Clinton, Obama And The Big Fairy Tale

Interesting video via Drudge on the ABC News website of Bill Clinton ripping Obama for his record on the war and his "negative" campaigning. The former President called Obama's record the biggest fairy tale he's ever seen. A few points to take from this:

1) As much as I dislike the man, you can see why he got elected president and why his wife may very well not get elected. He's just good at what he does. When he talks, it's more compelling than hearing any of the Democrat candidates.

2) Speaking of fairy tales, Obama's is second to Bill Clinton's own fairy tale life. He even managed to get in a dig on Ken Starr saying he put innocent people in jail. Who, besides Sidney Blumenthal, still believes that?

3) Sadly, the man has a point. While Hillary is quick to overplay her resume when it comes to leadership experience, compared to Obama she's Reagan, Bush and Bill Clinton combined. I shouldn't be, but I'm still utterly amazed at how a person with no experience, a pretty face and a fashionable ethnicity can convince a huge block of voters that he's the second coming of JFK. Obama is an empty suit, yet he has a good chance of winning the nomination (though my money is still on Hillary). Certainly a lot of it has to do with Hillary's unlikability, but I can understand some of her frustration. The guy has nothing and she's still losing to him. It's insane.