Ron Paul Is Insane

Daniel Flynn caught this little nugget in Ron Paul's interview with Human Events:

Human Events: "Do you see any sort of moral obligation to avoid any sort of Cambodia or Saigon in Iraq, on our part?"

Ron Paul: "I see a lot of moral obligation, it's a moral obligation to our troops, so that no more are killed. So that we don't have 50,000 instead of 30,000 coming back without their arms and legs, and brain injuries. And I have a moral obligation to our taxpayers. I know there is going to be chaos. And there will be. There might be a lot less. Vietnam is now a trading partner. They're westernized. We achieved in peace what the Founders advised, what we couldn't achieve in war. But there was, you know, an up tick in the major problems in there. But it's because we're there. If we leave and there is more trouble, it's not because we left and take my policy, it's because we went in there in the first place, and shouldn't have. So, we do have a moral obligation."