Thomas Friedman Continues To Annoy

His latest elitist take is that 9/11 has made Americans stupid. *sigh* Don Surber has a wrap-up of the responses.

Friedman gets it in other areas like outsourcing and the global economy, but on the subject of foreign affairs, he's still in a New York state of mind. I have a friend who tells me I don't have a full understanding of America's place in the world because I haven't been overseas, but in the same breath he tells me he will never visit or having anything to do with the part of America located between Las Vegas and New York City. I suspect Friedman has a similar philosophy.

What he needs to is to take a hiatus and live in the Midwest for about six months to a year. Yes, he's been to Europe, Africa, South America, etc., but I doubt he's ever actually been to his own country...the United States.