Libertarianism And Rigidity

One of the best writers in the Blogosphere, Shannon Love of Chicago Boyz, has a great primer on true libertarianism. Here's a nice snippet:

I often butt heads with libertarian purists over such matters. They criticize my willingness to use the state to fight wars or to socialize the cost of raising of children. I simply don’t care if such stances render me outside the libertarian true believers. I don’t care if some consider the stances immoral. Particular solutions work in particular times, places and circumstances and there is no point whining about it. I won’t try to shoehorn an ultimately unworkable solution into an ideological framework just to prove I am one of the gang.

At the risk of sounding like a campaign ad, this is why I'm a fan of Rudy Giuliani. He looks at what is best for the particular situation. It's something the Christian Right (a group with a very rigid ideology) can never understand. Running New York and running the United States are two very different things. What works in New York may not work nationally and vise-verse. Results first, ideology second.