Jerry Lewis Apologizes For Gay Slur

Personally, I don't care what Jerry Lewis said during the 18th hour of his MDA Telethon. I'm not a believer in the idea that there are words you can't or shouldn't say. That practice just feeds the notion of victimhood. Say what you will about the black community and rap music...they managed to take the "N-word" and make it their own, thus curtailing the power of those that wish to slight them...or at least, that was the plan. The Justice Brothers of Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are making sure the First Amendment doesn't apply to white folks.

Anyway, the reason I write about this Jerry Lewis thing is that I find it interesting how the level of outrage depends not on what word was said but on the standing of the person that said it. Don Imus lost his job for saying "nappy-head hoes" and there was quite a bit of media-created outrage over the incident. Meanwhile, Jerry Lewis uses the word "faggot" and the response is tepid at best. Yes, the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation fired off a press release, but that was about it. Could this lack of outrage mean that Jerry has a huge amount of moral authority because at the time of saying the gay slur he was hosting a telethon for sick children? If so, where is the line? Is it possible to be so full of "moral authority" that you can say anything with no repercussions? Like Noam Chomsky?