The End Of History Returns To The Fold

Confession: I love Roger Kimball's work. The man is a complete nerd. He wears a bow tie, is highly educated and was probably born with his nose in the middle of a book on Western philosophy. But he continuously writes stuff that the nerdy side of me revels in. Case in point: he's calling for entries in contest to find the silliest argument by a serious academic in the last 25 years. The obvious odds-on favorite is Al Gore with Global Warming, however he may be disqualified if Kimball holds us to the "serious academic" part. Kimball's entry is Francis Fukuyama's End of History motif. His analysis is here. I read End of History in the mid-90s and found it a fascinating read and an inspiration to my academic studies, but at the time I had a sense that while it was a fascinating argument, it was most likely wrong. Well, no harm done, but Fukuyama didn't take this criticism well, especially after 9/11 and the rise of Islamofascism. So enraged by the so-called "cowboy diplomacy" of the Bush Administration, he endorsed John Kerry in 2004. Now with the rise of the Russian Bear and China, Fukuyama is back with more.

Fascinating stuff. It's no wonder I don't have a girlfriend.