John McCain Was Right

Not something I say very often, but in this case, he deserves props. Even the New York Times and the Chicago Sun-Times are admitting McCain was right about Russia all along while the rest of us kidded ourselves.

Many of us, including myself, believed for a while that the Russians were our friends. We saw Bush and Putin being chummy, Putin learning to speak English, Russia in the G7, it all seemed very cordial and that after a half-century Cold War, we were finally allies. However, John McCain, like Churchill, was the lone voice (with some exceptions) saying Putin was a fraud and a hard-line needed to be taken with the Russian Bear. Now, we have all the proof you could ask for, an unprovoked invasion of a sovereign democratic country. The world continues to be dangerous, the end of history has been put on hold until further notice. Who's the best man to lead the West? It's John McCain. Despite all my misgivings about the man, he's proven that he's the best man to lead not just America, but the Western World. I shudder to think of Obama dealing with these kind of crises.

We also have to face the fact that Russia is bent on Empire, and the Baltic States now have no choice but to arm themselves, and we have to help them. They need hardware and they need training. Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Georgia, Ukraine, et al need our help and we have to answer the call.