Dobson Sees Plus To Hillary Presidency

I'm loath to give this guy too much ink (or bytes, as it were), and thus too much credit. He's trying to fill the void left by the late Jerry Falwell and appoint himself the right-wing kingmaker, but time will tell just how much impact he can have. So far, what he's shown us is a determination to ruin to the GOP's chances of holding the presidency and get Hillary elected. He explains in this clip on Hot Air that if Rudy wins, the pro-life movement will wither away while if Hillary wins they'll be galvanized to fight even harder. It's not a awful point and there may be some credence to it, but we need to look at history. Do you realize just how hard it is to roll back socialism? Last time I checked, the Great Depression was over. Have we rolled back any of the New Deal programs that were put in place to get us back on track? (They didn't, but that's another post for another time).

If you think the damage that would be done by Hillary Clinton and a Democrat Congress can be fixed by a future election or two, than let's talk about monthly installments for the purchase of the Brooklyn Bridge.

The stakes are too high.