ESPN Salutes Black Panthers

It's one of those things that never ceases to amaze many of us on the political right. We constantly hear from the political left how America is an evil country. Why is it evil? Because it's violent, imperialistic, it starts wars, in fact, it's nothing more than a fascist tyranny some say. Okay, if we accept this premise, then why are the heroes of the political left so often people who practice, well, fascism?

Case in point, Jonah Goldberg has put himself in line for some serious hate mail as he post a column in the LA Times today deriding ESPN for honoring Tommie Smith and John Carlos for their Black Panther salute during the 1968 Mexico City Olympics. What do (or did) the Black Panthers stand for? Violence. Armed conflict with the United States. Murder of police officers. Is this what ESPN honors?

Well, of course not, they'll say if pressed. It's all about Radical Chic as Goldberg points out. It doesn't matter that Black Panthers were a black version of the Nazi Party. Honoring them makes ESPN feel good and gives them street cred and that's all that really matters. John Adams said facts are stubborn things. To the political left, they are the enemy.