Report: Craig To Resign Saturday

An anonymous source (so take it with a grain of salt) is telling the Associated Press that Idaho Senator Larry Craig will announce his resignation at a news conference tomorrow morning. This would really be the best thing for the GOP since the Republican governor can appoint an interim Senator who can go into the 2008 race with some clout. It's a deep red state, but a race between two new challengers would be risky. Best to lay the groundwork now.

While we're on the subject of Larry Craig, I've got some real problems with this whole situation. While I'm no fan of his (I knew little about him until his vote for Amnesty), as a libertarian, I have a real problem with the misdemeanor charge he got in Minneapolis. If he had said to the cop "wanna have sex?" that would be one thing...but to say that he is guilty of soliciting sex by putting his foot next to another person's and swiping his hand under the stall...that to me is a real stretch. They say these are the known signs of someone looking for public sex...I guess I've lived a sheltered life.

Someone asked me recently, have you ever heard of this? I said, no, but I'm glad I have now so I don't accidentally do it in the future!

Exit question: Shouldn't airport police be worried more about terrorism than sex in the bathrooms? Also, what if they caught a Muslim soliciting sex in an airport bathroom? Just asking...