Joey Harrington Could Be Feel-Good Story

One of the reasons I like watching the NFL is the drama of some of the personal stories of particular athletes. In Atlanta, we have a star athlete who was the face of the franchise heading to the clink. In comes Joey Harrington, a quarterback from the Oregon Ducks who was drafted 3rd in 2002 by the Detroit Lions. Not surprisingly, as Detroit is quite possibly the worst franchise in all of sports, he didn't do well. So they shipped him off to Miami where he caught the tail end of the Nick Saban debacle. So, Harrington then moved to Atlanta and was looking at being a backup for the rest of his career, but the scene changed.

This is one of those stories where you really want a player to do well. Harrington has taken over QB job at a franchise that has been shell shocked. They need something to get their spirits up in Atlanta and they're hoping he can deliver. So far, he's handled it well. His play in the preseason has been solid and his relationship with his teammates is strong, Warrick Dunn stating that the players have responded well to him and "have his back."

It's the kind of thing that adds an interesting element to an already interesting game.