A Religious History Lesson

Caught this story on Drudge about how Nancy Pelosi is backing the Architect of the Capitol's refusal to permit use of the word "God" on official certificates enclosed with flags flown over the U.S. Capitol.

This gives me the opportunity to explain a few religious points. I'm an Agnostic. What that means is that I do not believe in anything that doesn't have some scientific proof behind it. However, I can't explain existence, but I know that there must be something that started it all. Whatever that something is may indeed be what we would consider "God," but he/it does not seem to play a roll in anything going on in the universe as far as we can tell. That's why I sometimes call myself a Deist. Depends on my mood.

Anyway, there is also a third faction in this rogues gallery of the "non-believers." Atheists are people that don't believe in God and don't want anyone else to believe in God either. They want to take God and all forms of religion out of our lives. I've never been able to understand this. Certainly, Christopher Hitchens lays out in detail all the harm religion has caused in his latest book, but if a person believes in a higher power, says a few prayers or goes to a church, what do I care? What harm does that do to me? People can believe what they want to believe, and this crap from the likes of Nancy Pelosi that we have to keep the word "God" out of anything involved with the government is petty and foolish. Yes, we have a separation of Church and State, but a word in a pledge or on a coin or document is not a big deal and anyone who thinks otherwise is as much a religious zealot as James Dobson, just in the other direction.