Rush Limbaugh On Family Guy

I blogged about this a few months ago when I first heard the news. Rush Limbaugh made an appearance on Family Guy tonight. The creator Seth MacFarlane, said that Bill O'Reilly turned them down so they asked Rush. His bit was as a radio host on Tatooine Radio who talked about the fallacy of global warming on the planet and how Lando got his job through affirmative action. MacFarlane called this bit "neutral" but it was obviously meant to poke fun at conservatives, but Rush, I doubt, really cares. And how predictable is this show becoming with its liberal politics? At the beginning as the Imperial ship was flying off, I said to myself "There's gonna be a Bush-Cheney bumper-sticker." Called it! Family Guy is a good show, but they need to back off the constant politicking and just stick to pop culture satire.