McCain Slams Congress For Bridge Collapse

And he's absolutely right. We've got a bridge to nowhere in Alaska, a rain forest being built in Iowa and practically everything made of concrete in West Virginia is named after Robert Byrd, but you know what...it's not really the fault of Stevens, Grassley or Byrd...it's the fault of the people that empower them. To quote Kent Brockman, "At the risk of being unpopular, I'd have to put the blame directly on you, the viewer!"

UPDATE: The good Captain says it's erroneous to blame pork for a bridge collapse:

Even without the pork, Minnesota got a 46% increase in transportation funds from that bill. That amounted to a $1.1 billion windfall over five years -- certainly plenty of money to conduct inspections. In fact, as I've noted before, we could have replaced that bridge almost three full times with that increase.

Captain Ed is right and I was sloppy in making my point. It's true that pork didn't cause the bridge to collapse...G-d knows there's plenty of our tax dollars in Washington to go around. The point I'm trying to make is how an amazing amount of money is wasted by Congressmen trying to buy votes that could go to projects that are needed. If I were President Bush, I'd tabulate how much money was spent by Congress on pork projects in the most recent session, then propose a tax-cut for that amount. When Congress screams, ask them to justify it.