McCain's Party Switch Story Resurfaces

Not surprisingly, this story is back in the news, but with more testimony:

Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) was close to leaving the Republican Party in 2001, weeks before then-Sen. Jim Jeffords (Vt.) famously announced his decision to become an Independent, according to former Democratic lawmakers who say they were involved in the discussions.

In interviews with The Hill this month, former Sen. Tom Daschle (D-S.D.) and ex-Rep. Tom Downey (D-N.Y.) said there were nearly two months of talks with the maverick lawmaker following an approach by John Weaver, McCain’s chief political strategist.

Yeah, he's a Reagan Conservative alright. So the big question here is who's gonna be the first reporter/talk show host to ask him about it and risk getting their head ripped off?

New Design, Once Again

As I've said before...every so often I get bored and just have to change the website. Hope you like it!

Levin Blasts McCain, Plus My New Analogy

Mark Levin has a column in National Review in which he pleads with conservatives to rally around Mitt Romney and stop John McCain. He lists off the various problems that conservatives have had with McCain over the past decade.

This led me to think about how McCain and the other candidates have handled the conservative question. One thing I really liked about Rudy was the fact that while he called himself conservative, he didn't try and pretend he was totally. He admitted to having different views on abortion and gun-control and what have you and said, 'Look, we have differences, but we agree on most issues and in this era of fighting terrorism, I'm the best man for the job.' True enough, and Rudy was an easy pick for me as I agreed with him on most issues (except gun-control) and he seemed more honest in his conservatism than Mitt Romney who seemed to have changed many of his views overnight.

Then you have McCain, who is constantly telling us he's a Reagan Conservative and we shouldn't listen to some of the "fools" among the conservative base, he'll tell us what true conservatism is. In short, McCain is basically Republican Party's version of the Archbishop of Canterbury. Remember this guy? He's the one that recently said you can still be a Christian and not believe in the resurrection. All logically-minded people know that that's ludicrous. The belief in the resurrection is Christianity. McCain wants Republicans to believe that you can vote against tax-cuts, grant amnesty to millions of illegals, and make deals with the most liberal members of Congress and still be a conservative.

Look, I'm not a true Reagan Conservative. I believe in legal abortion, drug-legalization, a weak FCC, but I'm smart enough to know that Republicans don't win the presidency when they take every opportunity to kick the conservative base in the teeth. This is 1976 and 1996 all over again.

Bill Clinton's Big Day

Not to be outdone by John McCain, Bill Clinton found a way to get not one, but two headlines in the MSM today. First, he flirted with the truth for a change by saying that "We just have to slow down our economy and cut back our greenhouse gas emissions ’cause we have to save the planet for our grandchildren." That's what the Global Warming cult is all about...destroying capitalism.

And speaking of money..."Bull" Clinton is also getting some ink for taking a $31.3 million donation to his library in return for working out a uranium mining deal in Kazakhstan. Are you getting this, Borat?

UPDATE: Hold the phone...looks like Clinton's Global Warming quote was taken out of context by ABC. Hmmm...maybe the press is siding with Obama.


The McCain Mutiny

Jeff Goldstein gives us a rundown on why I cannot and will not vote for John McCain. (Hat tip: Michelle Malkin)

Reality Sets In

Mark Steyn:

Tonight was a big win for illegal-immigration amnesty, remorseless socialization of health care, and big-government solutions to global warming.

If McCain wins in November, he'll be eager to show he can "work" with a Democratic Congress. If Hill wins, she'll want to make a mark, fast. And, if it's Barack, ditto with bells on. A bipartisan consensus committed to change you can believe in.

Political Lessons In 2008

Well, I was wrong about who the nominees will be for president. I still could be right on Hillary, but that remains to be seen. Rudy, on the other hand, is out. The Politico says it shows us that 9/11 is ancient history. Perhaps, but I think what did Giuliani in was ultimately about media coverage. Number one, he should have done more in the early states. Once you're out of sight, you're out of mind. He ended up as the forgotten man with all the press attention on McCain. Second, I underestimated the utter hatred that many in the political establishment have for Rudy. Obviously, the New York Times loathes him for making New York work with conservative principles, and the Times still sets the MSM agenda.

I've also learned that you can't underestimate the power of the Beltway. The long-time Washington elites circled the wagons around McCain faster than a bat out of hell. Combine that with media adoration and you've got yourself a nominee.

The conservative blogosphere is split at this point. Some say we need to support McCain as, despite his stands on immigration, campaign-finance and such, he's still 80% conservative and that's better than 100% Stalinist. However, some (like me) don't see how they can vote for him at this point. To think that he's going to turn on a dime and become a Reagan Republican again is beyond naive. We'll see.


McCain Wins Florida, Rudy Betrays Popinjay

Well folks, it's not looking good. McCain has won Florida leaving Giuliani looking for the exit but not before he endorses...McCain.

You let me down Rudy.

So now Mitt Romney is the last hope for the Republican Party. He'll have to hit the conservative message hard this week and hope for a comeback in the Super Tuesday states.

In true Orwellian form, McCain gave us this quote tonight:

"It shows one thing. I'm the conservative leader who can unite the party."

Up is down, black is white.

Can you imagine if McCain and Obama are the two nominees? It would mean that no matter who won, Ted Kennedy would run the country.

It's not over yet, but it's not looking good either. We could be in very big trouble.

MORE (From Hot Air): This says it all:

DeMint In '12?

Is it too early? (Hat tip: MKH)

Washington And The Clintons

A very interesting piece in The Politico this morning on the Clintons and their relationship with the powers-that-be in Washington, D.C. It may surprise some to find out that there's a lot of glee in the nation's capital over the recent troubles for Bill "Bull" Clinton.

Ted Kennedy And "Change"

I hate to state the obvious, but I guess that's a big part of blogging. Does anyone else see the sad irony of Ted Kennedy pushing a candidate that is supposedly about changing Washington, ending the practices of personal destruction and changing the way they do things? Ted Kennedy is the embodiment of all these problems. He is the way of Washington. If Kennedy really wants to change Washington for the better, he should retire.

So what's it really about. It's a civil war between the two families of the Democrat Party: the Kennedys and the Clintons. The Kennedys were the big shots in the 60s and hold a mythic place in American folklore (i.e. Camelot). Then in the 90s, the Clintons come along and take over the party, and they want to keep that control and destroy anyone who gets in their way. I think with this election, Uncle Ted saw a change to get the Kennedy family back in the game, to once again hold relevance which cannot be done with the Clintons in power. So, he has essentially "adopted" Barack Obama (who like many an old, senile uncle can't get his name right without practice).

Obama is now a Kennedy...and we're in big trouble.

Harry Smith Is An A-Hole

Via NewsBusters.


Not Supporting Hillary Tantamount To Gang Rape

So says the National Organization of Women (i.e. the NAGs)

A Push For Giuliani

David Frum has a piece in the National Review on why Rudy Giuliani is the best candidate for president. I agree, of course, but I'm afraid facts may not be enough in this election cycle. We seem to have moved into an age of "cult of personality." We'll know for sure in little more than a week.


Sunday Night Funny (Yet Serious)

The European Union is basically Hitler's dream realized: all of Europe will soon be under one government. Few can bring the message home better than British Tory William Hague who takes the opportunity to needle Prime Minister Gordon Brown due to the fact his thunder may soon be stolen by a new European President...Tony Blair. (Hat tip: Instapundit)


Obama Crushes Hillary In SC...

...but the narrative is already being plowed into the media from the Clintons...Obama only won because he's black. Remember now, this is coming from the man that has an office in Harlem and we're told is the best president Black America ever had.

MORE: Clinton's bait:

I'm not one to jump to conclusions on racism or racist baiting, but come on! To just pull a Jesse Jackson reference out of thin-air like that? This is a pretty big deal.

Also, I shouldn't be surprised as I've known it for about 15 years, but the Clintons really, really hate people who stand in their way in the pursuit of power. Like the Kennedys, they believe power is their birthright. Watch your back, Barry!


Fire On Las Vegas Strip

Monte Carlo Hotel.

Kerry Slams Bill Clinton, Forgets History

John Kerry on Bill Clinton: "I mean, being an ex-president does not give you license to abuse the truth, and I think that over the last days it's been over the top."

Check your history John. It was on February 12, 1999 that the United States Senate (including yourself) voted 55-45 that Bill Clinton does indeed have a license to "abuse the truth."

MSM Continues To Play Voters For Suckers

I said it recently and I'll say it again. One of the biggest myths in this election is that John McCain is electable. The Democrats and their foot-soldiers in the MSM have found a talking-point that they've been able to push and make many Republicans believe...and they're going to keep pushing it. It's time to worry, folks.


New York Times Endorses Hillary And McCain

That should really say it all.

Jessica Simpson Cut From Cowboys' Roster

It appears Tony Romo has grown tired of the jokes and put an end to his relationship with Jessica Simpson. There's also talk he was tired of her "diva" ways, never going anywhere without an entourage, including her father. Hey Jessica, I'd be cool with it!

Deal Reached On Tax Rebates

It's much ado about nothing and won't make much difference, but hell, it's $300...I'll take it. Any money taken out of government hands is ultimately a good thing.

MORE: Just so no one questions my libertarian bona-fides, I realize this is nothing more than wealth redistribution.

You Just Can't Make This Stuff Up

The Astrological Magazine is no more:

We regret to announce that due to unforeseen circumstances beyond our control, the publication of The Astrological Magazine will cease with the December 2007 issue.

Obama v. The Clintons Heats Up

Can we at long last put an end to the myth that Bill Clinton is a hero for black Americans? There's no question he is to many, but is he worthy of it? The answer, of course, is no...and that goes for pretty much the whole Democrat Party.


Heh! Humanoid Figure On Mars

Coming to the History Channel soon, no doubt. (Hat tip: Jawa Report)

Presidential Race Gets Weirder, Shades of '76?

I posted this comment on HotAir.com when Allahpundit and commenters began ripping Rudy for his latest television ad:

It’s amazing to me that we’ve come to a point in American politics where it considered “lame” to tout your record on dealing with crisis. I don’t think it’s the candidates that are the problem this election, it’s the electorate which would find fault with a “sunny, 72 degrees” forecast.

You gotta play the cards you’re dealt, folks.

Combine this with the fact that Duncan Hunter, who many conservatives (including Michelle Malkin) thought was the only real conservative in the race, has endorses Huckabee and you've got one huge mess on the Republican side of the '08 race. Theory: Hunter knows the GOP is gonna lose, so might as well demoralize the base, make sure the GOP loses and then we can pick up the pieces in 2012.

Perhaps. It leads me to notice some similarities (and granted this is very wishful thinking) between this race and 1976. I almost wonder if McCain is Ford and Giuliani is Reagan. McCain gets the nomination, lose whoever who is a disaster and then we realize, oops we nominated the wrong guy. There's a lot of hatred for Rudy out there within the Republican ranks so it's hard to compare him to Reagan in this regard, but I'm just thinking out loud.

I hate to make big pronouncements or predictions before Super Tuesday, but I'm really losing faith in the electorate right now.

Zogby: America Believe Economy In Decline

Why? Because that's what they're told every single day by the MSM. Certainly, there are some economic problems right now, but we may be looking at the first media-created economic recession.

Soros Propaganda Reported As News

It's amazing what one man with a billion dollars can do.


Fred Thompson Was Looking For VP Nomination

On March 11, 2007, the Libertarian Popinjay wrote:

I suspect he [Fred Thompson] knows this and is setting himself up as the picture-perfect, ready-made Vice Presidential candidate.

Thank you and good night.

Don't Say She Didn't Warn You

A brilliant column from Roger Kimball on Hillary Clinton's promise to address the "excesses of the markets," and how we've been here before. You may need a dictionary for a few words here and there, but it's worth the effort to read the whole thing. Here's a taste:

The urgency with which Hayek condemns socialism is a function of the importance of the stakes involved. As he puts it in his last book The Fatal Conceit , the “dispute between the market order and socialism is no less than a matter of survival” because “to follow socialist morality would destroy much of present humankind and impoverish much of the rest.” We get a foretaste of what Hayek means whenever the forces of socialism triumph. There follows, as the night the day, an increase in poverty and a diminution of individual freedom.

The curious thing is that this fact has had so little effect on the attitudes of intellectuals and the politicians who appeal to them. No merely empirical development, it seems—let it be repeated innumerable times—can spoil the pleasures of socialist sentimentality. This unworldliness is tied to another common trait of intellectuals: their contempt for money and the world of commerce. The socialist intellectual eschews the “profit motive” and recommends increased government control of the economy. He feels, Hayek notes, that “to employ a hundred people is … exploitation but to command the same number [is] honorable.”

Fred Thompson Drops Out

Over before it started.

Actor Heath Ledger Dead At 28



D'oh! Bill Clinton Nods Off During MLK Service

I suspect the campaign trail is getting to be a bit much for the old man.

U.N. Admits Progress In Iraq

"We cannot ignore the recent improvements both in the security and political situation in Iraq," Staffan de Mistura, head of the U.N. Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI), said in a address to the Security Council.

Two things to take away here: Bad news for Harry Reid and everyone on the Left when the U.N. even admits there's progress. Second, you have to love the wording: "We cannot ignore...". Why would you want to ignore improvements, Mr. U.N. guy? Could it be an inherent anti-Americanism in your organization? (Hat tip: Instapundit)


Hugo Chavez Redefines "Treason"

Question: Is present-day Venezuela a preview of the United States in 10 years? Think about it.

UPDATE: Evidence?

NFL Championship Weekend

Well, I'll tell you this...time to get off Eli Manning's back. This mild-mannered son of Archie has taken more abuse from the New York media than anyone I've ever seen...and in the last two months, he's done nothing but win (sans the New England game). As great as Brett Favre and Tom Brady are, Eli was the best QB on the field today.

MORE: Another thought. Considering what the Giants have just done, I think we've seen the end of the "rest our starters for the playoffs" era.


Idaho Here We Come!

If you're like me and feeling pretty pessimistic about the 2008 presidential race and the fate of the country, Jeff Goldstein's latest post represents our feelings in a nutshell.


McCain Continues Fight To Kill GOP

One of the biggest fallacies in the presidential race is that John McCain is electable. Rush said it himself this week...if McCain gets the nomination, the Democrat nominee will win. McCain's even claiming his stance on immigration hasn't changed. He's a liar.

But despite what the MSM tells us, it's still early. Real Republicans haven't even voted yet. The race starts in Florida and ends on Super Tuesday. Pray for Rudy.

And speaking of Rudy, Bill Quick has his take on the race so far. Besides a few minor points, I agree with every word.

Disenfranchisement Be Damned: Hillary Wins Nevada

You can't count out the Clintons...ever.

UPDATE: "Barack Hussein Obama."

Nevada Makes Presidential Race Interesting

Romney has won the Nevada Caucus, proving it was a smart move to campaign here as he get more delegates than he ever could have in South Carolina. Meanwhile Obama leads so far, but the Clintons are out for blood. Bill Clinton told a gathering last night that he personally saw voter disenfranchisement among the culinary union.

We're off and running.


The Stalinist Papers

Judicial Watch is giving us the first look at the documents from Hillary Clinton's attempt to nationalize health care in 1993. Forget horror movies...if you want to get scared, read this documents. Captain Ed has a taste. Anyone who reads these and still doesn't believe the MSM is in the tank for the Democrats, well, you're hopeless. These people are Stalinists, pure and simple.

Bobby Fischer Dies

Perhaps the greatest chess player that ever lived, Bobby Fischer was definitely the most famous and is forever entwined with the history of the Cold War. Rather than rehash his life here, I would just say that there's a great movie from about 10 years back called Searching For Bobby Fischer, starring Joe Montegna, Joan Allen, Ben Kingsley and Laurence Fishburne you may want to check out. Despite the title, the movie is not so much about Fischer but about a young chess player's rise in the chess world that still lives in the shadow of Fischer who at the time was in seclusion. Babe Ruth, Baseball...Michael Jordan, Basketball...Bobby Fischer, Chess. That's the bottom line.

Sadly, he was quite mad and it only got worse with age: rabid anti-Semitism and anti-Americanism, but his skills were never in doubt. Only Gary Kasparov has come close...and ironically, he also is involved in international affairs.

Identity Politics In 2008

A great piece from Christopher Hitchens this morning on Obama, Clinton and identity politics.

Shoe On The Other Foot For Bill Clinton

You know Bill Clinton's anger must be getting the best of him when even the New York Times is writing an article about it. In a way, it's pretty ironic. Back in 1992, Bill Clinton ran for president telling us that we were in peril...worst economy in 50 years, people suffering, he feels their pain, etc. He became a cult of personality for many young Democrats and was able to win the presidency on his message that he was the only one that truly cared about the America people. Here in 2008, we have another candidate fitting that description, but it's not Hillary Clinton, it's Barack Obama. Bill Clinton now knows what it feels like when you're running against an empty suit full of platitudes and no matter what you do, you can't seem to stop the wave that's rolling toward Pennsylvania Avenue. Welcome to hell, Bill.


Mitt Romney Plays Vegas, Obama Plays With Our Emotions

I had the opportunity to see Mitt Romney late this afternoon as he made a campaign stop in Southern Nevada. The former Massachusetts Governor greeted his supporters and members of the local media at the Claim Jumper Restaurant in Henderson. Meanwhile, he's fighting not only Mike Huckabee but the Associated Press as their reporters have pretty much decided to drop all pretense of objectivity.

I gotta say, I'm feeling pretty pessimistic about this race. Maybe I'm playing right in to the hands of the MSM, but the more people I talk to the more convinced I am that Obama is going to take the presidency based purely on cult-of-personality. His stand on every issue is so pedestrian, it's almost laughable. Everyone, even Romney is talking about our "sluggish" economy. Okay, there are some people hurting, I guess, but I don't personally know any. They say we're headed for a recession, but they've been saying it for an awfully long time...when's it gonna get here? Unemployment is currently at 5%. Granted, that's a little high, but hardly worthy of the Great Depression.

Then there's all the talk about how "divided" we are. I know a guy who told me the other day that he's voting for Obama because "this country needs some diversity." Okay, and what will that fix? And how will corporate CEO's making less money make my life better? How has liberating millions of Iraqis made my life worse? I just don't get it.

Maybe I need to hang around some different people.

Bill Clinton Wigs Out Over Casino Workers Caucus


The Myth Of Corporations Running Our Lives

As the election season rolls on and Hillary and Obama talk about the evils of corporations, Shannon Love at Chicago Boyz offers some sanity:

I have always been fascinated by the idea that I should resent and fear a large corporation which can do nothing to me without my consent and active participation, while at the same time I should love and trust the government, an institution based wholly on forcing me to do things I do not wish to do.


Read Their Lips: Lots Of New Taxes

Gateway Pundit has the lowdown on the tax hikes being proposed by Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

The Bucket Man

I love this town.


It's Mitt!

There's a new frontrunner in the GOP race for the White House: Mitt Romney. But look at how out of touch the media is on how the process works:

DETROIT (AP) - Mitt Romney scored his first major primary victory Tuesday in his native Michigan, a win he desperately needed to give his weakened candidacy new life and set the stage for a wide-open Republican showdown in South Carolina in just four days.

Romney was the third Republican victor in the first four states to vote in the 2008 primary season, further roiling a volatile nomination fight that lacks a clear favorite.

Just stupid. I've said it before: the Iowa Caucus and the New Hampshire Primary are like NFL Preseason games: meaningless, or at least very close. The Iowa Caucus is hardly a good read on the nation's voting demos and in New Hampshire, I can register to vote. Now we're moving into the real contests, and so far Mitt is far ahead in finishes and delegates with South Carolina on the way. I'm still a Rudy guy, but I'd have no problem with Mitt in the White House.


Only In Massachusetts

Massachusetts legislators want to remove toxic chemicals from ammunition. I kid you not.

Clinton Obama Truce?

It's been a bloody week in the Democrat Party race for the White House. Hillary flubbed an interview in which she made it sound like MLK's achievements were meaningless without the help of LBJ. Things got worse when Robert Johnson of BET started talking about Obama's past drug use. Smelling blood, the Obama campaign has been hammering the Clintons for days, but now both sides are talking truce. Hillary for obvious reasons, while Obama must feel the damage has been done and now it's time to be a "statesman." That's my best guess.

Ugh! They're all in Vegas tomorrow. I'll be covering the antics outside Cashman Center.

New York Times Slanders War Veterans



NFL Quick Hits, Divisional Playoffs

Dallas and T.O. are out! Yes!

At this point, it's time to give some accolades to New York Giants coach Tom Coughlin. Dubbed the "Soup Nazi" by the gang at ProFootballTalk.com, Coughlin reevaluated himself in the off-season and returned, still a taskmaster, but a kinder, gentler taskmaster and won over his team. Eli Manning is starting to show his potential and the defense came up big, giving Romo everything they had in the 4th quarter. The look on Jerry Jones face was absolutely priceless. People will make a lot of Romo and Jessica Simpson's vacation in the off-week, but the real problem here is that the team was allowed to phone-in the last few weeks of the season without the man who taught Tom Coughlin everything he knows: Bill Parcells. Last laugh goes to the Big Tuna.

Meanwhile, it looks like the Super Bowl is gonna be Green Bay and New England...that would be excellent. I don't give the Chargers much of a chance against the Pats, especially with all the injuries today, while New York could be in danger of an emotional hangover. Green Bay is playing smart football right now and they get to play the Giants at home. Giants are the kings of the road, but advantage is still with the Packers.


Boston Mayor Fights For Socialized Medicine

The Republicans should take this story and run with it.

"We Should Have Bombed It"

Despite what you learned in school and on the television...bombs, in the right hands, are a good thing. President Bush understands how they could have saved hundreds of thousands of Jews in WWII.


Dealing With The Tilghman Problem

As usual, when there's a controversy over an inappropriate comment with racial overtones (in this case involving Tiger Woods), Jason Whitlock is the only pundit with sensible analysis.

Giuliani Proposes Corporate Tax Cut

Well, my horse in the presidential race, Rudy Giuliani is proposing that we cut the corporate tax rate from 35% to 25% and the capital gains tax from 15% to 10%. It's a great idea and would definitely boost the economy.

Of course, the natural counter-argument is "tax cuts for the rich!" which appeals to people's emotions and not to their intellect. Some economists are saying what needs to be done is a targeted stimulus package to deal with the subprime mortgage market. In case you missed the year 1993, the word "stimulus" is code for "tax hike," usually disguised as a tax cut for the lower-middle class. So you end up with the producers hampered from producing more and the people who barely pay any taxes having enough extra pocket change to buy a can of soda. Yeah, that'll stimulate the economy. The Clinton cabal loves to claim their tax hike in 1993 helped boost the economy. Wrong. The economy adjusted itself despite the largest tax increase in history which led to a budget surplus once the economic downturn was over. President George W. Bush's tax cuts were enacted right before 9/11 and thus helped prevent a real recession when our economy was rocked by terrorism.

In other words, Rudy is spot on, but logic and reason don't play too well in elections. Fred Thompson is in trouble because he can't bring himself to spout platitudes like "change." I doubt Rudy's message will do any better unless he commits to hitting it hard and educating the voters.

The Surge Worked

Now even the Iraqi newspapers are taking it to al-Qaeda.

Obama Saddled With Kerry Endorsement

First losing New Hampshire, now this.

Why I Expect Democrats To Win White House

Voter fraud.


Hillary Wins New Hampshire

I told you not to underestimate the Clintons.

Barack Obama And American Naivete

A great column from the Wall Street Journal's Bret Stephens on Obama and American expectations.

Clinton, Obama And The Big Fairy Tale

Interesting video via Drudge on the ABC News website of Bill Clinton ripping Obama for his record on the war and his "negative" campaigning. The former President called Obama's record the biggest fairy tale he's ever seen. A few points to take from this:

1) As much as I dislike the man, you can see why he got elected president and why his wife may very well not get elected. He's just good at what he does. When he talks, it's more compelling than hearing any of the Democrat candidates.

2) Speaking of fairy tales, Obama's is second to Bill Clinton's own fairy tale life. He even managed to get in a dig on Ken Starr saying he put innocent people in jail. Who, besides Sidney Blumenthal, still believes that?

3) Sadly, the man has a point. While Hillary is quick to overplay her resume when it comes to leadership experience, compared to Obama she's Reagan, Bush and Bill Clinton combined. I shouldn't be, but I'm still utterly amazed at how a person with no experience, a pretty face and a fashionable ethnicity can convince a huge block of voters that he's the second coming of JFK. Obama is an empty suit, yet he has a good chance of winning the nomination (though my money is still on Hillary). Certainly a lot of it has to do with Hillary's unlikability, but I can understand some of her frustration. The guy has nothing and she's still losing to him. It's insane.


Hillary Dropping Out? Yeah, Right!

That's the big headline on Drudge this morning. Talk of panic in the campaign, money drying up, campaign workers sending resumes to other campaigns....it a delicious cup of schadenfreude, but it's also a complete load. Sure, there's panic, but this is the Clintons we're talking about. They won't go down without shedding every drop of, well, someone else's blood. One swallow doesn't make a summer, and Iowa and New Hampshire don't make a presidential nominee.

Hillary's first tactic...pull an Ed Muskie. Hey, it didn't work for him, but that was a long time ago. Nowadays we love politicians that cry. Don't think for a second it was accidental.

UPDATE: "Iron my shirt!" Sounds to me like the slogan should be "plant our crops."

Violent Crime Rates Down

Don Surber thinks he knows why.

Quote Of The Year (So Far)

"I can’t make her younger, taller, male."


GOP Candidates Debate

The GOP candidates held their final debate tonight before the New Hampshire primary on Tuesday. Didn't see it myself but according to Bryan at Hot Air, Romney seems to have made a big impression which might be enough to give him a 4th quarter comeback over McCain. Huckabee, meanwhile looked like the nanny-state tool that he is. Here's hoping his 15 minutes of fame are almost over.

Coen Brothers Back With "Old Country"

Folks, I went and saw a movie this evening, which is not something I do much anymore. Thanks to the likes of George Clooney, Michael Bay and a litany of others that have destroyed the cinema with their smugness, never ending self-idolatry and computer animation, I've pretty much given up on the great American pastime of going to see a show. However, I decided to take a chance and view the latest release from the Coen Brothers, No Country For Old Men.

Faith restored. One of the best movies I have ever seen.

I don't offer praise like that easily. I've been a fan of the Coens for years, but some of their recent work (Intolerable Cruelty, The Ladykillers) isn't worthy to sit on the shelf next to their early work (Miller's Crossing, Barton Fink, Raising Arizona, etc.). With No Country, they've redeemed themselves.

Pretty much anything I say will give too much away, but one thing you should know is that this isn't the kind of modern movie that gives you what you're expecting. If you want that, go see the latest Jason Statham movie.

It's set in Texas near the border with Mexico and involves a hunter stumbling on a drug deal gone bad, grabbing the cash and then being chased down by a psychotic killer, but there's so much more to it than that. If you pay close attention, you'll understand the meaning of the title once the credits role.

Race For The Presidency In Full Swing

Okay, it's 2008, we've had the Iowa Caucus...I officially declare the race for the presidency interesting and worth my time. Here's what we know so far:

-Hillary is getting all she can handle from Obama. Do I think she's in trouble? Yes, but only a fool would count out the Clintons. Watch your back, Obama.

-Everyone hates Mitt Romney. By everyone, I mean all the GOP candidates. My guess is they're jealous of his hair and good looks, however, they also smell blood after his loss to Huckabee in Iowa.

-It'll be interesting to see if Giuliani's strategy of concentrating on the big primaries pays off. I'm betting it does.


John McCain's Brilliant Remark

Damn John McCain! I hate it when he says something I agree with. Today he was asked by a somewhat outraged voter about how President Bush said we'll be in Iraq for 50 years. McCain said, "Make it 100!"

I admit, that's straight talk. Why can't he be this way when it comes to the First Amendment?


Presidential Candidates Finish Preseason Game

In the race for the presidency, the Iowa Caucus is the equivalent of an NFL Preseason game. It gets political junkies excited because it means the political election season is back, but ultimately it's just a chance for the candidates to shakes off the off-season rust and get warmed up for the games that count.

So tonight, the Iowa Caucus was held and here's what it looks like:

GOP: Huckabee, Romney, Thompson.
Dems: Obama, Edwards, Clinton.

What does it mean?

1) Huckabee gets to enjoy his 15 minutes of fame for another few seconds.
2) Thompson won't be dropping out any time soon.
3) Hillary's pissed.

A couple of things to remember. This is just the beginning. These pundits that are ready to call the nominations are idiots. New Hampshire will be very different, as will Super Tuesday. And finally, anyone that counts out the Clintons is a fool of highest caliber.

UPDATE: Lorie Byrd on the results: "Obama should be afraid because he is now going to feel the business end of the Clinton machine. He seems like a really nice guy. I wonder if he has any clue what is in store for him."

MORE: Captain Ed has some astute analysis...and if he's right, it could be good news for Rudy.


D.C. Shall Blog No More

Sad news in Las Vegas as longtime blogger D.C. Thornton has decided to hang up the keyboard. After 6+years of blogging at dcthornton.com, D.C. has decided to bring his webpage to a close as other priorities take center stage. While disappointed, I understand his decision. Blogging is fun and interesting, but believe it or not, it takes time and discipline to make a blog worth reading. I've done pretty well in my 3+years but still I haven't been able to devote the time and hard work necessary to compete with the big boys. Maybe someday, but right now my job as a video director for the Las Vegas destination is my number one priority, but when I can, I will continue to throw my two cents into the ether.

Thanks, D.C. for your mentoring of me and other Nevada bloggers.

Bhutto Conspiracy Theory Takes Off

As long as there are political assassinations, there will be conspiracy theories. It started with JFK's assassination...and event that changed our pop culture forever. Elements of the political left-wing will always see conspiracies in the wreckage of their failures. And in fairness, it's true of the right-wing as well (read Vince Foster and Ron Brown).

Now, we have a former Prime Minister of Pakistan assassinated and theories abound. It couldn't possibly be that she was killed by a suicide bomber seeking further the rift in the country. No, America must be behind it in some fashion.

"Have A Plan To Kill Everyone You Meet"

As usual, the bloggers are giving us the best war reporting since Ed Murrow in the London Blitz. The MSM can't be bothered. Michael J. Totten has the latest from Fallujah and the battle military commanders have against complacency.

Is Fred Thompson Too Sane To Be President?

That's the question posed by our libertarian friends across the pond at Samizdata. It's a good question. I gotta say, I was extremely impressed by Thompson's clarification of his "really don't want to run for President" comment. Ninety-nine out of 100 candidates would just lie and pretend they love the process, but not Fred. (Hat tip: Instapundit)

Political Correctness v. DNA

Guess which side wins.