Darth Abdullah

It's so appropriate it's almost painful, yet you have to wonder who decided to use this piece of music, how that decision was made, and if there will be any consequences. What am I talking about? This.

Quote Of The Day

"Nothing will persuade me to abandon democracy, but [John] Edwards comes closer than anything else to doing so." (Hat tip: Rush)

Israel To Deploy Stripper Death Squads


An Idea For "The Onion"

The Onion is a damn funny spoof of the news. The staff keeps it fairly balanced, but you can tell that they're a bunch of Dennis Kucinich liberals. With that in mind, I have a proposal for them. Officially endorse Dennis Kucinich for the presidency. Why not? They wouldn't have to make anything up, just run the daily news stories as is. For instance:

Kucinich: I did see a UFO...

Kucinich questions President Bush's mental health...

Why should the staff writers knock themselves out when their work is being done for them by the candidate himself?

Hillary Hammered

Didn't watch the debate last night as I wanted to digest my dinner, but it seems that the dwarfs have turned on Snow White. Hillary was finally called on her evasive and nonsensically rehearsed answers and it seems she's not too happy with moderator Tim Russert (per Drudge):


First reaction is to think that Russert may need to beef up his security detail, but that's too easy. Russert is a big player in the liberally-biased MSM and will surely make up for it later. In the meantime, however, Hillary's gonna be throwing things in her office. The Politico has the highlights of what they call her worst debate performance of the campaign. However, much like Alan Greenspan, I would advise caution before you get too excited. Just saying.

MORE: The Hill'ry Bash. (It's uh de-bate smash!)


Stalin's Heroes

Turner Classic Movies is having a marathon honoring the movies made by the so-called "Hollywood Ten," the group of screenwriters, a director and a producer that worked to toe the Communist Party line in their works, and who were imprisoned under contempt charges from the House Un-American Activities Committee. (By the way, this was before Joe McCarthy even held elected office, so when someone says they were victims of "McCarthyism" be sure put them on your no-credibility list.)

Anyway, TCM is of course not playing up the fact that they were working for one of the greatest mass murders in human history and instead will feature them as victims of "American paranoia." Fortunately, we have the facts to set the record straight. (Hat tip: Power Line)

The U. Of Delaware: Made In North Korea

John Leo reports on a program of indoctrination in the residence halls of the University of Delaware that's almost bad enough to make Kim Jong-Il blush. (Hat tip: Instapundit)

A Partisan Military?


Pelosi Troubles

In the tank.

More here.

Quote Of The Day

Steve Wynn: "I said the Cultural Revolution almost ruined the country. It was imbecilic. I didn't call him an imbecile, I said it was imbecilic."



Running Up The Score v. Doing Your Job

Looks like Bill Belichick is going to spend the next week mired in yet another controversy. After a complete dismantling of the Washington Redskins, another charge has been leveled against the New England coach for running up the score and thus "disrespecting the game." Skins linebacker Randall Godfrey raised the issue:

"I said something to [Belichick] after the game," Godfrey told Curran. "I told him, 'You need to show some respect for the game.' You just don't do that. I don't care how bad it is. You're up 35 and you're still throwing deep? That's no respect.

"You look at all the great head coaches . . . I'm just disappointed," he said. "You gotta show some class, show some respect. Joe Gibbs? We wouldn't have done that. Bill Walsh? You wouldn't see those types of guys doing that stuff. I've never seen nothing like that. Most teams, you get up like that you sit on the ball and try to run the time out. They're up 30-some points and they're throwing deep. That was blatant disrespect. I hope we can see them again, definitely. You don't see Joe Gibbs doing that. You can't even imagine that kind of stuff coming from him. Joe Gibbs. Bill Walsh. Bill Parcells. This isn't like college going for power rankings. This is the pros you show some respect, show some class."

It's a tough issue. One of my least favorite coaches, Jimmy Johnson, used to run up the score at the U. of Miami all the time. He'd get asked about it and would reply that teams need to come to play, it's not his problem. Similarly, Belichick points out that it's the offense's job to score points, not to punt. Belichick is 99% right, it is the job of the offense to score, and the defense to prevent scoring. And in the league as it is today, there's just no such thing as a put-away game. Look what Detroit did to Chicago a few weeks ago, and what Houston almost did to Tennessee last week.

However, I do believe there is a line, and Belichick does cross it. It's not because of his beliefs but the fact that he's trying to go 16-0 and get Brady to break Peyton's touchdown record. There is a point in the game where you pull the starters and slow it down. It's a very fine line, but it is there.

Edwards To Make College Degrees Worthless

And that's just beginning of the Breck Girl's "New Deal."

NFL Pregame Problems

I'm a big fan of the NFL, but the pregame shows on Sunday are just becoming unwatchable. Howard Cosell's prophecy of the "jockocracy" has come true as we're faced with former athletes in designer suits that can't conjugate verbs to save their lives. Meanwhile, the trained broadcasters have become hanger-ons for the great athletes and teams to the point of unprofessionalism. Their either kissing ass or making snide comments instead of just covering the games. All of them are guilty of screwing around too much. I know it's just a game and should be fun, but there so much teasing and laughter and in-jokes, you're lucky if you get 5 total minutes of astute analysis.

ESPN, of course, takes a lot of this to the extreme, however, they had a great piece this morning with Steven King and former NFL legends talking about fear. That was well done. We need more of that and less of that damn kid, jokes about Jimmy Johnson's hair, and Shannon Sharpe's elocution.

Innocent Marine Targets Murtha

After being slandered by a coward, LCpl Justin Sharratt says it's too late for apologies.


The Worth Of Right Bloggers

There seems to be a debate over the value or accomplishments of the Right Blogosphere v. the Left Blogosphere. Thrown in is the fact that the top Right Blogger is, *gasp!* a libertarian. Don Surber sorts it out.


A Goblin Lives In Our House All The Year Round!

Life can be so absurd, yet so hilarious.

The blurring of the line between The Onion and real news stories is making the two indistinguishable. Henceforth, this story from The Daily Mail:

The human race will one day split into two separate species, an attractive, intelligent ruling elite and an underclass of dim-witted, ugly goblin-like creatures, according to a top scientist.

I thought I was gonna rupture my spleen after I read that. *whew* So many ways to go with this...Aren't we already there? And let this be a warning to all the hot chicks out there, keep turning me down and you'll be creating a world full of goblins! Anyway, let's continue:

100,000 years into the future, sexual selection could mean that two distinct breeds of human will have developed.

The alarming prediction comes from evolutionary theorist Oliver Curry from the London School of Economics, who says that the human race will have reached its physical peak by the year 3000.

These humans will be between 6ft and 7ft tall and they will live up to 120 years.

"Physical features will be driven by indicators of health, youth and fertility that men and women have evolved to look for in potential mates," says the report, which suggests that advances in cosmetic surgery and other body modifying techniques will effectively homogenise our appearance.
The thing you have to keep in mind when you read these stories is that predictions like this have been around for years, but we live in the media age where everything is reported and sensationalized so much that it seems like it's a new phenomenon, but it isn't.

I'll give you an example: In my neck of the woods, we have the Hoover Dam, one of the great engineering marvels. If you ever visit the Dam and listen to the tour guides, you'll hear the story of how when the dam project was proposed a number of "scientists" at the time warned the government not to do it for a concrete structure of that size would knock the planet off its axis. Well, this didn't happen...go figure, but crackpot theories will always be with us, and I say keep 'em coming. That's entertainment!


4 1/2 Good Men

Charles Krauthammer reminds us that despite all the hemming and hawing from the right-wing, there are some really good candidates running for the Republican presidential nomination.

The Mother Of All Tax Hikes

Charles Rangel has proudly unveiled his plan for the largest tax increase in the history of the Milky Way galaxy. Many feel Rangel is just serving as the front-man for what is really a Hillary Clinton tax hike. That's probably true, and what the Republicans need to do is pound home the message that if this tax hike were to come across the President's desk in 2009, each and every candidate running for the Democratic nomination would sign it. They've handed you a campaign issue boys, run with it.

Major Progress In Iraq

Via The Strata-Sphere.

Proof That Even A Broken Clock Is Right Sometimes

Via Sister Toldjah.


DRUDGE: New Republic 'Shock Troops' Story Collapses

And Drudge has the documents to prove it.

UPDATE: From Hot Air.

Shhh! Anti-Chavez Protest in Venezuela

Don't tell anyone.

GOP Can Learn From....Louisiana?

Hard to believe, but it's true. This southern state that is famous for it's socialist/incompetent politicians may be leading the way for conservatives in the post-Katrina era. Bobby Jindal is a rising star in the Republican Party and has shown us how a campaign should be run. What happened in Louisiana and Mississippi via Hurricane Katrina was horrible, but it may have finally awakened a populous that has turned a blind-eye to corruption for over a century. (Hat tip: Lucianne)

Don Surber: The Number Two Man

I just read how Don Surber is ranked number 2 in a list of best blog reads by Carnegie-Mellon University. There are so many jokes I want to make, my brain has gone into overload.

Don Surber: the John Oates of the Blogosphere;
Don Surber: the Ed McMahon of the Blogosphere;
Don Surber: the Jim Messina of the Blogosphere;
Don Surber: the new Number 2. (Obscure reference)
Don Surber: (generic poop joke)

Okay, yes, you're right, I'm just jealous. He's one of the best bloggers out there, if not the best. Every day he has great links and commentary and he gets loads of hits. Meanwhile, I'm saving my pennies in a jar so I can someday, hopefully, buy a new pair of pants!

But don't despair, you small-potatoes of the blogosphere, Don has some tips for success!

Congrats, Don...you deserve the recognition.

Bob Kerrey Won't Run For Senate

Good news from Nebraska...or should I say New York, as former Senator Bob Kerrey has decided not to run for the open Senate seat being vacated by the nation's worst Republican Senator, Chuck Hagel. This is good news for the GOP as they can probably hold onto this seat with whoever wins their primary. While many of my friends and relatives back in the Cornhusker state disagree with me, I strongly suspect Kerrey would have won the seat should he have decided to run. He's one of those Democrats that appeals to the weak-minded moderates. However, he's also a guy that likes to be begged to run for office, so I'm guessing there wasn't enough of that this time around.


Pumpkin Beer


Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week Lights A Fire

Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week is a series of speeches at major universities across the country that has been organized by David Horowitz. The goal is to draw attention to the threat we face from Islamic fascists. Naturally, the Left is not happy with this series, or even the very word "Islamofascist." George Soros and his gestapo are doing what they can to attack the event and its speakers. Meanwhile, The Mighty Hitch defends the controversial word in question.

California Wildfires Out Of Control

More proof that George W. Bush doesn't care about white people.

Quote Of The Day

"The truth? Which truth?" (Hat tip: Instapundit)



Giuliani Tries To Woe Christian Conservatives

Rudy spoke to the Family Research Council’s Values Voters Summit and according to NZ Bear he was brilliant. I really like what he's doing in his run for the GOP nomination. He's saying, look, we don't agree on everything, but I'm being honest about it, and don't forget that we have a lot of common ground:

"Isn’t it better that I tell you what I really believe instead of changing all my positions?" Giuliani told an audience of 2,000 at the Family Research Council’s Values Voters Summit at a Washington hotel. "I believe trust is more important than 100 percent agreement."

This is why I think Rudy going to win the nomination. Conservatives are tired of being lied to and being betrayed. Why not support a "half-a-loaf" candidate that tells you the truth instead of someone that tries to be all things to all people. You combine this with the fear of a Hillary presidency and I think the conservative base is going to rally around Rudy, even in the early primaries, despite what James Dobson, the Al Sharpton of the religious right, says.

NFL Buffoonery

If you do nothing else today, please stop what you're doing and read Jason Whitlock's most recent column on the NFL and the hip-hop culture as he delves into the buffoonish behavior of NFL stars Chad Johnson and Larry Johnson. Whitlock is known for going against the conventions of racial politics laid down by the likes of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. We're lucky to have him, because if a white person said any of the things Whitlock says in this column, he'd be lynched.

Hip hop is the dominant culture for black youth. In general, music, especially hip hop music, is rebellious for no good reason other than to make money. Rappers and rockers are not trying to fix problems. They create problems for attention.

That philosophy, attitude and behavior go against everything football coaches stand for. They're in a constant battle to squash rebellion, dissent and second opinions from their players.

You know why Muhammad Ali is/was an icon? Because he rebelled against something meaningful and because he excelled in an individual sport. His rebellion didn't interfere with winning. Jim Brown, Bill Russell, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, etc. rebelled with dignity and purpose.

What we're witnessing today are purposeless, selfish acts of buffoonery. Sensible people have grown tired of it. Football people are recognizing it doesn't contribute to a winning environment.
Whitlock also has a stat on the Colts and the Patriots that may shock you.


Pederson's Downfall Resulted From Consultant

Take it from someone who worked in local television news for 10 years: consultants are bad news. According to this latest report from the Lincoln Journal-Star, former Nebraska AD Director Steve Pederson brought in an east coast consultant to help shape up the department and make it more efficient. Instead, a culture of fear was created and employees had to compete against each other on a quarterly-basis just to get a cost-of-living wage increase.

Look, having a fresh pair of eyes come into your operation and give some advice is okay, but when you let the consultant run your operation, then you've basically proven that you have no leadership skills of your own. I worked with a News Director once that took everything the consultants said as gospel. Strangely enough, the ratings never got better and morale continued to decline.

It's the same thing in Washington, D.C. with all their "blue ribbon commissions." Bottom line, either lead or go home.

Harry Reid Takes Credit For Money Raised By Rush

I've seen a lot of so-called "damage control" in my life, but this is downright epic. Harry Reid manages to take credit for the millions of dollars raised by Rush Limbaugh for families of fallen Marines. It's like Slobodon Milosevic taking credit for raising awareness about genocide. Classic.

UPDATE: Rush responds.

UPDATE: Reid's plan worked like a charm: ABC News gives Democrats credit for raising the money.

"There Isn’t Any Film, We Burned it."

AD Osborne spoke to the Big Red Breakfast this morning. More of the same...he's no miracle worker, supports the coaches, etc., etc., but his joke about the OSU game film will surely be what people take away with them.


Osborne Welcomes Former Players Back

More news from Lincoln as new AD Tom Osborne has sent a letter to all of his former players informing them they are welcome at Memorial Stadium:

"You are a valuable member of this family and a key factor in our school's storied history of tradition of excellence … Walk in, say you are a former player, and I promise you, you will be welcomed with open arms."

Apparently, a letter has always been sent out each year welcoming players to the games and the department, however, it wasn't usually...enforced. That is to say, many of the former players felt less than welcome these past few years.

Another surprising fact that we've learned about the Pederson era is that all the pictures of the football All-Americans has been put in storage. Osborne is having them put back up, noting that the huge athletic department has plenty of wall space.

Joey Bishop, Last Of The Rat Pack, Dies

Just breaking.

New Book On Huskers Chronicles Fall From Grace

Timing is everything and it seems a new book on the state of Athletics at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln may benefit from this credo. Jonathan Crowl, a senior English major at the University and a sports reporter for the student newspaper The Daily Nebraskan has written a book called "The Nebraska Way" that chronicles the recent slide of the football team and the Athletic Department as a whole under Steve Pederson. From what I've read, it looks like Crowl essentially ghost-wrote the book for former head football trainer Doak Ostergard, who was abruptly fired in January. Nevertheless, my hat is off to Crowl for taking the initiative to write a book while still in college. That's how you succeed, by making bold moves that many think are too daunting.

Anyway, in the book there are lots of juicy tidbits about the corporate mentality of Pederson and Callahan's alleged consternation about the legacy of Osborne. Should be interesting to see how the power-players react to the book.


Osborne Talks To Jim Rome

Caught Tom Osborne's interview on the Jim Rome radio show...here's a link. There were some interesting tidbits. First off, Rome asked Osborne if he felt betrayed by Pederson with his firing of Solich and other moves. Osborne, of course, was diplomatic and said no, but you could tell that he was disappointed and surprised by all that happened. A lot of people are asking why no one realized in the beginning how Pederson would lead, but I don't think there's a person out there that hasn't been let down by someone they trusted or thought they knew. I often quote from my favorite movie, Miller's Crossing. After Johnny Casper says he doesn't believe The Dane would double-cross him because he knows him so well, Tom shoots back, "Nobody knows anybody! Not that well."

Second, Osborne made an interesting point that Rome quickly seized on. He said that during the heydays of his football teams when the walk-on program was in full-force, (paraphrasing) "we didn't always have the most impressive physical specimens, but they'd die for you." I think that speaks volumes. Give it a listen.

Gotta admit, all this Husker blogging has been a nice break from my usual neo-libertarian political rants.

A Questions For Husker Fans, And Some Rumors

As bad as things are right now for the football team, and as bad as they're probably gonna be the rest of the season, I ask you this: When was the last time you were this jazzed up about Nebraska Football?

Granted I live in Nevada now, but I haven't been this much into the Huskers in about 10 years.

I was listening to Colin Cowherd on ESPN Radio this morning. He thinks Nebraska should accept the fact that it's a kind of outpost in college football. For years, no one did things like we did and why should we try to, in his words, "out USC, USC." Instead, he thinks we should revert to our old ways of option football, power running game.

I agree to a point. Certainly we can't go back to the old Osborne offense in toto as the game and the players have just gotten too fast, but we can update it. In short, we can do what the fans always wanted...have an option-style offense with a strong running game, but also have a quarterback that can complete a pass or two. That's all we ever wanted in the 80s and 90s...nothing radical, just an offense that mixed it up a bit. Why not?

Latest rumor going around is that they're going to remove Callahan (and Cosgrove) any day now and make Charlie McBride interim Head Coach. I find that one a little hard to believe, but it's fun to think about. Ol' Charlie would probably take the black shirts away from the defense and give them pink shirts. "That's all you deserve to wear now you little bastards!"

Morgan Stanley Dumps NY Times Stock


The sad part is, the Old Grey Lady will never face up to the real reason this is happening.

Headline Of The Day

"As Violence Falls In Iraq, Cemetery Workers Feel The Pinch"

Via PoliPundit.


Osborne Returns: Becomes "Interim" AD

Speaking live now (5:21CT). Chancellor Pearlman introduced the former coach who has taken some time in this press conference to wax nostalgic about his career with Nebraska Athletics. Probably the most interesting comments, however, were his words about culture and how a leader of an organization, whether he thinks it or not, will have a big effect on the culture. That pretty much sums up the Pederson era. All in all, he is Dr. Tom: soft-spoken, polite, self-effacing and somewhat majestic.

It's also very obvious that the AD job is his for as long as he wants. Pearlman stated that his interim status is "open-ended," while Osborne said his job now is to "work himself out of a job." In other words, he's there until he's ready to retire permanently whether that's a year from now or 10 years from now.

MORE: Despite the fact that Osborne is extremely polite and careful with his words, it's pretty obvious that unless Bill Callahan finds a cure for cancer between now and the end of the season, he's out.


Pope John Paul II Is On Fire!

Look, even though I'm a Deist/Agnostic, I respect the religious beliefs of others. A big part of Free Will is being able to practice religion in most any way you see fit.


...when I saw this story, I thought I was gonna laugh until I died.

Holy Crap! Nebraska AD Pederson Fired

That didn't take long. University of Nebraska-Lincoln Chancellor Harvey Pearlman has fired Athletic Director Steve Pederson due to the decline of the Husker football team. It sounds like he's going to select a new AD and let him decide what to do with the coaching staff.



UPDATE: KPTM FOX 42 in Omaha is reporting this:

A source close to the program tells KPTM FOX 42 News that Tom Osborne may be named interim Athletic Director. Sources also tell us that Dave Remington, a former NU offensive lineman, will be named to the football coaching staff.

I understand Osborne taking over the department, but Remington "named to the football coaching staff?" What's that about? Does that mean Callahan is out? Unclear.

MORE: http://www.hireosborne.com/

UPDATE: Tom Osborne says he has not been offered the interim AD job, but apparently he was coy on whether he would accept the job if offered, which leads one to conclude he would.

I'm gonna tell you right now, it would be suicide for Harvey Pearlman not to give Osborne the job. Look at the history: since Bob Devaney retired, we've had two Athletic Directors, both of them literally despised by the fans. Pearlman has got put someone in the AD office who has the fans' backing. Who but Osborne?

MORE: A great column from Dennis Dodd at CBS Sports that makes the case for Osborne.

EVEN MORE: Chancellor Pearlman said today that he had pretty much made up his mind to fire Pederson a few days before the Oklahoma State debacle. Pederson had apparently spent the last 3 years alienating the people in the Athletic Department, the boosters, the season-ticket holders, et al to the point that the situation was becoming untenable. That being the case, it's inexplicable why Pearlman gave Pederson a contract extension in July.

Time For Osborne To Return?

It'll be awhile before cooler heads prevail in the Cornhusker state. Right now, everyone is up in arms and steeped in emotion over the regression of the beloved football program. Some boosters are ready to withhold their donations while some think too many knee-jerk moves will scare off potential candidates for Head Coach and AD.

It's a puzzler. By now you've realized that Nebraska is similar to Michigan, Notre Dame and Alabama, in that the fans and the boosters will not accept anything but total dominance. As the calls for many a scalp continue, one idea being floated is to bring back the legend, Tom Osborne....not as head coach, mind you, but as Athletic Director: a job many thought he would have transitioned into years ago. Steve Sipple discusses this in his latest column for the Journal-Star:

What next? Assuming Pederson is gone, to whom does Nebraska turn for the AD position? Osborne seems a logical candidate if only because many in Husker Nation yearn to have their program back and are in need of a leader they can trust.

It’s all very speculative at this point. But Nebraska fans, having endured something of a nightmare, should be afforded the chance to dream, to let their imaginations run wild.

Bo Pelini’s name gets mentioned most as a potential head coach. I know he enjoyed his one-season stay at Nebraska as defensive coordinator in 2003. Now the defensive coordinator at Louisiana State, Pelini has told me often that he and his family liked Lincoln. He liked the parish they attended. LSU’s loss to Kentucky on Saturday will do little to diminish Pelini’s status as one of the nation’s hottest head coaching prospects.

We know Pelini can coach defense. He has told me he would want an offense that’s multiple but favors a strong ground game.

Turner Gill? Well, he’s doing wonders at Buffalo. The Bulls are 3-4 overall and 3-1 in the Mid-American Conference. Their three league victories equal the most since joining the MAC and returning to Division I-A in 1999. The former Husker quarterback is calling the plays for an offense that features elements of a West Coast attack, a power-I formation and even some option.

Whatever they decide to do, from what I'm hearing it's clear that they need to bring in a college football guy. While Nebraska needed to move toward a more pro-style offense that Callahan has given them, they need a college minded guy that understands things like tradition and passion for college football. You can't run the Huskers like a business...it's different in the college ranks.


Huskers Football State Of Emergency

**WELCOME FOLKS IN HUSKER LAND! Just a heads-up to avoid confusion...I am NOT the Jim Rose that calls the Husker football games. I am an alum of UNL, however. Thanks for stopping by!**

Folks, it's a bad situation in Lincoln, Nebraska, home of my alma-mater the University of Nebraska and the legendary Nebraska Cornhuskers. We lost to USC...that was bad, but understandable. Then we lost to Missouri, just bad. Then, we get clobbered at home to Oklahoma State and a bunch of fans leave the game at halftime...that's unprecedented. It's so bad, the Drudge Report has a link to the story...and Drudge couldn't care less about football.

My sources tell me that the fans have gone from calling for the defensive coordinator to be fired, to the whole coaching staff and the Athletic Director to be fired. There are also rumors that the University is trying to reach out to former defensive coordinator Bo Pellini, who still has a lot of fans in the state from his one-year stint with the team that included serving as interim-Head Coach for the bowl game victory against Michigan State. However, I'm told Pellini wouldn't consider it unless AD Steve Pederson is fired and he gets to hire his own coaches. This post from Guerillaspot lends some credence to this:

"Pelini said Nebraska athletic director Steve Pederson "stopped talking" to him in the days leading up to the bowl game and, following the victory, Pederson didn't fly back to Lincoln with the team.

Pederson eventually spoke with Pelini about the opening, but Pelini said it was clear he had no chance of landing the job.

"It was just a token interview," Pelini said. "(Pederson) brought me in because he had to bring me in. He told me I was being considered, but I don't think I ever was. He wanted to hire a name guy. He would've hired anybody that had a big name."

Chancellor Harvey Pearlman has some big decisions to make, and they had better be the right ones. The boosters are not happy and there's no more powerful group in the state than these folks, believe me.

UPDATE: The fans are indeed restless and the Blogosphere is full of people calling for a house-cleaning. Just to be clear, the stuff I'm hearing is merely word-of-mouth. I have no solid sources on any information, but if I do, I'll sing like a canary. More rumors here.

Turner's Ignorance Alarming

For those of you that don't believe the old adage that anyone can achieve the American Dream and become incredibly rich, please take a look at Ted Turner. The man is, for all intents and purposes, retarded, yet, he's a billionaire.

Meteorologist Slams Gore

Dr. William Gray, the foremost forecaster of hurricanes told it like it is at a recent speech at the University of North Carolina.

"We're brainwashing our children," said Dr Gray, 78, a long-time professor at Colorado State University. "They're going to the Gore movie [An Inconvenient Truth] and being fed all this. It's ridiculous."

And everyone needs to understand this:

"It bothers me that my fellow scientists are not speaking out against something they know is wrong," he said. "But they also know that they'd never get any grants if they spoke out. I don't care about grants."

That's what it comes down to. The political powers that hand out our money are in the tank for the Global Warming hoax. They have to be stopped.


Gore Wins Nobel Peace Prize

Well, it's certainly no surprise, in fact, it was pretty much inevitable. Yet, you can't help but feel astonished at just how far the stature of this award has sunk. It's one thing to give the award to terrorists like Yassir Arafat, but now they're giving the award to someone who preaches a religious belief in false science.

The only head of state on the globe that is telling the truth on the subject is Czech President Vaclav Klaus. Though I am a little disappointed to hear him say he is "somewhat surprised" that Gore won. Please. Gore has all the credentials for what the Nobel Committee considers greatness. He is advocating the destruction of freedom. That's what Global Warming is all about. No surprises here.

MORE: Heard a little bit of Rush in the car this morning. He reminds us that there is a silver-lining to this: Bill Clinton has to be furious.


A Great Paragraph From Charles Krauthammer

I could never vote for her because the Clintons’ liberal internationalism on display in the 1990s — the pursuit of paper treaties and the reliance on international institutions — is naive in theory and feckless in practice. And her domestic policy sees state intervention and expansion as the answer to every human ill from mortgage default to the common cold. Nonetheless, if 2008 is going to be a Democratic year, as it very well could, Hillary would serve the country better than any of her Democratic rivals.

As much as the prospect scares me to death, he's right. She is the most likely of them all to sell out the Left, but I'd rather not risk it.

Atlas Shrugged At 50

Captain Ed has an excellent look at Ayn Rand's epic novel 50 years on. The good Captain and I are in agreement: put simply, her philosophy is solid, her flair for literature...not so much. Libertarians can't help but enjoy the book for it's message, but Rand was no poet, and that's alright. Ed continues:

At least Rand tried serving the right notions in her less-than-engaging polemic. As Michelle says, we have had a drought of popular-culture defenses of capitalism and individualism. We need another Rand or perhaps someone even more talented, who can write a narrative that uses realistic situations and approachable characters to exemplify the virtues of economic liberty and the dangers of statist policies. We have plenty of examples from real life in the history of the past century, but few seem willing to mold them into the kind of literary icon that Atlas Shrugged truly is.
I wish I could have met her.

Socialized Medicine, Pro And Con

Really great article from City Journal on the folly of socialized medicine that (go figure) is backed up with loads of facts. On the flip side we have the always sad and pathetic Joe Conason on why socialized medicine is great backed up with false assumptions drawn from an intellectually dead ideology. But don't take my word for it...read them both and tell me I'm wrong.

Vatican Releases Knights Templar Trial Papers

It's an expensive book, but I bet it's one hell of a read.


Best Headline Ever

With a big hat tip to Odd Universe.

Jimmy Carter Has No Regrets

Just when I think the worst American President of the 20th century can't sink any lower, he does. Thanks to Gateway Pundit I caught this little nugget from a recent interview with our 39th President. The headline most news sites are gravitating toward is Carter calling Cheney a "disaster," but the bigger story is his take on the Iranian Hostage Crisis.

BLITZER: In the late '70s. Looking back all of these years, knowing what has happened, what, if anything, would you have done differently?

CARTER: I would have had one more helicopter in our rescue mission, which would have brought all of the hostages out safe and free. And so I had to wait from April, around until five minutes after I was no longer president when all of the hostages did come home safe and free.

Holy Hell! Does anyone else remember that mission and how it went? That's his regret?!


Canada's Health Care Farce

The other night, Rudy Giuliani quipped, "If we do HillaryCare or socialized medicine, Canadians will have no place to go to get their health care." It's funny because it's true. Don Surber has a good example.

A Religious History Lesson

Caught this story on Drudge about how Nancy Pelosi is backing the Architect of the Capitol's refusal to permit use of the word "God" on official certificates enclosed with flags flown over the U.S. Capitol.

This gives me the opportunity to explain a few religious points. I'm an Agnostic. What that means is that I do not believe in anything that doesn't have some scientific proof behind it. However, I can't explain existence, but I know that there must be something that started it all. Whatever that something is may indeed be what we would consider "God," but he/it does not seem to play a roll in anything going on in the universe as far as we can tell. That's why I sometimes call myself a Deist. Depends on my mood.

Anyway, there is also a third faction in this rogues gallery of the "non-believers." Atheists are people that don't believe in God and don't want anyone else to believe in God either. They want to take God and all forms of religion out of our lives. I've never been able to understand this. Certainly, Christopher Hitchens lays out in detail all the harm religion has caused in his latest book, but if a person believes in a higher power, says a few prayers or goes to a church, what do I care? What harm does that do to me? People can believe what they want to believe, and this crap from the likes of Nancy Pelosi that we have to keep the word "God" out of anything involved with the government is petty and foolish. Yes, we have a separation of Church and State, but a word in a pledge or on a coin or document is not a big deal and anyone who thinks otherwise is as much a religious zealot as James Dobson, just in the other direction.

The Forgotten Libertarians In Academia

A really interesting post this morning from Ilya Somin over at The Volokh Conspiracy on a new study concerning the ideology of university academics. The surveys asked the participants if they considered themselves "conservative," "liberal," or "moderate." So what's a "libertarian" to do?


Pentagon 9/11 Photo Hits Blogosphere

I'm hesitant to blog about this as I don't think the Truthers deserve so much as a mention, but if these photos are legit, it's bad news for them.

GOP Battle Of The Zingers

The invaluable gang at Hot Air have a montage of the one-liners, zingers and awkward pauses from tonight's GOP debate.

What did we learn? Chris Matthews is an ass (but we knew that), Mitt Romney has good joke writers and Ron Paul is still a crank.

As for the zingers, my personal favorite was Rudy's take on HillaryCare at the end. He should really make it a campaign slogan.

Dobson Sees Plus To Hillary Presidency

I'm loath to give this guy too much ink (or bytes, as it were), and thus too much credit. He's trying to fill the void left by the late Jerry Falwell and appoint himself the right-wing kingmaker, but time will tell just how much impact he can have. So far, what he's shown us is a determination to ruin to the GOP's chances of holding the presidency and get Hillary elected. He explains in this clip on Hot Air that if Rudy wins, the pro-life movement will wither away while if Hillary wins they'll be galvanized to fight even harder. It's not a awful point and there may be some credence to it, but we need to look at history. Do you realize just how hard it is to roll back socialism? Last time I checked, the Great Depression was over. Have we rolled back any of the New Deal programs that were put in place to get us back on track? (They didn't, but that's another post for another time).

If you think the damage that would be done by Hillary Clinton and a Democrat Congress can be fixed by a future election or two, than let's talk about monthly installments for the purchase of the Brooklyn Bridge.

The stakes are too high.


More Nonsense South Of The Border

There have been a lot of hard lessons this year. A lot of people that showed such promise early in the decade have turned out to be lemons. Vladimir Putin is a good example. Another one is Vicente Fox. When he won the Mexican Presidency in 2000 and ended 70 years of the PRI's corrupt socialist government, many of us thought it was a new day for our neighbor to the South, but instead he proved to be a huge disappointment. Now this:

NEW YORK (AP) - Former Mexican President Vicente Fox said Monday that the United States is letting racism dictate its policies, especially when it comes to immigration.

"The xenophobics, the racists, those who feel they are a superior race ... they are deciding the future of this nation," he said, without naming names, in an interview with The Associated Press.

Nice. Yes, I'm a racist because I want people to enter the country legally. Unbelievable.


Agassi Raises Money, Popinjay Meets The Stars

I had the privilege of covering the Andre Agassi's Grand Slam for Children benefit last night at the MGM Grand here in Las Vegas. I was on the red carpet where I was able to meet and interview Jerry Seinfeld, Tony Bennett, Hall & Oates, The Goo Goo Dolls, Matchbox Twenty and Tia Carrera (Schwing!). Not bad for one night's work. I'm not the "Oh my God, celebrities!!!" type, but it was cool to meet someone like Tony Bennett. I'm also a huge Seinfeld fan, so it was good to meet him, though it may surprise you to hear that he's a bit intimidating. Hard to explain, but you feel like you're in a job interview when you're talking to him. Nevertheless, he's still got it. His set during the event killed.

Far Right Ready To Surrender

AJStrata is spot on in his blistering criticism of the Far Right of the Republican base.

It just emphasizes the fact the far right is not in the mood to govern, it is looking for purity. They can no longer pretend they are not the ones destroying the GOP coalition. The have now openly stated they will take their marbles and go home if Giuliani is nominated, even though he is supported by a VAST majority of the conservative voting block (GOP and Independents like me).

And libertarians like me. A big issue with the Far Right is abortion...they want it banned. Okay, so if that's what you really want, then you work toward that goal. You may have to work over several generations to get it accomplished, but you work on it step by step. So when given a choice between a probable candidate that supports abortion on demand (Hillary) and a probably candidate that is for keeping abortion legal but supports programs that limit the number of abortions performed (Giuliani), their choice is to either stay home or support a "3rd party" candidate, either way assuring the former candidate victory and probably a few Supreme Court picks.

How stupid can they be?

Kid Rock Chills With His D.C. Homeys

He may not have the eloquence of a Winston Churchill, but he's got more common sense than Hollywood's resident douche Sean Penn. Runs with a better crowd too.


Week In Review: Rush v. Democrats

By far, the story of the week was the Democrats war with Rush Limbaugh over what who he did (and didn't) say about our soldiers. The Dems aren't stupid, they know what they're saying is a lie, but it doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that they're doing this for three reasons: 1) To excite their base; 2) To raise campaign cash from their base; 3) and to convince those that don't follow the news carefully that Limbaugh did attack our troops in Iraq.

Fortunately, Rush doesn't take anything laying down. Check out his latest comments and the hilarious graphic put together by his team at EIB.


Radio Rudy

Back when he was Mayor. Those were the days! I'd like to see more of this on the campaign trail.

Saudi Arabia Lectures Europe On Civil Rights

You heard me. Our man Fjordman has the details in his latest offering. He also has some harsh words for the EU and the threat it poses to democracy. (Hat tip: lgf)

McCain Wins Endorsements

Some of the old (very old) guard of the Republican Party have written an open letter endorsing John McCain for president. Few surprises: Henry Kissinger, Al Haig, Lawrence Eagleburger...guys that naturally prefer a Washington insider. I'm a little surprised by George Shultz's endorsement. I thought he was more libertarian than that. (Hat tip: Hot Air)

Al Gore Is A Coward

He won't debate a think-tank on global warming for he feels there is nothing to debate.

Can you remember a week in American history that has felt more like 1984 than this one?


Ron Paul Excites Lunatic Fringe

Faux Libertarian Ron Paul is making news for his recent fundraising numbers. The Washington Post has even gone so far as to call him the Howard Dean of '08. It's not that far-fetched:

Among the Texas congressman's loyal, passionate, Web-savvy supporters, that's not a question. It's a statement -- and a semi-accurate one. Here's a very important similarity: Like Dean, Paul has been against the war on Iraq from the beginning, setting him apart from the rest of the GOP field.

And just as Dean's insurgent campaign effectively used the Web to raise money, rally its supporters and create buzz the year before the 2004 elections, Paul's campaign throughout the year has singularly relied on the Internet to fuel his engine.

And like Dean...he's a total crank.

Look, it's true Ron has some libertarian views that are worthy of applause, but he's missing a key element that would make him a true libertarian: reason.

Liz Edwards Gets Into The Act

They're still trying to convince the world that Rush said something he didn't say. Now the wife of the Breck Girl is charging that Rush Limbaugh's draft deferment was fake. It's a clever ploy as it gives the MSM a way to keep the story going.

The whole smear campaign is itself a ploy worthy of study in the field of media theory. For it to work, you need a populous that lives off of short-soundbites and word-of-mouth knowledge of daily events. This is exactly what we have and the Democrats know it. The truth is their enemy, but it's a toothless enemy because no one really has the time or the will to seek it out. Thus, if they just keep pounding away with their story-line day after day after day, enough people will believe it and it will become a permanent part of pop culture, much like the near universal belief that J. Edgar Hoover was gay.

The only thing that can stop them from succeeding is Rush Limbaugh himself. He's one of the few Americans that is willing to fight these people.


Meeting Rudy

If you haven't checked out The Tygrrrr Express, please do so soon and make it a daily habit. Eric is one of the best conservative columnist/bloggers out there. He has another gem for us about how he recently met Rudy Giuliani and was galvanized in his belief that Rudy is the right man at the right time to lead our country.

MORE: If you like Eric's website, help him out by clicking here and voting for his blog.

A Dry-Run For Ending Free Speech

Tom DeLay lays into Hillary Clinton and her attack machines.


War On Talk: Savage Next

The Democrats and their minions (or overlords) have declared all-out war on Conservative Talk Radio. They went after Bill O'Reilly, then Rush Limbaugh, and now it appears they're ready to fight on several fronts as San Francisco is going after hometown talker Michael Savage. This is gonna get ugly.

Obits In 2007

Maybe it's the same as it ever was and I'm just noticing it more, but it seems like there have been a lot of famous deaths in 2007. According to our friends at Dead or Alive?, just in the past six months we've lost Boris Yeltsin, Tommy Newsome, David Halberstam, Jerry Falwell, Tom Snyder, Ingmar Bergman, Bill Walsh, Merv Griffin, Richard Jewell, Luciano Pavarotti, Marcel Marceau, and Lady Bird Johnson to name but a few. Also of note, two people that are forever intertwined: Charles Nelson Reilly and Brett Somers. Ah, Match Game...where would the 70s have been without it?

Made In China

The Hitch explains how the guiding force behind all the world's totalitarian regimes (like the one in Burma) is, in fact, China.

Anatomy Of A Smear: Rush Fights DNC/MSM Head-On

Sometimes I think blogging makes me prone to making outlandish statements that seem silly. After all, we're still a very free society and things are never as bad as they seem, right? Then I see just how dishonest and harmful our news media and certain political groups can be and I wonder, if anything, if I'm too soft. What's happening to Bill O'Reilly and Rush Limbaugh should give every American, every journalists and every politician pause. This is the kind of stuff you would expect from early 20th century America, not 2007 America. Isn't J. Edgar Hoover dead?

Another Step Closer To Invisibility

Harry Potter's cloak? The cloaking-device on a Klingon Bird of Prey? It's amazing what physicists are doing these days. They've just taken another big step toward harnessing the power of invisibility.


Libertarianism And Rigidity

One of the best writers in the Blogosphere, Shannon Love of Chicago Boyz, has a great primer on true libertarianism. Here's a nice snippet:

I often butt heads with libertarian purists over such matters. They criticize my willingness to use the state to fight wars or to socialize the cost of raising of children. I simply don’t care if such stances render me outside the libertarian true believers. I don’t care if some consider the stances immoral. Particular solutions work in particular times, places and circumstances and there is no point whining about it. I won’t try to shoehorn an ultimately unworkable solution into an ideological framework just to prove I am one of the gang.

At the risk of sounding like a campaign ad, this is why I'm a fan of Rudy Giuliani. He looks at what is best for the particular situation. It's something the Christian Right (a group with a very rigid ideology) can never understand. Running New York and running the United States are two very different things. What works in New York may not work nationally and vise-verse. Results first, ideology second.

A Case For Euthanasia

A great piece from Tygrrrr Express about the latest column from Tom Friedman over at the Jayson Blair Times. He starts it off with a bang:

Ok, I confess. When I need to crank out a quick column, I find somebody who writes something idiotic, and I give them their deserved dressing down. When my list of idiots gets too big, I just go with my favorite bastion of worthlessness, the Jayson Blair Times. I can’t help it. They simply do not know how to say anything positive, unbiased, reasonable, or accurate. Being liberal, shrill and wrong may offend some, but as a conservative columnist, I delight in their intellectual deficiencies. The Gray Lady is the main reason I support euthanasia. Somebody kill this old bag already.


Rush v. Reid

It's getting ugly now. After Media Matters attempted to ruin Rush Limbaugh with lies and distortions, the worst thing to come out of Nevada, Harry Reid, has just stepped in it by condemning Rush on the Senate Floor. Rush had enough time on his show today to put Reid in his place:

You want to come on this program and call me unpatriotic, come on this program and call me unpatriotic. You want to call me a liar, you want to tell me that I did not say what I said, you come on this program and you tell me to my face that I said what I did not say. Stop hiding behind your special protections as a senator and spewing the talking points of an embarrassing, partisan hack media group called Media Matters for America. Hillary Clinton didn't serve in the military, by the way, Senator Reid. She just voted against General Petraeus. Barack Obama did not serve in the military, Senator Reid, and he didn't even show up to vote in support of Petraeus. John Edwards didn't serve, and after voting to send our troops to war, he has undermined them ever since. It is unconscionable for an esteemed United States senator to launch an all-out assault on a private citizen, which is a lie from front to back, in order to cover your own actions and words, which have been the true demoralization of the US military -- and if anybody owes the military of this country an apology, Senator Reid, it is you. It is Jack Murtha. It is Dick Durbin. It is any and all who have joined your effort to secure defeat of the United States and the United States military in not only Iraq, but the war on terror.

Sir, have you no decency left? Have you no shame whatsoever?

Meanwhile, the always classy Tom Harkin of Iowa said "Maybe Limbaugh was high on drugs again."

I almost feel bad for these guys. They don't know what they're getting into.