Chess Master To Run For Russian Presidency

Garry Kasparov, possibly the greatest chess player that's ever lived, will be running as an opposition candidate in the race for the Russian Presidency. He's been a thorn in the side of Stalin Jr. (a.k.a. Vladimir Putin) since getting into politics and now he will challenge Putin's successor or maybe Putin himself if he rips up the constitution. I recently read David Remnick's piece on Kasparov in The New Yorker...well, I read as much as I could. Remnick makes so many idiotic assumptions on the state of foreign affairs, it gets annoying. Nevertheless, the point of the piece was that Kasparov was trying to find a good candidate to run, but the opposition is so divided, it looked early on like he would have to be the candidate himself. Seems unlikely he could win as Putin has corrupted the system so much it can barely be called a democratic election, but Rome wasn't built in a day. If he can make a good showing it could put them on the road to overcoming what can now only be called a Mafia State.