Ron Paul Excites Lunatic Fringe

Faux Libertarian Ron Paul is making news for his recent fundraising numbers. The Washington Post has even gone so far as to call him the Howard Dean of '08. It's not that far-fetched:

Among the Texas congressman's loyal, passionate, Web-savvy supporters, that's not a question. It's a statement -- and a semi-accurate one. Here's a very important similarity: Like Dean, Paul has been against the war on Iraq from the beginning, setting him apart from the rest of the GOP field.

And just as Dean's insurgent campaign effectively used the Web to raise money, rally its supporters and create buzz the year before the 2004 elections, Paul's campaign throughout the year has singularly relied on the Internet to fuel his engine.

And like Dean...he's a total crank.

Look, it's true Ron has some libertarian views that are worthy of applause, but he's missing a key element that would make him a true libertarian: reason.