Kouchner's visit, full of symbolism, shatters one of the key points in Al Qaida's analysis: that the Western powers will never find enough unity to develop a common strategy against terror.

I can't say I'm as optimistic as Taheri, but I'm definitely liking what I see.

Instapundit Just Nails It

"It is not enough to have the right opinions. You must have them at the right time, and you must express them in a way that reflects people's desire to feel good about themselves."

Hmmm...Baathist Leader Joins Coalition

Not sure what to make of this story. The leader of the leftover Iraqi Baathists has announced they want to sever ties with al-Qaeda and work with the Iraqi government and the coalition forces. Could be good news, but still doesn't feel right.

No No, Dig Up, Stupid!

Well, those crazy cats at The New Republic keep finding ways to dig the hole even deeper. Today we get a screed on William Kristol for having the onions to state the obvious about the fake Baghdad Diaries. Nice work, boys.


What The Hell?

What's happened to my blog? Well, as I said a few days ago, I get bored and need to change it every so often. However, I've found myself drowning in html and css that's been rebuilt and reworked so many times I can't see the forest for the trees. Sometimes you just have to start from scratch.

Worst, Congress, Ever!

Via Ann Althouse.

Patca's Law

A brilliant update on Andy Warhol's famous quote.


Clowns To The Left Of Me, Jokers To The Right

In this age where illegal immigration is a hot-button issue, some employers are finding themselves stuck in a no-win situation.

Don't Fear The Fred

The political left is getting a little nervous about Fred Thompson and his presidential run...so much so, in fact, that they're having one of their bloggers file an FEC complaint against The Fred, and this blogger has a history.

Vick Jerseys Put To Good Use At Atlanta Animal Shelter


More than a dozen Michael Vick jerseys have been sent to AHS, and they are putting them to good use.

"When I first saw them, I was kind of shocked. I was like, 'Why do they have Vick jerseys here,'" said Julie Sentner.


So what are volunteers doing with the jerseys?

"We discovered like any donation we get, any shirt or towel, we put it to good use here at Atlanta Humane Society. We’re always using things to clean kennels, use for bedding and stuff like that," said Smith.

Did she say cleaning kennels?

"We’re not showing any favoritism to these jerseys, they go into our
general rotation of towels," Smith said.

By the way, Vick has agreed to plead Guilty to the federal charges. It'll be very interesting to see what Roger Goodell does now.

New Republic Scandal A Sign Of The Times

Richard Miniter over at Pajamas Media has done some extensive research on the Scott Thomas Beauchamp scandal at The New Republic. The story has a little bit of everything: blind ambition, a jilted lover, a woman on the inside and even a gay Republican.

As expected, the only action the magazine has taken is to fire the whistle-blower who told a few conservative bloggers about the fact that Beauchamp is married to one of TNR's "fact-checkers (a fact that has been thoroughly checked). While some may be amazed by this, it's hardly surprising. The MSM sees the Blogosphere (at least the conservative Blogosphere) as a pesky rebellion on the outskirts of the capital. While it may be the right thing to do to come clean and admit they were duped, the last thing the editors at TNR or any MSM outlet want to do is give the rebels any kind of credibility. If the New York Times or Time Magazine had revealed that Beauchamp was a fraud, TNR would still have been annoyed but also more likely to come clean. Since they're being exposed by the likes of Little Green Footballs and The Confederate Yankee, they're wrapping themselves in a cone of silence.

It's more than ideology at work here. It's not about being pro-war or anti-war. It's about class, about TNR's standing in the Fourth Estate hierarchy. They're being challenged and they don't like it...none of the MSM likes it and they're not going to leave the ivory tower without a fight.

The great war...the battle over the control of information and ideas, will be a generational war.


Artifical Life Just Around The Corner

Or so it seems. It's been quite a week for science. First we hear from a couple of German physicists that they've found a way to go faster than the speed of light, and now practitioners in the field of "wet artificial life" say they'll have created artificial life within 3 to 10 years. That's all well and good, but before that I'd really like to get the flying car I ordered back in the year 2000.

House Cleaning

Made some updates to the ol' website this weekend. What can I say...I get bored and have to change it about once a year. Still have some tweaks to make. Stay tuned.


The Fourth Estate And The Powers That Be

Fjordman, one of the best writers in Europe, has a fantastic piece on the MSM and how it works hand-in-hand with the powers that be in Europe to keep certain issues quiet. The end result could be one-world government.


Blessed Are The Cheese-Makers

Christopher Hitchens' recent book "God Is Not Great" is selling like hotcakes down in the Bible Belt, and in the rest of the country. Today in Vanity Fair he discusses his various debates around the country with people of faith and his surprise meeting with the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Bush, FDR, Wilson And The Constitution

Russ Smith has a editorial in the New York Sun today about the constant bleating from the MSM on how Bush is "shredding" the Constitution. A serious charge, but one that falls apart with a simple search on the Lexis-Nexis.


Final Frontier, Here We Come?

Every day there are news stories, and then some days there are stories that are truly news...news that, if true, can change everything in the universe as we know it. Today, we get one of those stories. Two German physicists say they have been able to break the speed of light.

What does that mean? Well, if their experiment indeed proves out, it basically means that everything we thought we knew about space and time is wrong. Einstein's famous Theory of Relativity says that it would require an infinite amount of energy to propel an object at more than 186,000 miles per second, i.e. it's impossible to go faster than the speed of light. However, these two physicists may have found a way around that.

Now, it's extremely early. This is one finding and it will have to be tested on a larger scale by many other scientists before it can claim an credence...but it's quite a step.

MSNBC's Bias Is Showing

Welcome to another exciting episode of "What Liberal Media?" In today's edition, we have MSNBC...the bottom dweller in the cable news ratings race. Host Joe Scarborough gives us this interesting little nugget.


General Petraeus Brings Good Tidings

Rush Limbaugh's suspicions have proven out. He suspected the recent stories in the MSM of military gains in Iraq was to supply cover for the Democrats should General Petraeus say the Surge is working. Well, guess what? Petraeus says we can start bringing some (but not all) troops home soon. As usual, Rush is right.

Don Surber has more on Petraeus.


Keeping Iranian News Under Wraps

Did you know there are 117 registered foreign correspondents in Iran? I didn't, but there could be 1000 and I still wouldn't be surprised by a media blackout of any and all democratic protests in the Islamic state.

Amir Taheri in the New York Post offers this little nugget:

In Tehran, hundreds gathered near the home of Mansour Osanloo, the imprisoned leader of the capital's transit workers, with a simple message: We are not afraid! The authorities had organized a military operation to cordon off the streets leading to the house - but couldn't prevent union members from assembling. The day ended with the arrest of at least 15 workers' leaders.

Meanwhile, in factories and workshops in and around the capital, workers organized peaceful hour-long "solidarity pauses," defying a ban imposed by the authorities. Several other major cities saw similar demonstrations, including Ahvaz, Arak, Sanandaj, Shiraz and Tabriz.

Everywhere, the protesters took care to keep their actions within the law. Yet the authorities kept any mention of Thursday's events out of the official media.

Wait for it...

Osanloo's lawyers phoned the offices of more than a dozen Western news agencies and radio and TV networks in Tehran in the hope of persuading them to cover the events - with no results.

Inside Iran, some see global conspiracy to keep international opinion in the dark about what is really happening in the Islamic Republic. They ask: Why is it that world media representatives in Iran never interview any of the thousands of trade unionists, teachers' leaders, journalists, student activists, women's-lib militants and dissident intellectuals? Why is the brutal repression in several provinces, which has already claimed scores of lives, never covered on the spot?

Now I'm not saying that being a foreign correspondent in a tyrannical country is a walk in the park. You're under constant surveillance and pressure from the regime and could be banned at a moments notice, but you're there to cover the news, to cover the stories that matter. You've already taken a risk just by being there, what's the point if you're just going to be a Western mouth-piece for tyrants?

Remember Eason Jordan? Remember how he kept the crimes of Saddam Hussein out of the spotlight so CNN could have a Baghdad Bureau. He claimed it was to protect his journalists and not the existence of the bureau itself, but if you can't report the news, why be there? International prestige is the answer to that question. Truth? Eh! Better the Europeans love you.
But despite the problems for reporters on the ground working for MSM outlets, there is this:

The good news, however, is that, thanks to the Internet and other means of communication, information almost always ends up getting out.



And We're Back

Sorry for the light posting the past four days. Attended the Star Trek convention this weekend with a friend. It was quite a kick. Most everyone was there and a lot of them really get into it. The best were Jonathan Frankes and Brent Spiner goofing around and just ripping everyone else from the show (playfully). I also got to meet Wallace Shawn who played a Ferengi on Deep Space 9, but is probably better known for his role in Princess Bride and, of course, My Dinner With Andre. He was very nice, but it was his first convention and he was a little out of his element. Armin Shimerman helped him along.

Anywho, back to the routine.


Don't Ruin Ted Kennedy's View

The Daily Show does a parody of the Ted Kennedy's effort to stop the construction of wind turbines off Nantucket. Good stuff. Of course, I expect Jon Stewart will have to make amends. (Hat tip: Instapundit)


Live Long And Blogger

Just a heads up, blogging will be light through Sunday as I will be attending the Star Trek convention at the Las Vegas Hilton. I'm not what you would call a Trekkie, but my friend is and I promised to go. It's cool...I like the Trek, and I may get to meet Wallace Shawn! You know, the guy from "My Dinner With Andre."

Eh? Eh?

Okay, fine! Mr. Hall in "Clueless."


Cowboys Better Enjoy The Good Life While It Last

So I watched a little bit of the Cowboys-Colts preseason game tonight until they put in the scrubs and it got boring. I'm getting a little sick of the Cowboys going on about how abrasive Bill Parcells was and all their "he held me back, wahhhh!" Yeah, and the team won a lot of ball games. Face it, Parcells rebuilt the franchise from a 5-11 joke. And don't be fooled by Terrell Owens talking about how wonderful Wade Phillips is. He's doing that to stick it to Parcells...that's just part of his narcissistic personality. It'll pass and then his wrath will move to Phillips sure as I'm sitting here now. Take it to the bank.

Charges Against Cpl. Sharrat Dropped In Haditha Case

A General dropped all charges Thursday against a Marine who had been accused of killing three Iraqi brothers in response to a roadside bomb attack in Haditha in 2005.

"The evidence does not support a referral to a court-martial," Lt. Gen. James Mattis wrote in his written decision.

The Leftist bloggers aren't gonna like this.


Ron Paul Is Insane

Daniel Flynn caught this little nugget in Ron Paul's interview with Human Events:

Human Events: "Do you see any sort of moral obligation to avoid any sort of Cambodia or Saigon in Iraq, on our part?"

Ron Paul: "I see a lot of moral obligation, it's a moral obligation to our troops, so that no more are killed. So that we don't have 50,000 instead of 30,000 coming back without their arms and legs, and brain injuries. And I have a moral obligation to our taxpayers. I know there is going to be chaos. And there will be. There might be a lot less. Vietnam is now a trading partner. They're westernized. We achieved in peace what the Founders advised, what we couldn't achieve in war. But there was, you know, an up tick in the major problems in there. But it's because we're there. If we leave and there is more trouble, it's not because we left and take my policy, it's because we went in there in the first place, and shouldn't have. So, we do have a moral obligation."


The Death Of Art Movies And The Search For Meaning

I don't always agree with here assessments, but it doesn't matter. Camille Paglia is one of the most inciteful and entertaining columnists out there today. Her latest piece doesn't disappoint.

The Protocols Of An Investigative Journalist

There's a really, really interesting piece from Howard Kurtz today in the Washington Post on investigative journalist Dan Moldea. I'm somewhat of a connoisseur of free-lance investigative journalism and have followed the careers of many: Gerald Posner, Richard Gid Powers, Allen Weinstein, Sy Hersh and others. Moldea is indeed and interesting case study. I read his book on RFK and it was pretty good. He started out thinking there had to be more to it, but after his investigation he concluded that indeed Sirhan Sirhan had acted alone. He is a liberal, though I have heard him in the past try to characterize himself as somewhat moderate. Whichever.

Dan Moldea has been beaten up by thugs, trashed in the press, accused of chilling free speech and threatened with prosecution.

And yet after an improbable, colorful career in journalism, he remains a historical footnote for one cameo role: as a sex investigator for Larry Flynt a decade ago.

So when Flynt, the publisher of Hustler, recently asked him to resume his digging into the extramarital exploits of politicians, Moldea had misgivings.

"Please understand that if we work together again . . . I am going to be tracked and harassed," he wrote in a June 9 memo to Flynt. "I'm going to be judged harshly by my friends and colleagues for reentering this world with you in what will be viewed as the mother lode of checkbook journalism. In addition, I will receive more bad press than I have ever received before."

Once again, Moldea is chasing tips from people hoping to score a million-dollar reward proffered by Flynt in a full-page Washington Post ad. Once again, Moldea is justifying his role as holding accountable those who preach moral values but act differently in their private lives.

Okay, let's delve into this. I'm not sure that Moldea would want to call himself a scholar, but when you write investigate tombs, one's goal is usually to make their work the last word on the subject. Case in point: Gerald Posner's book on the JFK Assassination titled "Case Closed." 'Nuff said. However, there is an important rule of scholarship: you have to be prepared to find out that everything you believed in your heart of hearts could prove to be wrong based on the evidence. As I said, Moldea seemed to follow this path with his RFK book. Another classic example is Allen Weinstein who wrote the brilliant book on the Alger Hiss case "Perjury." He started out believing that Hiss was set up and pretty much told Hiss he was gonna exonerate him. After years of research, he had to face the fact that Hiss was indeed guilty. Weinstein paid a price for intellectual honesty.

I don't have a problem with an investigative journalists going into a project with certain beliefs or attitudes, that's human nature. I'm libertarian and it colors how I see things from the start, but once you decide to take a scientific approach to a subject, the evidence is the evidence. Where I have misgivings is when journalists, like Moldea, decide whether their scientific findings should be reported or buried based on their ideological beliefs.

"I've got two Republicans I've thrown back in the water because, to me, they haven't shown any hypocrisy," he says, explaining that they are current members of Congress who he believes have sexually strayed.

Sorry Dan, but that's just not good enough. Yes, you can make the argument it's more newsworthy that someone like Senator Vitter, who talks of family values, has extramaritals, but couldn't that argument be said of any member of the Republican Party? How many of them are out there saying otherwise? Democrats too. They may be seen as the party of sex thanks to Bill Clinton and the Kennedys, but how many of them don't give family values lip-service during election years? The point is, unless Moldea is willing to share all of his findings, he is not a scholar or a journalist really...he is a gun pen for hire.

Moldea fervently believes he played a role in the Senate's subsequent acquittal of Clinton, although it never appeared there were enough Democratic votes to oust the president. "There was a right-wing attempt to overthrow the executive branch of government, and I thought I could be sacrificed," Moldea says. "This was important enough for me to risk being destroyed."

But there was a plus side for Moldea. "He loves getting attention," Leamer says. "He loves seeing his name. He really gets off on that."

Once the dust settled, Moldea fell on hard times. He turned to consulting, mainly for liberal public-interest groups, to make ends meet. Moldea has not won a book contract since the late 1990s. "Some people have hit a wall with me where they just feel I'm trouble," he says.

That'll happen when you have the reputation of someone with an agenda. Yes, we all have agendas, but a true scholar has one agenda: truth and full disclosure.

The Kurtz article ends with this incredibly ironic warning from Moldea:

Now Moldea is knee-deep in sexual allegations, and with Clinton's wife seeking the presidency, Moldea is again warning darkly of conspiracies.

"I have it on very, very good authority that major opposition research has already been conducted on Bill Clinton, and it's going to be a massive smear campaign against him," he says. A group of former intelligence officers, he says, is "going to try to cripple Hillary through Bill."

"Warning darkly of conspiracies." Does he hear himself talk? How is this different from what he does? Oh, that's right, the Clintons have never claimed to be a moral, upstanding people (they actually have, but no matter to their fans) so they should be spared this kind of treatment. How about the Swiftboat Vets and John Kerry? Weren't they just trying to expose a man who talked like a war hero but in reality was a complete phony? Thus, they exposed hypocrisy. How was what they did any different from Moldea's operation?

Again, just not good enough Dan. Picking and choosing who deserves to be exposed for their chicanery is not the work of a scholar.


Pinch Pulls Plug On "TimesSelect"

Does anybody remember the character James Taggart in Ayn Rand's novel Atlas Shrugged? I'm starting to think that Arthur "Pinch" Sulzberger is the modern-day version of him.


Holy Crap! Beauchamp Recants His Baghdad Reports

Via The Weekly Standard:

THE WEEKLY STANDARD has learned from a military source close to the investigation that Pvt. Scott Thomas Beauchamp–author of the much-disputed “Shock Troops” article in the New Republic’s July 23 issue as well as two previous “Baghdad Diarist” columns–signed a sworn statement admitting that all three articles he published in the New Republic were exaggerations and falsehoods–fabrications containing only “a smidgen of truth,” in the words of our source.

The New Republic is done. I used to glance at their website as a source of "reasonable" liberalism, but now the editors have dropped the ball again! As far as I'm concerned they're one-step above The Nation magazine, which is basically the 6th circle of Hell.

Hillary Surges Ahead Of Obama

The latest Gallup poll gives Hillary a 22-point lead over Obama. If this poll is true, it shows us that the public is paying attention. As much as I hate to say it, Hillary is proving to be the only adult in the field of Democrat candidates for president. By "adult" I mean she is the only one that shows a modicum of adult logic. Obama continues to prove that he just isn't ready for prime time (as Mitt Romney amusingly points out), while Edwards is running a campaign based on kindergarten-logic where simple answers and meaningless platitudes rein supreme. You have to give Hillary credit for having the guts to tell the Kos Kidz, (paraphrasing) "Hell ya, I'll take lobbyists' money. What kind of idiot would I be not to?"

I'm not happy on this point, however. If she wins the presidency we'll be slouching toward authoritarian government. Thank G-d my man Rudy is also leading in the polls. I said it long ago and I'll say it again, the clash of the titans that we almost had in the New York Senate race in 2000 will now be fought on the national stage. Take it to the bank.

Winning In Iraq

Before you do anything else, read Michael Yon's latest dispatch from Iraq.

Muslim Kills Reporter, No One Cares

Wow. We all knew that Muslims were now the favorite group of the Left surpassing Blacks, Hispanics, the poor, et al, but now it appears they're even more untouchable than the MSM itself.

Jim Cramer Declares Armageddon

Figured I might as well post this as it's gonna be the talk of the town all day. Funny stuff. Cramer's "Howard Beale moment." Everybody gets one.



McCain Slams Congress For Bridge Collapse

And he's absolutely right. We've got a bridge to nowhere in Alaska, a rain forest being built in Iowa and practically everything made of concrete in West Virginia is named after Robert Byrd, but you know what...it's not really the fault of Stevens, Grassley or Byrd...it's the fault of the people that empower them. To quote Kent Brockman, "At the risk of being unpopular, I'd have to put the blame directly on you, the viewer!"

UPDATE: The good Captain says it's erroneous to blame pork for a bridge collapse:

Even without the pork, Minnesota got a 46% increase in transportation funds from that bill. That amounted to a $1.1 billion windfall over five years -- certainly plenty of money to conduct inspections. In fact, as I've noted before, we could have replaced that bridge almost three full times with that increase.

Captain Ed is right and I was sloppy in making my point. It's true that pork didn't cause the bridge to collapse...G-d knows there's plenty of our tax dollars in Washington to go around. The point I'm trying to make is how an amazing amount of money is wasted by Congressmen trying to buy votes that could go to projects that are needed. If I were President Bush, I'd tabulate how much money was spent by Congress on pork projects in the most recent session, then propose a tax-cut for that amount. When Congress screams, ask them to justify it.

New York Times Looking Foolish

Even liberal journalists are mocking the New York Times for their anti-Rudy/Ailes story. Tough times are ahead for the Old Grey Lady...and that's good news.

Murdoch Ready To Make WSJ Great Again

Here are a few very telling quotes:

“I won’t meddle any more than Arthur Sulzberger does."

“I just think The Journal needs a little more urgency.”

"I want it to be more competitive with The New York Times."

This could be a huge step toward toppling the MSM empire.


"We Are The Center"

Completely demented. Still, I hope and pray that Kos is successful in his plan to "clean house."

Our Crumbling Infrastructure

With the bridge collapse in my former stomping grounds of Minneapolis, it's not surprise that the Democrats are trying to find a way to make it Bush's fault. However, those of us that actually take things seriously know the truth...it's pretty much everyone's fault.

Morning Headlines

You have to give the Democrats credit...they work fast. It took the Republican Congress 12 years to reach the height of incompetence that the Democrats have achieved in just 7 months as the majority party. I mean, you expect this sort of thing from the Duma or some other 3rd world parliament, but the U.S. Congress? It's getting just a little scary.

Meanwhile, the Silky Pony continues to prove what a joke he is on a daily basis. He blasts Hillary for taking Rupert Murdoch's money since Murdoch is supposedly hell-bent on hurting Democrats with his Fox News Channel and other parts of his media empire. Now we find out that Murdoch published one of Silky's books. No matter, says Edwards, he donated that money to charity.

Okay, let's see...Murdoch has given money to Hillary, published Edwards book and I'm sure more tombs of drivel from other Dems....isn't the evidence kind of piling up that Murdoch isn't trying to hurt anybody, he's just trying to make money?

Edwards is starting to make Kucinich look legitimate.

UPDATE: It just gets better in the Congress as the voting computer has crashed and they have to use paper, thus no one can see how others vote! Man, if the Repubs were still the majority, Kos would be decrying a conspiracy of Oliver Stone magnitude, but the Dems are in charge, so no worries.


Talkin' Kos!

A little fun for you folks on a lazy Thursday night via Hot Air. It's a battle royale featuring Bill O'Reilly, Christopher Dodd and Dennis Miller. Let's get it on!!

Fairness Doctrine: A PJ Primer

Richard Miniter over at Pajamas Media has an excellent primer on the Fairness Doctrine and the push to bring it back from the dead.

The French Watergate


Lee Terry v. Jesse Jackson, Jr.

Drudge has crashed the Omaha World Herald's web server. No surprise there. OWH is a small-time outfit with small-time equipment and small-time thinking.

Anyway, the story in question: Nebraska Rep. Lee Terry nearly got into a fist-fight on the House floor with Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr. Not exactly a clash of the titans, but in the month of August it's the best we can do. The Street Sweeper on Leavenworth Street has the skinny.


Spitzer In Trouble

The people of New York are a funny lot. In 1994, they finally came to the senses and rejected decades of insanity under the likes of Mario Cuomo and other charlatans and elected George Pataki. Now I'll grant you, Pataki stayed too long and his last term was rather lame, but who would want to return to the days of incompetent government? Well, New York apparently and in 2006 they decided to do just that with Eliot Spitzer. Just a little bit of history repeating. (Hat tip: Bizblogger)

The New York Times' War On Newscorp And Rudy

There's a great quote with an FBI Agent in Curt Gentry's excellent biography, "J. Edgar Hoover: The Man and The Secrets." By now we know what kind of man J. Edgar Hoover was and how he was able to hold onto the Directorship of the FBI for nearly 50 years. An agent said under Hoover it was their job "to find out what he wants and to create the world he believes in."

Now, in the 21st Century, the New York Times has become the J. Edgar Hoover of the MSM. They've pretty much given up all pretense of journalistic ethics and unbiased reporting. No, they won't plainly state, "yes, we're liberals (or "progressives") and we hate conservativism and it's various factions. We're going to do what we can to destroy it and those that don't follow the blueprint of the way we think the world should be, we're gonna take them out," but their actions convey those exact words.

When word came down a few weeks ago that Rupert Murdoch wanted to buy Dow Jones and the Wall Street Journal, it must have been the equivalent of hearing that Voldemort is back in the New York Times building. They were in a panic. They put a group of reporters on the job to find anything damning about Murdoch that could derail the deal. They failed. He got it.

Well, they're not giving up on doing what they can to put as many chinks in the media giant's armor as they can. Drudge is reporting that the Times is now looking into any and all connections between Murdock, Roger Ailes and Presidential frontrunner Rudy Giuliani. Reports Drudge:

Having failed to thwart a Murdoch purchase of the WALL STREET JOURNAL, the NEW YORK TIMES intensifies battle with the NEWS CORP. empire on Thursday, newsroom sources tell the DRUDGE REPORT.

The paper is preparing a provocative examination of Republican presidential contender Rudy Giuliani's relationship with FOX NEWS chief Roger Ailes.

Is this journalism? Many will say, sure it is. It's the job of the media to keep the big boys honest and hold their feet to the fire. True enough, but when you pursue a story with the intention of finding dirt that will damage a certain person's reputation, are you practicing journalism or something else entirely. Yellow Journalism? Not quite. That's scandal-mongering for the sake of scandal-mongering with little concern over who the target will be. What the New York Times is practicing is pure agenda journalism with the intent to destroy. And why? Because people like Murdoch, Ailes and Giuliani work against the world that the New York Times believes in.

The MSM is out of control, and it's only going to get worse until a massive segment of the public says enough.

MORE: As Rush points out, with Murdoch leading the Wall Street Journal, there is now a paper that will be able to trade body blows with the so-called "paper of record," the New York Times. It's no wonder they're scared to death.