Bush Imposes Sactions Against Myanmar's Government

WASHINGTON — The Bush administration imposed economic sanctions against senior officials of Myanmar on Thursday, condemning the military-run government's crackdown on protesters.

The Treasury Department announced the sanctions against 14 senior officials of Myanmar, also known as Burma.


Among those targeted for the sanctions are the junta leader, Senior Gen. Than Shwe, and the No. 2 man in the military regime, Deputy Senior Gen. Maung Aye.

The action by Treasury will freeze any assets that the individuals targeted have in U.S. banks or other financial institutions under U.S. jurisdiction. The order also prohibits any U.S. citizens from doing business with the designated individuals.

"The president has made it clear that we will not stand by as the regime tries to silence the voices of the Burmese people through repression and intimidation," said Adam Szubin, director of Treasury's Office of Foreign Assets Control.

Okay, I have a question...why are we doing this now and not 19 years ago when these thugs came to power? We're supposed to be the United States of America, the beacon of freedom and democracy...the shining city on the hill. You're telling me these guys have been allowed to keep money in U.S. banks and to do business with U.S. companies for two decades? Why????

I know why. It has many names, but my preference is the word postmodernism...the sick, twisted philosophy that all cultures are to be respected, that there is no right and wrong, only perspective, and that the United States has no right to interfere in any way with the oppression committed by foreign governments. What are these so-called "sanctions" supposed to tell these people fighting for their freedom in Burma? The government stepped over the line this time but everything they did before was hunky-dory? Oh, that's right...I'm sure we have been in "talks" with the junta for many years...being nice and pleading with them to put a smiley face on their regime.

Then there's this:

As the Treasury Department announced details of the sanctions, the White House called on the junta to allow a U.N. special envoy full access to all relevant parties, including those jailed by the junta and religious leaders, while he is in Myanmar, beginning Friday.

Yeah, that'll work. I wonder what kind of bribe we'll offer them to "play nice?"