A Look At Obama's "White Racist" Grandmother

Via the Honolulu Advertiser.

World Watches Zimbabwe

An election in Zimbabwe seems to be the death-knell for dictator Robert Mugabe, but Lady Liberty is holding her breath as the Mugabe government slowly releases election numbers, either real or fake. Early results show the opposition winning handily, but the longer it takes to get results the more time there is to rig the vote.

If Mugabe doesn't put an exclamation point on the fact that Marxism doesn't work, I don't know what does.


Al Gore Looks For Presidential Nomination

He failed to steal Florida in 2000, now the Democrat Party is in serious discussions to allow the former Vice President and Global Warming con-artist to steal the 2008 nomination for president. The man doesn't have a single vote and they're actually considering it. Let's hope they take this fabulous idea to the convention.


Fear And Loathing At The Mint 400

In some circles, the "Mint 400" is a far, far better thing than the Super Bowl, the Kentucky Derby and the Lower Oakland Roller Derby Finals all rolled into one. This race attracts a very special breed...

...or so I have read.

I had the opportunity to cover the revival of the legendary off-road race, the Mint 400 which originally ran from 1968 until the closing of the Mint Hotel in 1988. The Southern Nevada Off-Road Enthusiasts (SNORE) brought back the race and a bit of nostalgia just south of Las Vegas near the small town of Jean, Nevada.

It was cold, it was dirty, it was loud...and it was pretty exciting. The track ran 96 miles, thus requiring four laps to complete the race. The winner was a Las Vegas team consisting of Chuck Hovey of Escondido, California, and Brian Collins of Las Vegas.

I went with my camera/camcorder, never losing sight of the primary responsibility: cover the story.

Here's a few pics:

I was expecting more babes in bikini tops, but maybe next year. I'm just sick enough to be totally confident.


Rudy For Governor

Rudy Giuliani is floating balloons that he may run for Governor of New York in a special election if the David Paterson ends up being the second governor in a matter of months to resign. Even if Paterson sticks around, it's a logical choice for Rudy and the state of New York that he be the next governor either now or later. Of course, logic isn't your average New York voter's strong suit.

A Cute Odd Couple?

Ann Althouse thinks John McCain and Mitt Romney look cute together. They certainly hammed it up on their plane ride which to me is definitely a sign they're sending out a trial balloon.
I will say this, Mitt on the ticket would assuage some of my trepidation over a McCain presidency.

Limbaugh Won't Be Indicted In Ohio

Despite the joy it might bring them, Ohio Democrats say it is extremely unlikely they will indict Rush Limbaugh on charges of voter fraud due to that pesky First Amendment.

"We have no intention of prosecuting Rush Limbaugh because lying through your teeth and being stupid isn't a crime," said Leo Jennings, a spokesman for Democratic Attorney General Marc Dann.

Can you feel the love? Expect a response on Rush's show today.


About McCain's Teeth

I'm a few days late on this, but I still find it interesting. One of George Soros' many media puppets recently wrote about the bad teeth of John McCain wondering if his chops are "presidential" and laughing that he doesn't have a better dentist.

Truth be told, the dentists responsible for the state of his teeth were from the Hanoi Hilton, i.e. his POW captors knocked a lot of them out. Oops. Well, I guess McCain should be happy if this is the best they can do.

Over here on the political right we're more concerned about his foreign policy speech from yesterday: closing Club Gitmo, getting consensus around the world. Geesh! Hello John Kerry.

Obama's Economic Idiocy

Bottom line, a President Obama will raise the Capital Gains Tax to almost 30%. Here's an excerpt from a CNBC interview via Politico:

"Here's my belief, that we can't go back to some of the, you know, confiscatory rates that existed in the past that distorted sound economics.

Here Obama does something unusual for him...he flirts with the truth. High tax rates mean tax avoision.

"And I certainly would not go above what existed under Bill Clinton, which was the 28 percent.

In other words, he'll raise them to 28%.

"I would--and my guess would be it would be significantly lower than that.

Guess again.

"I think that we can have a capital gains rate that is higher than 15 percent. If it--and if it, you know--when I talk to people like Warren Buffet or others and I ask them, you know, what's--how much of a difference is it going to be if it's 20 or 25 percent, they say, look, if it's within that range then it's not going to distort, I think, economic decision making."

Okay, let's stop for a moment. Yeah, it may not distort Warren Buffett's decision making. He's only the richest man in the world. Now the small businessman who runs say a chain of clothing stores, he's screwed...as will be his customers. This is simple economics and the man who may be our next president doesn't have a clue.

We're in big trouble.

LA Times Bamboozled On Tupak Story

Dan Rather, call your office. Isn't it great that we have an MSM full of fact-checkers and editors to make sure they maintain true journalistic standards?

Mumia Continues To Beat The System

Convicted cop-killer and death row inmate Mumia Abu-Jamal will get a new penalty hearing according to a federal judge. Mumia, who is black, was convicted of killing a Philadelphia police officer, Daniel Faulkner, who was white. I mention that because the basis of Mumia's con is that he has been set up by what Jeremiah Wright would call the US of KKK-A. The fact that this guy is a darling of the political Left should tell you something.

Saddam Hussein Financed Democrats' Iraq Visit

It's one of those stories that's about as surprising as a blizzard in Buffalo, New York. Federal prosecutors say Saddam Hussein financed a fact-finding trip to Iraq for three anti-war Democrats in October of 2002. Mike Thompson, David Bonior and Jim McDermott were the Dems in question, all of whom have long records of anti-American stances. If you needed more proof of a Fifth Column in the United States, this should suffice.


A Belgian Utopia

Inadvertently, the Belgian government has proven that government is best which governs least. After spending 9 months in a political deadlock, the country found itself chugging along without so much as a hiccup. The Financial Times reports:

For all its regional rivalries, Belgium went about daily life as normal. Its famed bureaucracy chugged along under its own power. Guy Verhofstadt, the long-serving and outgoing prime minister, proved just as capable as a temporary caretaker. Social security benefits were paid and the trains ran on time.

Politicians should take note. Belgium has opened the door to an enticing possibility. Non-government has attractions. Imagine living without fear of new taxes being levied or of a daily diet of attention-grabbing policies.

Indeed. (Hat tip: UJ)


We've Got Big Trouble, Right Here In River City

Chris Matthews has gone completely over the edge for Obama in this election. His tingling in the leg area was perhaps his final plunge into madness, but within madness there is often a glimmer of genius. As Matthews completes his conversion to Clinton hater, he makes a beautiful analogy...Bill Clinton as The Music Man.

Chris...where we're you with these comments 10 years ago?

Bandit Hypnotizes Bank Tellers

These are the kinds of stories that make life worth living. I'm reminded of a character from Little Britain. (Hat tip: Drudge)

Operation Chaos Steamrolls Into Pennsylvania

I think it's a safe bet that El Rushbo will seize on this headline from the Philadelphia Inquirer:

If it's a play on words, the Inquirer is being coy as the article doesn't mention Rush Limbaugh or Operation Chaos. I'm sure Rush will remedy that in his show today.


Home Sales Rise In February

Hmmm...as we grapple with a "mortgage crisis," home sales rose 2.9% in February after months of decline. As usual, it caught economists by "surprise," which for some reason never leads anyone to think "we need to get some new economists."

Anywho, this may be a sign that things are stabilizing, thus proving President Bush's point that the worst thing he can do is try to do too much. Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton is calling for Alan Greenspan and Robert Rubin to lead an "emergency working group on foreclosures." Oy!

Jim Kelly To Run For Congress?

There's talk in the Buffalo area that the GOP has approached former Buffalo Bills Hall of Fame Quarterback Jim Kelly to run for a Congressional seat being vacated by Tom Reynolds. Well, there is precedent for this: Jack Kemp.

Chris Matthews Losing It

He's diving deeper and deeper into insanity, which is good for our side. He's so totally in the tank for Obama it makes you wonder how MSNBC can criticize Fox News with a straight face. Another thing no one brings up is the fact that his ratings are half that of Keith Olbermann's which are at best 1/3 the audience of Bill O'Reilly.

I saw Matthews when he was in Las Vegas for the Democrat Debate a few months ago. He was standing there, holding his Starbucks coffee, I was about 3 feet from him. We stood there for about 5 minutes. Years ago I might have said, "Hey! Chris Matthews, how are ya?" It wasn't that I didn't want to talk to him, it was just that I couldn't think of a single thing I wanted to say to him. I found him so irrelevant to my life, so irrelevant to my way of thinking and the things I consider important that I simply walked away.

Life is funny.

Detroit Mayor Indicted, Political Party Downplayed

You'd never guess he was a Democrat if you read the AP story. What else is new?


Happy Easter!

Didn't do much today, just took it easy. Glanced at the news but didn't see anything of much interest. Though, I expect this week to have some tales of interest.


Why Mamet Moved Right

Jonah Goldberg's take.

Bill Clinton As Joe McCarthy

Operation Chaos continues with a story that makes you go "HEH!":

SALEM, Ore. (AP) - Hillary Rodham Clinton's campaign is trying to clarify comments by former President Clinton that seemed to question Barack Obama's patriotism - comments an Obama aide likened to Joseph McCarthy.

Clinton's campaign said the comments were being misinterpreted and quickly posted a clarification on its Web site. But retired Air Force Gen. Merrill "Tony" McPeak said he was disappointed by the comments and compared them to those of McCarthy, the 1950s communist-hunting senator.

The former president made the comments while speculating about a general election between his wife and Republican John McCain.

"I think it would be a great thing if we had an election year where you had two people who loved this country and were devoted to the interest of this country," said Clinton, who was speaking to a group of veterans Friday in Charlotte, N.C. "And people could actually ask themselves who is right on these issues, instead of all this other stuff that always seems to intrude itself on our politics."

Love it!


Chuck Hagel Now Anti-McCain

The dumbest Senator in Washington, once the lapdog of John McCain, has now sent the GOP nominee a proverbial "Dear John" letter in the form of a quote:

Referring to a recent item in HUMAN EVENTS' "Capital Briefs" section (March 10) in which we reported how Hagel told CNN’s John King "Chuck Hagel is out of the mix [for '08"]," I asked the senator whether that meant he had not yet endorsed McCain for President.

"You heard right," Hagel replied, "John [McCain] and I have some serious disagreements on foreign policy." When I asked if this meant their very public difference of opinion on Iraq, Hagel said: "It's not just Iraq. It’s about the direction of where U.S. foreign policy is going over the next few years."

They say that the Jews that survived the Holocaust came out of it either as atheists or as true believers in G-d's plan with no in-between. With Vietnam Veterans, it seems to be a similar scenario. Some, like John McCain, came home galvanized in their belief that America is the greatest country in the world and must remain so, others, like Chuck Hagel, came home with the belief that America should never be allowed to win another war and it's foreign policy should be one of appeasement and incompetence.

If Chuck Hagel doesn't like John McCain's direction on foreign policy, I no longer need any convincing that McCain is right. Senator Hagel, thank you for your service to your country, now go home and let us never hear from you again. (Hat tip: PoliPundit)

Video Formats Heaven

For every great advance in video technology, there's a few others that just didn't cut it. (Hat tip: Instapundit)


Sadr Admits Failure; Surge Has Worked

If you had any lingering doubts that the Iraq Surge operation has worked, this should be the end of it. Moqtada al-Sadr, who has been the biggest thorn in America's side since the fall of Saddam has admitted that he has failed to "liberate" Iraq and transform it into an Islamic society.

Amazing, isn't it? Enemy Number One in Iraq admits defeat and Osama bin Laden (if it's really him) puts out a new audiotape that treats Iraq as an afterthought.

Yet, in this country we have Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid who still refuse to see anything in Galileo's telescope.

Operation Chaos Under Investigation

Rush Limbaugh's plan to have Republicans register as Democrats for state primaries and vote for Hillary Clinton has worked so well that the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections is launching an investigation.

Long story short...it's been okay for McCain to get Democrats to crossover and vote for him in 2000 and 2008, but now that Republicans are turning the tables, it's being deemed criminal.

Another irony here is that Operation Chaos could in the end get John McCain elected. The Arizona Senator would be indebted to his biggest conservative critic. Could happen.

Democrat Wants 50-Cent Tax Hike On Gas

Of course. Michigan Congressman John Dingell, one of the many hard-left socialist in Washington, is the culprit in this instance. He says he wants to "cut back on Americans' consumption." Stupid. American consumption is not the problem. Not being able to drill for our own in Alaska and other parts of the country is the problem. Besides, Dingell doesn't give a tinker's dam about the environment, he just wants the money.

So who really profits from high gas prices? Big Oil? Wrong again! It's the Big G.


Happy 80th Birthday To The Prisoner

Another Well-Timed Celebrity Sex Tape

There are no coincidences in the corporate world of Hollywood. Recently, the Internet has been full of pictures from an alleged sex tape featuring former "Sex And The City" star Kristin Davis. The tape is supposed to be five years old and taken by an old boyfriend. Davis denies it's here in the photos and says there is no sex tape. However, read this paragraph:

Many people wonder why if these photos are, in fact, of Davis are they just being shopped now. "Sex and the City" has been off the air for 5 years and Davis' career has focused on mainly family friendly fare such as starring in Disney's remake of "The Shaggy Dog" and the holiday movie "Deck the Halls." However, with Davis scheduled to star in the "Sex and the City" movie this May, there is bound to be some buzz.

Yeah, very well-timed buzz if you ask me. I'm not going so far as to say Davis is in on a conspiracy, but you have to wonder if this isn't yet another Hollywood created scandal for the purpose of boosting box office numbers.

What hath Paris Hilton wrought?

The Right Gains An Artist

Writer Andrew Klavan welcomes David Mamet to the fold. It'll be interesting to see how much Mamet suffers professionally for his recent political awakening.

Andrews Sullivan A Racist?

Ace just goes nuclear on Andrew Sullivan for intimating that anyone who didn't swoon over Barack Obama's "Throw Grandma Under The Bus" speech is a racist.

I Didn't Do It For This

I'm not much for poetry, but Roger L. Simon's reaction to Barack Obama's recent speech is deserving of a Pulitzer.

Harlem Preacher "Trashes" Obama

It appears not all black preachers are down for the struggle with the political messiah. (Hat tip: Drudge)


Obama The Bargainer

Shelby Steele has a very interesting take on the recent troubles for Barack Obama.

Hitch: I Wasn't Wrong On Iraq

Thank G-d for Christopher Hitchens (a statement filled with irony). Five years after the invasion of Iraq by Anglo-American forces, Slate asked its columnists to each write a piece answering the question "How Did I Get Iraq Wrong?" Hitchens reply: "I didn't."


New NY Governor Admits Affairs

Not just him, his wife too. Give him credit, he got the news out of the way early. Hilarious given the circumstances, but a non-story as it was both him and his wife messing around, they worked it out, and (apparently) no hookers were involved.

Gotta love New York!

A Tale Of Two Iraqs

Hillary Clinton: "They both want to keep us tied to another country's civil war, a war we cannot win. That in a nutshell is the Bush/McCain Iraq policy."

BBC Headline: "Poll suggests Iraqis 'optimistic'"

Jim Cramer Makes Prediction For The Ages

From our "Oops!" File, the Howard Beale of financial news, Jim Cramer, made what might be one of the worst financial predictions in history last week when he told his viewers on CNBC not to move their money from Bear Sterns as the company was "not in trouble." Whew! That's gotta hurt.

However, he has an decent argument that he was technically correct, but alas perception is reality in the digital age.

Arrogance: Thy Name Is Obama

If you're a Democrat and Ron Fournier of the Associated Press is willing to put in print that you're arrogant and "ooze a sense of entitlement," you've got a problem. (Hat tip: Instapundit)


Louisiana's Renaissance

Governor Bobby Jindal does more in two months that most politicians in a lifetime.

MORE: James P. Lucier at the Wall Street Journal thinks McCain should pick Jindal for Veep. It's a great idea, but it's just too soon. Let the 36 year old wunderkind get at least one term under his belt before higher office beckons.

Chinese Government Cracks Down On Tibet

Yet, the IOC gave them the Olympic Games. I hope the people take to the streets.

Graves Found At Barker Ranch?

The First Family of the 1960's hippie movement makes a media comeback.


Lindsey Lohan The Entrepreneur

Lindsey Lohan has made a series of mediocre movies, but she's better known as a Hollywood starlet that just can't stop partying hard. After a series of failed rehabs, she got herself back into the news by doing a Marilyn Monroe nude-spread ripoff, and now to make some much needed cash, she's designing a line of leggings, which are basically tights in case you didn't know.

Why do I bring this up? For some reason, Lohan makes me pine for the likes of Katherine Hepburn, a Hollywood star that certainly had her share of shenanigans, but not in such a way that made you go "ew!".

Liberal Admits: "I Don't Support The Troops"

Finally a little honesty from the anti-war Left.

The AP Style Guide on Defending Barack Obama

Via NewsBusters.

On Economy, Bush Gets It

The marketplace economy is like the human body, once in a while it catches a cold. You can run to the doctor and load up on pills, or you can just ride it out with plenty of rest and chicken soup. President Bush prefers the latter. Let's hope our next president feels the same.

Romney Obama Double Standard

Via Captain Ed.

Al Gore To The Rescue?

With Hillary and Obama at war, Roger L. Simon wonders if the Democrats shouldn't try and get Al Gore on the phone. Well, he was a messiah before Obama made it cool.


David Mamet's Brush With Sanity

David Mamet, one of the best screenwriters of the past 20 years has taken to the pages of the Village Voice to proclaim that he is no longer a "brain dead liberal." Huzzah! Many on the Left are already complaining how he has "swung to the right" proving that most on the Left have very poor reading comprehension. Mamet has hardly turned into Ronald Reagan, but he has come around in certain areas. Let me expound:

A big push for Mamet came from listening to Socialist State Radio:

As a child of the '60s, I accepted as an article of faith that government is corrupt, that business is exploitative, and that people are generally good at heart. These cherished precepts had, over the years, become ingrained as increasingly impracticable prejudices. Why do I say impracticable? Because although I still held these beliefs, I no longer applied them in my life. How do I know? My wife informed me. We were riding along and listening to NPR. I felt my facial muscles tightening, and the words beginning to form in my mind: Shut the fuck up. "?" she prompted. And her terse, elegant summation, as always, awakened me to a deeper truth: I had been listening to NPR and reading various organs of national opinion for years, wonder and rage contending for pride of place. Further: I found I had been—rather charmingly, I thought—referring to myself for years as "a brain-dead liberal," and to NPR as "National Palestinian Radio."

This is, to me, the synthesis of this worldview with which I now found myself disenchanted: that everything is always wrong.

In other words, he always went with the popular Leftist notion that America and everything it stands for is evil, but the reality is we all get by despite our own greed, lust and desire and government only gets in the way.

I began reading not only the economics of Thomas Sowell (our greatest contemporary philosopher) but Milton Friedman, Paul Johnson, and Shelby Steele, and a host of conservative writers, and found that I agreed with them: a free-market understanding of the world meshes more perfectly with my experience than that idealistic vision I called liberalism.

Conservatism and libertarianism are forms or naturalism, the philosophy that man is best left to his own devices even though they may be selfish. It is folly to fight human nature. Liberalism serves to fight it every step of the way and destroy free will. Mamet understands that now and his writing can only get better with the knowledge.

Ironically, he's been conservative in his work all along. Many interpret things as they want to see them, but much like the work of Larry David, Mamet's has a conservative/libertarian flair that he didn't (and David doesn't) realize. You can say Glengarry Glen Ross is an indictment of capitalism and greed, but is it really? Listen to Ricky Roma go on and tell me he isn't speaking the truth. When Shelley "The Machine" Levine talks about the feeling of making that big sale, he's talking about heroics, the desire of all men to achieve legitimacy in the world rather than being merely a slave.

I digress, but welcome aboard David. Read his whole column here.

Stephen Fry On American Irony

Via TigerHawk. Thanks for setting the record straight Steve.

Obama's Racist Pastor Leaves Campaign

And because Obama is a media darling, that will be the end of that. Madness.


Tax Hikes On The Way

Get ready, folks. The House and Senate as they stand now will not extend the Bush Tax Cuts, which is a roundabout way of saying they're going to raise taxes in a couple of years. Hillary or Obama will sign them into law...McCain, who knows.

We're in trouble.

Obama Scandals Racking Up

So let's see...his preacher hates America, Whites and Jews. His friends include a member of the Weather Underground and a money launderer. His wife says the country is "mean" and only now feels any pride, and the Senator recently put in a piece of legislation a one-million-dollar earmark for a Chicago hospital where his wife works. Damn! That's enough ammo to end the political careers of about 12 Republican. For Obama, it may not even matter. What does that tell you?

Two things: He gets a pass from the media because of his politics and because of his race, and if he becomes president, his administration may just make Bill Clinton's look ethical.

Okay, Tomorrow Again

Once again, sorry for the light posting...I'm bogged down with work this week. Bare with me, gentle readers (reader?).


More Tomorrow

Sorry for the light posting lately, I've been really busy. I'll have plenty tomorrow.

Bush Speaks Out Against Fairness Doctrine

President Bush told a gathering of religious broadcasters yesterday that he would veto any Fairness Doctrine legislation that came across his desk. That's nice of him to say, but I don't think he'll have to worry about it in his last 10 months in office. It's the next president that we need to worry about. Hillary and Obama would gladly sign such legislation, while McCain probably wouldn't, but I'd be on edge until the ink from his signature was dry. These are the kinds of things that are at stake in November.


MSM Was Spitzer's Co-Pilot

As Eliot Spitzer's rein of prosecutorial abuse comes to an end, Kimberley Strassel explains how the MSM gave him cover for years and years.

Ferraro In Trouble For Obama Statement

One of the scariest things about American society is how you can get in hot-water for telling the truth. Former VP candidate Geraldine Ferraro is now in trouble for saying Obama would not be in the position he's in (presumably she means leading in the race for president) if he were a white man.

So what's untrue about that? Face it...there's not a dime's worth of difference between what Obama stands for and what Joe Biden, Christopher Dodd, Hillary Clinton, John Edwards, et al stand for. Obama is leading not just because he's a great "orator" but because he's black and millions of Americans suffer from a syndrome known as White Guilt. Guilt over the fact that we once enslaved black people...that we segregated them, that we discriminated against them in every aspect of life for decades. For liberals, a black candidate is the ultimate release from guilt...and conservatives are not immune. Obama's success is not based on political ideology...it's a cult of personality and much of that has to do with his race.

Martin Luther King was a great man, but it's not his greatness that has led to a Martin Luther King Boulevard in every major city in the nation. It's nothing against MLK or Obama to point out the facts.

MORE: Captain Ed aptly points out that the same argument could be made for Hillary...it all comes down to identity politics.

Instapundit: "But isn't that a big part of his appeal? Isn't that what Michelle Obama meant when she said she was finally proud of America?"

A Case For Romney

Fred Barnes makes the case for Mitt Romney as McCain's best choice for VP. He could be right, but as he mentions in the column, they hate each other. JFK/LBJ redux?

The Spitzer Nightmare

John Derbyshire has a piece in NRO this morning on the cesspool that is New York politics.


Obama Slams Clinton Over VP Offer

Gotta give Obama credit on this one, he really took it to Hillary for her veiled offer of the Vice Presidency. This is the kind of fire he needs to show if he wants to be president (G-d forbid), but hopefully it'll put the fire in Hillary's belly to take it up a notch.

Eliot Spitzer Linked To Prostitution Probe

Seriously, wouldn't we be more surprised if he weren't?

Limbaugh Has Democrats In A Fit

Article in the Cleveland Plains-Dealer about Rush's perversion of the political process.


Has McCain Learned Anything?

That's the big question right now. Drudge and Breitbart have the video of McCain getting a little testy with a...wait for it...New York Times reporter asking about his conversation with the Kerry campaign in 2004 about the VP position.

It's pretty classic. The guy spends years being a "maverick" in his own party which included joining the Democrats on many issues and even included flirting with the idea of being the running-mate on a Democrat presidential ticket. Why did he do this? Because he loved the media attention he got...the fawning, the praise. Now, the Old Grey Lady, the very publication that leads the MSM and encouraged McCain in his Maverick ways the past 10 years is now trying to trip up his run for the Presidency (as a Republican) using the events that he was so lauded for in the past.

As the old saying goes...lay down with dogs, you get up with fleas. Has McCain learned anything from this?

McCain's New Ad

I gotta admit, this is damn good ad. It's 100% serious and captures the mood perfectly. It compares McCain to two great men in history and plays up his POW past, but not in a way that seems arrogant. As someone that works in video production I can tell you that sped-up night-time video of cars driving down city streets always ads a touch of elegance and subconsciously reminds the viewer that world moves fast and if we're not careful, something could stop all that. Watch for yourself and see what you think:

I think this is the tone that McCain needs to take in the general election. Seriousness. Point out that at this time of terrorism, high oil prices, a weak dollar, that this isn't the time for a political novice (Obama) or a political Stalinist (Hillary). We'll see.

Roger Goodell For President

The Commissioner of the NFL is the type of guy we need in Washington. He's putting his job at risk by going on a crusade to make sure the NFL stays the most popular pro sport in America for decades to come. That's leadership.

A New Voice For Libertarians?

Okay, we've got the dollar at an all-time low, oil prices at an all-time high, and George McGovern is speaking out against the nanny state. One more horseman and it'll be time to head down to the cellar.


Governor Crist In Catbird Seat

Every politician in America has to be envying Florida Governor Charlie Crist right now. He's in the position every elected official wants to be in. He's fighting for something that's of political benefit to his party but at the same time he's able to look like he's "fighting for the people." He couldn't ask for a better situation.

Military Office Bombed In NYC

Domestic terrorism hits the Big Apple. Gateway Pundit has a roundup. Michelle Malkin has a report on how some in the MSM are trying to play down that it was a military recruiting station. Naturally, the Kos Kidz think it's a right-wing setup.


Rush Limbaugh Pulls The Strings

Rush Limbaugh must have whiplash. He goes from being irrelevant to "perverting democracy" in the blink of an eye. The MSM is now in full conniption mode over his possible assistance in getting out the vote for Hillary last night. It's only gonna get weirder.

The Obamas And Their Country

Hot Air has this quote from Barack Obama on the goal of the "change" he talks about. Listen to it and tell me if it doesn't make you sick. There's something seriously wrong with him and his wife and their view of their own country. I do not want that in the White House.


Rush Limbaugh Rescues Hillary Clinton's Campaign!

That's not the headline in the MSM, but it should be.

Economics By The Dashboard Light

A quick economics lesson on "closing corporate tax loopholes" from The Other Side of Kim. Read it all. Very simple and very true. (Hat tip: Johnny Sac)

Geeks Mourn: Gary Gygax Dies

The man who gave us Dungeons and Dragons has died. Never was into it, but I am fascinated by how it developed into a bit of a cult. Even Michelle Malkin was into it.

Moses Was High On Drugs Says Academic

It's certainly possible, though unprovable. I know Christians will scoff but it's not like hallucinogens were invented at Woodstock.

The Unthinkable: Media Grills Obama

His lies about NAFTA and the Tony Rezko trial are starting to finally catch up to him. He didn't handle it too well either. Does Hillary still have a chance tonight?

Brett Favre Retires

End of an era in Green Bay.


Whoa! Hillary Praises McCain Over Obama

Via Captain Ed.

An Historic Week On Deck

Looking over the news this morning you can't help but wonder if this is going to be one of those weeks that's remembered for a long time.

First off: the Ohio and Texas primaries are tomorrow for the Democrats. It's make or break for Hillary. Will the SNL appearance and the Rezko stories give Hillary the boost she needs? Right now, it's a dead-heat.

Down South, the biggest human cartoon since Mussoulini is amassing tanks on the Venezuelan border with Colombia. Hugo Chavez has officially come out of the commie closet and sided with the Leftist rebels in Colombia, accusing the government there of being an American puppet. Naturally, Oliver Stone loves the guy.

The Democrats look ready to make a deal on FISA. The Kos Kidz are gonna flip if that happens.

And over in The Netherlands, the government is trying to ban an anti-Koran film. Let freedom rein!


"Senator Obama, I Knew Jack Kennedy..."

Don Surber points out why Barack Obama is no JFK. (Hat tip: Instapundit)

Hillary (And Rudy) Appear On SNL

I have a new idea for Saturday Night Live. Don't have consecutive seasons, just be on during election years...that's when the show is golden.

Last night, the opening skit was lampooning the last Democrat debate and the media's love of Obama...afterwards, the real Hillary made an appearance. I hope people in Texas and Ohio saw it so that she can make just enough of a comeback to keep it interesting. Hot Air has the video, including a short appearance from my candidate, Rudy Giuliani. *sigh* What could have been.


"60 Minutes" Dupped In Karl Rove Hit-Piece

Not surprising as "60 Minutes" has been a anti-conservative joke for several years. Who wants to bet they blame all this on Rove for "setting them up?"

RFK Jr. Still Beats Enviro-Wacko Drum

Despite the fact that the earth is now in a cooling down phase, RFK Jr. is hell-bent on destroying America through environmental laws. He also made an interesting allegation concerning the Fairness Doctrine:

Kennedy said after former President Ronald Reagan abolished the Fairness Doctrine in 1988, about 80 percent of investigative reporters lost their jobs. He said investigative reporters were the only people who "connected the dots" and discovered the environmental wrongs the government was implementing on the country. Foreign news bureaus were also discontinued, Kennedy said.

"We're supposed to be leaders of the free world but we have no clue what's going on in the free world," Kennedy said. "It's a bad thing for the world and a terrible thing for democracy."

Democracy is what he hates. Anyway, I'd never heard this charge made about the elimination of the Fairness Doctrine. It's true many foreign news bureaus shut down, but that was mostly a financial decision in the MSM. As far as the investigative reporters go, anyone know anything about this?