Kathleen Willey Claims Clintons Stole Book

Cassy Fiano over at Wizbang really has the best perspective on this story:

Honestly, who knows what to believe here? I wouldn't put it past the Clintons to do something like this, but come on. It seems a little suspicious to me that she's in the news, whining about this manuscript being stolen, a few months before the book comes up. Drumming up publicity, perhaps?

But, like I said, who knows what the truth is? The book probably is damaging to the Clintons' reputation, a feat that isn't entirely difficult. However, it isn't exactly the first negative book to be published about the Clintons. What information could Kathleen Willey have that previous authors did not, information scandalous enough that the Clintons would feel the need to hire some goon to keep her quiet? It isn't that I wouldn't believe it of them, but this particular story seems a little unlikely to me.