Jimmy Carter Has No Regrets

Just when I think the worst American President of the 20th century can't sink any lower, he does. Thanks to Gateway Pundit I caught this little nugget from a recent interview with our 39th President. The headline most news sites are gravitating toward is Carter calling Cheney a "disaster," but the bigger story is his take on the Iranian Hostage Crisis.

BLITZER: In the late '70s. Looking back all of these years, knowing what has happened, what, if anything, would you have done differently?

CARTER: I would have had one more helicopter in our rescue mission, which would have brought all of the hostages out safe and free. And so I had to wait from April, around until five minutes after I was no longer president when all of the hostages did come home safe and free.

Holy Hell! Does anyone else remember that mission and how it went? That's his regret?!