Vick Jerseys Put To Good Use At Atlanta Animal Shelter


More than a dozen Michael Vick jerseys have been sent to AHS, and they are putting them to good use.

"When I first saw them, I was kind of shocked. I was like, 'Why do they have Vick jerseys here,'" said Julie Sentner.


So what are volunteers doing with the jerseys?

"We discovered like any donation we get, any shirt or towel, we put it to good use here at Atlanta Humane Society. We’re always using things to clean kennels, use for bedding and stuff like that," said Smith.

Did she say cleaning kennels?

"We’re not showing any favoritism to these jerseys, they go into our
general rotation of towels," Smith said.

By the way, Vick has agreed to plead Guilty to the federal charges. It'll be very interesting to see what Roger Goodell does now.