Columbia U. Would Invite Hitler

Quite the university they've got there in the Big Apple, but let's not lose site of reality here. This Coatsworth fellow is making the standard "latent libertarian" argument that they're just a bunch of free thinkers and believe that everyone deserves to state their case in the marketplace of ideas, after all, isn't that what freedom is all about?

But it's all a lie. They don't believe in a free marketplace of ideas. It's easy to say you would allow a Nazi dictator who's been dead for 60 years to speak at the University...if you had a time-machine. No, they have a soft-spot for anyone who is willing to thumb his nose at the evil-empire known as the United States. The administration at Columbia are Stalinist who believe that what's bad for America is good for their side. Don't be fooled by hollow arguments.