Far Right Ready To Surrender

AJStrata is spot on in his blistering criticism of the Far Right of the Republican base.

It just emphasizes the fact the far right is not in the mood to govern, it is looking for purity. They can no longer pretend they are not the ones destroying the GOP coalition. The have now openly stated they will take their marbles and go home if Giuliani is nominated, even though he is supported by a VAST majority of the conservative voting block (GOP and Independents like me).

And libertarians like me. A big issue with the Far Right is abortion...they want it banned. Okay, so if that's what you really want, then you work toward that goal. You may have to work over several generations to get it accomplished, but you work on it step by step. So when given a choice between a probable candidate that supports abortion on demand (Hillary) and a probably candidate that is for keeping abortion legal but supports programs that limit the number of abortions performed (Giuliani), their choice is to either stay home or support a "3rd party" candidate, either way assuring the former candidate victory and probably a few Supreme Court picks.

How stupid can they be?