Malkin Battles Geraldo's Hate Speech

So Geraldo Rivera says of Michelle Malkin "I'd spit on her if I saw her." Not surprising as Geraldo can get pretty animated on certain issues. I've seen him and O'Reilly have huge shouting matches on The Factor, and Michelle's stand on illegal immigration/amnesty has been enough to send hot-head Rivera into hysterics. His statement...made about a woman of minority decent, meets the Left's definition of hate-speech but the MSM is either ignoring it or applauding it because Michelle is on the "wrong" side of the issue and associates herself with conservatives. Much like the racist cartoons of Condoleezza Rice, there is a level or racism and hate that is condoned in this country, and it's gotta stop. I'm not saying Geraldo should lose his job. I'm a free speech absolutist, thus I don't believe in punishing speech of any kind. What I'm dealing with here is the double-standard of the MSM. If Geraldo had made this statement about another commentator, say a Kristin Powers...he'd be in heap big trouble.