Morning Headlines

You have to give the Democrats credit...they work fast. It took the Republican Congress 12 years to reach the height of incompetence that the Democrats have achieved in just 7 months as the majority party. I mean, you expect this sort of thing from the Duma or some other 3rd world parliament, but the U.S. Congress? It's getting just a little scary.

Meanwhile, the Silky Pony continues to prove what a joke he is on a daily basis. He blasts Hillary for taking Rupert Murdoch's money since Murdoch is supposedly hell-bent on hurting Democrats with his Fox News Channel and other parts of his media empire. Now we find out that Murdoch published one of Silky's books. No matter, says Edwards, he donated that money to charity.

Okay, let's see...Murdoch has given money to Hillary, published Edwards book and I'm sure more tombs of drivel from other Dems....isn't the evidence kind of piling up that Murdoch isn't trying to hurt anybody, he's just trying to make money?

Edwards is starting to make Kucinich look legitimate.

UPDATE: It just gets better in the Congress as the voting computer has crashed and they have to use paper, thus no one can see how others vote! Man, if the Repubs were still the majority, Kos would be decrying a conspiracy of Oliver Stone magnitude, but the Dems are in charge, so no worries.