Kurt Loder Sticks To His Guns

A while back, Kurt Loder of MTV News wrote a scathing review of Michael Moore's documentary on socialized medicine pointing out the obvious facts that it's an insane idea and it's laughable to try and make us believe people get better health care in Cuba. I thought at the time that Loder would be tarred-and-feathered and have to do some back-peddling to save his career, but he's sticking to his guns. In this interview on Fox News he points out several times that he's not a political pundit and is "no expert," but that's really kind of the point: you don't have to be an "expert" to simply look at the facts. The idea that Great Britain or Canada or even Cuba have a much better health care system than that of the United States is one of the biggest lies in the world. The facts are there, if you are willing to look, but Michael Moore and his ilk would have us believe there is nothing to see in Galileo's telescope. (Hat tip: Hot Air)