Huckabee Releases Bootleg

Richard Nixon would have loved this. Mike Huckabee holds a press conference, shows the room full of reporters a negative ad he produced about Mitt Romney and then says he's not going to air it on television because it's too negative and "The people of Iowa deserve better."

The Jews call it "Chutzpah," the Spanish call it "Cojones." I have a word for it, but my mother is probably watching.

What Happened To Limos?

Here's something I don't understand. When I was growing up in the 1970s, you knew if someone was rich by the fact that they rode in a limousine. They were so well off financially, that they had a long black car and paid a man to drive them wherever they went. As the 1980s moved into the 90s, it became chic to rent a limousine for weddings, prom or large, fancy parties. The high-life on wheels had made it's way to the middle class for a going rate of $120 an hour (give or take).

What perplexes me is that the limousine seems to have been forsaken by the rich and famous. Every time I see how another Hollywood star or starlet has been picked up for DUI, the first thought I have is "why are you driving yourself?" Am I missing something here? Is the love of driving so strong that these celebs have to get behind the wheel rather than hire someone to do the driving for them as they did for their ancestors? If I ever became a millionaire, you better believe I'd have a driver for those nights I hit the town. Insane.


NFL Preps For Playoffs

I think the Patriots have to be the best team in NFL history. 16-0 is a huge accomplishment and I absolutely loved the play call of throwing a bomb to Moss again after he dropped the first one. Very much like the end of the movie Tin Cup...just keep doing it until it works.

I really hope the Cleveland Browns make the playoffs. They've been down so long, it would be a nice story and I just think they'd be more interesting in the playoffs than the Titans.


Sick: Girl Lies About Father To Get Concert Tickets

She wrote an essay claiming her father died in Iraq. It was a lie she and her mother concocted.


John O'Hurley Lends Voice To Omaha Radio

When I was in college at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, there was a rock station in town on 101.9 FM known as "Q102." It was great and loved by many, but then they changed to a country format and moved to Omaha. Since then, they've had many format changes and most recently were a "Lite" station, but now they've come full circle and gone back to rock and roll.

And interestingly, the "voice" of the new "Big O, 101.9" will be Las Vegas' own John O'Hurley, star of Spamalot at the Wynn Resort and Casino. I guess he'll be like the voice of Jack on the Jack-FM stations. J. Peterman on your radio!

Anti-Semitism At The Washington Post

Jews who support free speech at Columbia University are "radicals" while the supporters of Ahmadinejad are just your standard scholars.

Another Key To Parcells' Success

There's talk that once Miami plays its last game this Sunday, the axe won't be far behind for the GM and Head Coach...and many a player. Bill Parcells is getting ready to clean house and he says he wants no "thugs or hoodlums" in Miami. This is an aspect of Parcells' system that many forget. Remember the days when the Dallas Cowboys were a running joke due to the many off-field incidents involving their all-star players? My personal favorite: Michael Irvin can't join the huddle because it's a parole violation to mingle with convicted felons. Another good one: Jerry Jones wonders if bail money counts against the salary cap. Anyway, the gang at ProFootballTalk.com point out this little nugget:

The Cowboys, a team primarily built by Parcells, have had no arrests in 2007. Ditto for the Patriots, who are led by a long-time Parcells’ lieutenant, and by Parcells’ son-in-law. And the Jets, under the leadership of Parcells’ protege G.M. Mike Tannenbaum, have had only one incident this year.

Meanwhile, the Dolphins have amassed the most points in our Turd Watch game (which we need to update). Much of the damage was done by defensive tackle Fred Evans and receiver Kelly Campbell, who already are long gone.

Not only does Parcells turn teams around, he does it by getting rid of all the problem children. It's a big key to success.


Benazir Bhutto Assassinated

Pakistan is in chaos. Gateway Pundit has a roundup.

MORE: Don Surber on why Musharraf was right to declare martial law.

MORE: Mark Steyn:

The State Department geniuses thought they had it all figured out. They'd arranged a shotgun marriage between the Bhutto and Sharif factions as a "united" "democratic" "movement" and were pushing Musharraf to reach a deal with them. That's what diplomats do: They find guys in suits and get 'em round a table. But none of those representatives represents the rapidly evolving reality of Pakistan. Miss Bhutto could never have been a viable leader of a post-Musharraf settlement, and the delusion that she could have been sent her to her death. Earlier this year, I had an argument with an old (infidel) boyfriend of Benazir's, who swatted my concerns aside with the sweeping claim that "the whole of the western world" was behind her. On the streets of Islamabad, that and a dime'll get you a cup of coffee.


The Truth About Taxes

A short, but action-packed treatise on the history of American taxation from Bill Quick.

Historic: Patriots Game To Be Simulcast

The NFL has announced that the New England Patriots game this Saturday night on the NFL Network will be simulcast on both CBS and NBC. This is the first time two networks have carried the same game since Super Bowl I. As the Pats try to complete the perfect regular season (16-0), the NFL bigs decided it was best to go for the big ratings.

The Terrorists' Tet

Austin Bay has a great piece on how we should mentally prepare ourselves for the al-Qaeda version of the Tet Offensive in Iraq sometime in the next six months.

What A Woman Is Supposed To Look Like

Via Howie's Moisture Farm.

The Jobs Of The Future

A great "letter to the editor" by Don Boudreaux over at Cafe Hayek.

Jazz Great Oscar Peterson Dies

Missed this over the Christmas Holiday. Jazz artist Oscar Peterson has died at the age of 82. He was one of the great masters of the ivory box. Girl on the Right has a sample.


The Classless Behavior Of Philip Rivers

It's surprising to see an NFL quarterback act this way, especially with another NFL quarterback. Big talk for a team that will probably be one-and-done in the playoffs.

Merry Christmas From Las Vegas


Happy Festivus!

I'm back home after a few days back home in Nebraska celebrating the Christmas season. I took a mini-vacation from the news, but I'll be back into it tomorrow. In the meantime, as it is December 23rd, here's Frank Costanza with some Festivus words of wisdom.


Parcells Haters Come Out To Play

You know, if sports writers moved over to the religion section of the various newspapers and websites, we'd see headlines like this: "Is God Really The Right Man To Lead Our Universe?"

Amazingly, there are sportwriters out there who think the Miami Dolphins have made a bad move hiring Parcells to run the football operation for the various reasons that, he's a tyrant, he never stays for long, etc., etc. I know part of their job is to have strong opinions that mix things up a bit, but this is just stupid. Who cares if Parcells is a big meanie or doesn't stick around long enough to make a dent in the chair, the man's resume is clear: wherever he goes, he leaves the place in better shape than when he arrived. Miami came very close to achieving and 0-16 record this year. When they look up, all they can see is rock bottom. I don't care if Parcells stays for one day...you're guaranteed the team will then be better than it was yesterday. If he leaves in two or three years, fine! Hire an adequate GM and coach and you're off and running with the talent and structure he puts in place (Hello Dallas!).

Bill Parcells is the Harvey Keitel of the NFL. Two of Keitel's roles come to mind: Point of No Return as Victor The Cleaner ("I'm here to clean up your sh*t.") and especially in Pulp Fiction as the Wolfe:

"I'm Winston Wolfe. I solve problems.

"Get it straight buster - I'm not here to say please, I'm here to tell you what to do and if self-preservation is an instinct you possess you'd better f*cking do it and do it quick! I'm here to help - if my help's not appreciated then lotsa luck, gentlemen.

"If I'm curt with you it's because time is a factor. I think fast, I talk fast and I need you guys to act fast if you wanna get out of this. So, pretty please... with sugar on top. Clean the f*cking car!"

Good Economic News?

The nation's economy grew by 4.9% in the 3rd quarter (July, August, September). Damn it all, when is that recession gonna get here already?

Fred Thompson Smeared By Politico

After reading an article by Roger Simon (not to be confused with Roger L. Simon) in Politico the other day about a recent campaign stop by Fred Thompson, it looked like all the talk about Fred's "laziness" was justified. Now, it appears that it's Simon who is at best lazy, at worst a liar.


Four Minutes To Midnight

I've been saying all year that eventually Terrell Owens will find a way to destroy the Cowboys. Now, we may be just minutes away from things getting back to normal as the worst human being in the NFL has called out Jessica Simpson, blaming her for Tony Romo's poor play last week. Another bad performance from Romo this week and the wheels are bound to come off, and all the people that talked about how T.O. has "grown up" will be eating crow.

Hillary Clinton's Holiday Cheer

Hillary Clinton has offered up presents for the Christmas Holiday Season. What's in the boxes? Why it's socialism...and lots of it!

Harry Reid Fulfills Promise

In one sense, you have to give Harry Reid credit. He made a promise and he's kept it. The promise? Not to believe any good news coming out of the Surge in Iraq.

Parcells Back In The Game

All My Children, General Hospital, Days of Our Lives, As The World Turns... who needs 'em! When you have the NFL and College Football, every day there's a new soap opera. The latest big splash is the news that Bill Parcells is coming back to the NFL, but not as a head coach. The Big Tuna is close to taking a job with the massive train wreck that is the Atlanta Falcons as Vice President of Football Operations. Thus, instead of fixing the meal, Parcells will be in the position of buying the groceries and, well, telling the chefs how to cook the meal. It's a great move by Arthur Blank. Bottom line, when Parcells is on your team, you win. He has a blueprint for success that could take the worst bunch of ragtags and make them competitors. Atlanta needs this now more than ever. It would be very interesting to see how Parcells does in a front office capacity, and who he hires as GM and Head Coach.

UPDATE: Did I say soap opera? An amazing twist! Parcells has backed out on the deal and is now in heavy negotiations with the Dolphins.


Harry Reid Smears Rush Limbaugh Again

In today's political climate, the word "worst" is thrown far too often, but I can say without a doubt that Harry Reid is the worst Senate Majority Leader in my lifetime.

Clinton: Bush 41 Will Travel And Apologize For Son's Presidency

I've told President Bush 41 several times (well, not to his face, don't know the man) that if you lay down with dogs, you get flees. Now the former president's "buddy" Bill Clinton is out there saying that when Hillary is elected, the two of them will tour the world and mend the fences supposedly broken by President Bush 43. You almost have to admire the cheek of Clinton thinking he can use his winning personality to split a father and son who are both presidents. No comment from Bush 41 as of yet.

UPDATE: As expected, the Elder Bush says Clinton's statement is crap.


The Criminal, Not The Crime

Another great post from Shannon Love over at The Chicago Boyz on how we used to and should be fighting crime.

The Smartest Man In Football

From now on, when you talk about a "smart veteran" in the NFL, just substitute those words with a name: Jon Runyan. He's the right tackle for the Philadelphia Eagles and a coach to the younger players. He told running back Brian Westbrook to down the ball at the one yard line instead of going in for a touchdown with two-minutes left in the game. It was a brilliant move. The best defense is not letting the opposing team's offense on the field. Runyan knew if they downed the ball at the one, Dallas (having no time outs) wouldn't get the ball back...game over. Westbrook initially got the credit for this idea, but he still deserves some praise because he could have ignored the "advice" which a lot of players in the league would have done.

Runyan should consider coaching after he retires.


McCain Racks Up Endorsements

He got endorsed by two major newspapers this weekend, no doubt as a tribute for his years of fighting his own political party. He's also picked up the endorsement of Joe Lieberman, which is nice, but as Don Surber says, when is he gonna get an endorsement from an actual Republican?

Supreme Court Justice Bill Clinton?

Talk about a headline that puts the fear of G-d in us freedom lovers.


Drug Running Plane With CIA Past Crashes

There a story all over the Left wing Blogosphere about a plane that crashed in Mexico containing 4 tons of cocaine. It's been uncovered that the tail number on the plane is the same as that of a plane used to bring terrorists from Europe to Club Gitmo in Guantanamo Bay. The knee-jerk reaction from many of the lefties is that this proves the old CIA-drug running story from Gary Webb. That, or it's a private plane with a rather diverse list of clients. Either way, I will agree with Simon Barrett over at the Blogger News Network that the MSM should be looking into this plane crash story. Of course, that would involve some investigative journalism which these days seems to be anathema in the Driveby Media.

Nebraska Basketball Team Wins Big One

Congrats to the Nebraska Cornhuskers men's basketball team for their big win over a ranked Oregon team. I think coach Doc Sadler can stand as proof of something good AD Steve Pederson did at his time with the school. He was a very good hire and seems to have the right personality for the job. He knows, despite a recent downturn, that Nebraska is a football school and just needs a BB team that can make some noise in the Big 12.


Been Dazed And Confused For So Long It's Not True

Anybody ever see that movie, Black Sunday?

Bashing Capitalism With Style

Dr. Sanity has a piece of YouTube video that is a hit among the Internet surfers in Venezuela. One of Hugo Chavez's thug cabinet members starts bashing capitalism during a press gang-bang and one brave reporter ask how he can make such comments while wearing a Gucci suit. He did not have a good answer. Even if you don't speak Spanish, you can tell.

Glow In The Dark Kitties

Kinda scary.

A Sta-Testical Dead Heat


Primaries Make Fools Of Us All

Sorry for the light posting this week, but I gotta be honest...there hasn't been much out there that's interested me. All this sky-is-falling stuff with the primaries is idiotic. Today there's a headline on Drudge with a picture of Hillary "Is It The End?" Please. Did you miss the 1990s? Are you not aware of what these people (the Clinton Crime Family) are capable of? And as for Huckabee...flash in the pan. Everyone just needs to chill and wait for the voters.

I will say though, the most interesting development has been the surge for Obama. Oprah Winfrey has really shown the power to move mountains. She gave him one hell of a boost. To answer Stalin's question...Oprah has many, many legions. We'll see if it's enough to overtake Hillary, but I wouldn't count on it.


Owens Still Hating On Parcells

Leave it to Terrell Owens to make Keyshawn Johnson seem like an elder statesman. Long story short, Keyshawn said on ESPN last week what everyone knows to be true...the Dallas Cowboys are the team that Bill Parcells built. Wade Philips is a good coach, but he walked into a ready-made situation. Naturally, Terrell Owens thinks the comment must be all about him, so he shot back at Keyshawn saying he needs to come out of retirement and try and make the team, blah blah blah.

Bottom line, Owens is still mad at Parcells for not putting up with his sh*t. Thus, any compliment paid to Parcells is seen as an insult to T.O. A warning to you Wade Philips, enjoy the good times now...because you're next.

Muslim Defends Jew In New York Subway Attack

Another example of the American melting-pot in action. A Jewish man is attacked and beaten on a New York City subway by a crowd of people who heard him say Happy Hanukkah. The only passenger on the tube that came to his aid was a young Muslim American who has made a new friend for life. Yeah, there's still religious, racial and ethnic strife in the United States, but compared to places like the Middle East, Africa and Europe, America is practically a utopia.

Gateway Pundit has the story. Be sure to click the video link.


A Plan For The Falcons

My advice for the Atlanta Falcons...hire Marty Schottenheimer. Hear me out. Atlanta, you've hit rock bottom (with respect to the Miami Dolphins). Your star player is in jail. Your first year coach has buggered off back to the college ranks. Your 3-10 and moral is at an all-time low. You need to hire a proven NFL guy who can get you back into shape. Who better than Marty. Yes, we've heard all the arguments about his record in the playoffs, but there's a key word there: playoffs. No matter where Marty goes, he makes the team better. San Diego was in a shambles and he made them the best team in the league last year. His job turning around Washington after a slow start that one year he was there was masterful.

Your down and out Atlanta. The first priority is not to be thinking Super Bowl. You need to think about getting back into contention and respectability. Marty can do that for you.

More Trouble For Falcons As Petrino Resigns

And you thought the Miami Dolphins were having a bad year. Just a day after a Monday night loss to New Orleans and a day after their former star athlete was sentences to 23 months in prison, the Atlanta Falcons are without a head coach. Bobby Petrino has decided the pro-ranks aren't for him and apparently will take the head coaching job at Arkansas. Looks like the Razorbacks got their wish of a big name head coach after all. Meanwhile, Atlanta will have to start from scratch.

Is there anyone out there that hasn't betrayed the trust of Arthur Blank this year?

A Gun Free Zone Liability Law

A great idea.

National Review Endorses Mitt Romney

Not a big surprise. Mitt talks a good conservative game and has great hair.

Larry O'Donnell Admits Double-Standard For Islam

Political pundit Lawrence O'Donnell, who no doubt was the inspiration for Michael Douglas' character in the movie Falling Down, admitted today on the Hugh Hewitt Show that he can slam Mormons all he wants because he doesn't have to worry about retaliation like he would if he criticized Islam. There's something bittersweet about the truth when it comes from the mouth of a deranged bigot.

The Controversial Road Back

A fascinating story in Sports Illustrated on the plight of Buffalo Bill Tight End Kevin Everett who was partially paralyzed in a game this year and has since made a miraculous recovery. Part of his treatment was a procedure called induced-hypothermia which is a controversial approach that has split the medical community. Everett's doctor stands by his decision to use it while other doctors are calling it false hope. It'll be interesting to see how the medical research into this procedure moves forward.

Huckabee Fever

Everyone is going crazy over Mike Huckabee and his recent surge in the polls thanks to lots of media coverage. Folks, it's all a big nothing. The Democrats are getting all excited about the idea of Huckabee getting the nomination and thus giving Hillary a slam dunk in the general election.

Every presidential election it's the same thing. You have this second tier candidate that gets everyone whipped into a frenzy until it comes time to vote. Those of you getting all jazzed about Huckabee, I would remind you of one name...Howard Dean.

It's gonna be Rudy v. Hillary in November. Get used to it.


The Ravages Of Age

For Led Zeppelin, touring in the 1970s meant Vodka for breakfast, Champagne for lunch and a steady stream of coke (not the soda). Yesterday, they performed a one-off concert in London as a tribute to the late record executive Ahmet Ertegun, and their big catering demand for their dressing rooms? A constant flow of caffeine-free herbal tea and sparkling water.

Age catches up to us all.


Tara Reid Almost Affordable

Tara Reid is back in the news. The hard-partying actress, known for her role in "American Pie" and her horrible boob-job, seems to be having a little trouble collecting a decent appearance fee. Apparently she used to get $26,000 an event but is now accepting only $3000. (Hmmm, if I put in a little more OT at work....). Anyway, Reid used to be entertainment's dirty girl, but now it's Amy Winehouse (and I don't even know who that is). This despite the fact she is sporting a new Jenna Jameson look according to TMZ.

Why am I talking about all this crap on what is usually a political blog? Well, I'm somewhat committed. Tara was once part of an ad campaign for this website. It can be seen here. NSFM

NIE Report On Iran A "Quasi-Putsch"

So says the great John Bolton.

Nancy Pelosi Knew About "Torture" From The Start

Yet said nothing.

Is Don Surber Rush's Karl Rove?


Anti-Regime Demonstrations At Tehran U.

Freedom in action. As usual, Gateway Pundit has complete coverage.


Steyn Gets Slandered

Mark Steyn has to deal with lots of slings and arrows from the Left. Most recently he was accused of saying Muslims are "expanding like mosquitoes" in Europe. Turns out this passage is in his most recent book America Alone, but they are not the words of Steyn but of a prominent Scandinavian imam.

Now it's easy to say that this guy, Jim Henley, is an idiot with no reading comprehension skills unable to divine why one uses quotation marks, but that seems too simple. How many people who read Jim Henley also read Hot Air or The Corner? Probably not that many. So those that read Henley's piece will move on with lives thinking Steyn made this statement. That's how propaganda works. You plant an idea and rely on ignorance to make it spread throughout pop culture.

Mayor Youngs Joke Rather Believable

He says he was "just clowning" but who among us doesn't think Clinton's way in out front of Obama in the voluptuary numbers game.


Jesus And Alternative Rock

Not only is Jesus Christ the symbolic leader of the world's largest religion, he's been the focus of many Alternative Rock songs. Two of my favorites: Ministry's wonderfully thrashy "Jesus Built My Hotrod" and Tom Wait's "Chocolate Jesus." Now there may be inspiration for a new Jesus track with this story from Odd Universe. An x-ray of a man's lung shows an image of the crucified one. (I think it looks like John Astin from the "Adams Family" but what do I know). Throw in a little Radiohead (think "My Iron Lung") and you've got a new hit on college radio.

The Greenest Hypocrites Of 2007

Guess who's number one?


Happy Chaka Khan!

An hilarious, yet serious, take on the Jewish Holiday of Hanukkah from our good friend Eric at Tygrrrr Express. Oy!

Arkansas Feeling Like Nebraska In '03

Houston Nutt seems to be the Kevin Bacon of College Football...he's only a few degrees of separation from any coaching search quagmire. After Arkansas ran him out of town, the school has hit a wall trying to find a replacement. Now, three coaches have said thanks but no thanks to head coaching offers at the school, probably because of the way the Nutt situation was handled coupled with some unrealistic expectations. Turn the clock back to late 2003 when Frank Solich was fired at Nebraska after a 9-3 season on the charge of "mediocrity." Thus, coaches realized the expectations at Nebraska were impossibly high and AD Steve Pederson struggled to find someone willing to take the job. His first rejection was from Houston Nutt.

Four years later to today, Nebraska has finally got the house in order, weeding out the dead-wood and hiring the coach that is the best fit for the school in Bo Pelini. Arkansas, however, is Nebraska '03, and it may take a while for them to fix their mistakes. Wake Forest coach Jim Grobe is the latest to turn them down. Time to look at a top coaching assistant.

John Bolton Rips Apart NIE Report

The Jack Bauer of diplomacy isn't buying into this garbage for a second.


The BCS Put In Perspective

Ever hear of the Aqua Teen Hunger Force? It's a weird cartoon on the Cartoon Network's "Adult Swim" block about three food items from a Happy Meal that live in New Jersey next to a middle-aged "ladies man" named Carl. It's bizarre, but strangely addictive. Anyway, Adult Swim is now having Carl do a weekly commentary every Monday at adultswim.com called "I'm Pissed!"

This week, Carl puts the BCS in perspective. Warning: this clip is NSFM...not safe for Mom.

2008 Race And Media Lies

I've said it once, I'll say it again...all political polls are simply a reflection of media coverage. Mike Huckabee is ahead in some polls because of fawning MSM coverage. Why? Because the MSM would love to see him get the nomination, because they know he'd lose to Hillary.

We're also getting these stories about Rudy and Hillary sinking in the polls. Again, nonsense. They will be the nominees in 2008. You'd think people would have learned after enough elections that Iowa and New Hampshire are not as big a deal as they're made out to be. People who've won these states in the past: Bob Dole (in 1988), Pat Buchanan, George H.W. Bush (in 1980), Dick Gephardt, Paul Tsongas. It's always much ado about nothing.


Osborne Conducted Coaching Search The Right Way

Ultimately, it came down to defense. Curt McKeever has a nice column today in the Lincoln Journal Star about the search process that Coach Osborne went through to ultimately make his decision to hire Bo Pelini. Pelini was the first candidate of five to be interviewed. Osborne said he suspected during that first meeting that Pelini may be the one, but he stayed true to the process and everyone, the university and the candidates are better for it.

Somewhat ironically, Osborne, who was always an offensive-minded coach said that ultimately, it came down to defense. If the role had been reversed and Callahan's team was strong defensively and weak offensively, maybe Turner Gill would have got the job. However, I think there's more to it than our short term needs.

The game of college football has changed. With fewer scholarships and smaller schools making inroads on recruiting in certain areas of the country that were once owned by a few elite teams, we now have what the NFL calls "parity." In the SEC, the best conference in football, you have high-scoring games, some going to triple-overtimes and teams each scoring up to 50 points. In other words, in this new era, Defense is going to win championships. We not only need the "Black Shirts" back, we need the best defense we've ever had in order to play with the big boys and start winning conference titles if not National Championships. I think Osborne is all too aware of this and that was the deciding factor in hiring Bo Pelini. It's the biggest decision Osborne has ever had to make. Certainly T.O.'s legacy is secured, but if Pelini is successful, it may be seen as Osborne's greatest triumph.


This I Believe

A declaration of principles from The Munchkin Wrangler. (Hat tip: Johnny Sac)

'Tis The Season To Be Offended

Mark Steyn explains.

It's Done: Bo Pelini Is The Nebraska Coach

To paraphrase former President Gerald Ford, our long nightmare is finally over. Nebraska Athletic Director Tom Osborne introduced Bo Pelini as the new head coach of the Nebraska Cornhuskers football team. Osborne seemed happy to get it done and told the gathered media they can stop following him around and follow Bo from now on.

Pelini is a good hire and he said all the right things in the press conference. He's thrilled to have the job and has no problem working under Osborne or tapping into Nebraska's storied walk-on program. He also displayed a lot of class and heaped praise on his former boss Frank Solich who he credits with giving him the opportunity and guidance he needed to make it as a college coach.

Other points:

-He will call the defensive plays.
-Unwilling at this point to commit to a particular style of offense but hinted it won't change much in the short term.
-Excited to work under a legend like Osborne and will not hesitate to ask him for advice.
-When asked about his fired-up personality and whether he would have to temper it as a head coach, he said to titters of laughter that he is who he is and that won't change.

Bottom line, I trust Tom Osborne's decision making and I think this was the best hire given the timing and circumstances. Gill would have been great, but we need someone with experience, drive and passion to spare with a good defensive pedigree. I think we got it.

Nebraska To Hold Presser At 4pm Central Time

Multiple reports say Bo Pelini is in Lincoln and will be introduced as the new head coach. Developing...


Pederson Has Magic Touch In Pittsburgh?

Steve Pederson, the man who loves to give contract extensions, made his first duty as the once-again AD of the U. of Pittsburgh giving football coach Dave Wannstedt a contract extension despite an overall losing record. Well, in this case, it was a smart move as fresh off this new deal, Wannstedt led Pitt to perhaps the biggest upset of the year in a season of nothing but upsets. Pitt beat West Virginia thus ruining their chance to play for a National Title. West Virginia's coach called it a nightmare from the opening kickoff. Geesh! That's as devastating a loss for a college football team as I've ever seen.

Meanwhile, Missouri is about to lose to Oklahoma and blow their chance at the National Title.

What. A. Year.

Steyn Sued

The Canadian Islamic Congress is suing columnist Mark Steyn for "Islamophobia." Yes, you can sue for that in Canada. Our neighbor to the north isn't real big on free speech. I personally can't wait to hear Steyn's reaction.

New Republic Admits Beauchamp Story Bunk

I guess the editors of The New Republic believe in the old credo better late (very, very, very, very, very late) than never, and have finally admitted that they were duped by Scott Beauchamp. It reads just like the New York Times and Jayson Blair. They believed what they wanted to believe.

Herbstreit Blows Les Miles Story

ESPN College Football analyst Kirk Herbstreit convinced ESPN to report all morning that Les Miles to Michigan was a done deal. Now, the sports network is backtracking faster than a rock-and-roll tribute band. Oops.