Late Night With Joe Biden

4:50 in the AM on a Saturday. That's when Barack Obama announced to the faithful that his pick for VP is Joe Biden. That says something, it has to. It hearkens back to the Clinton Administration when they would release documents to Ken Starr on late Friday afternoons.

I think you have to consider the fact that Obama really doesn't want a Vice President. Why share the spotlight when you're the Messiah?

Regardless, Joe Biden on a national ticket is going to be fun. Now the ball is McCain's court. He needs to hit it out of the park (yes, I'm mixing sports metaphors) with his pick and kick hard toward the finish line (horseracing).

MORE: Best reaction I've seen so far is from Ron Rosenbaum who is pretty livid:

But a huge mistake by Obama in choosing a self-important clown for vice president, a choice that is the gift that will keep on giving to his opponent throughout the rest of the election. Biden has proven himself incapable of opening his mouth without making you cringe at his self-congratulatory pretentiousness.

But why? One thing I always felt about Obama was that he won't be rolled, played, by traditional pols. And yet there is evidence that's what happened. It turns out he surrounded himself with top staffers from loser hacks like Dick Gephardt, the kind of people who are revered in the Senate "class of dummies" I referred to. Beltway brilliant. Smart only in sucking up to reporters. The only kind of people who could take Joe Biden seriously and don't realize how they've betrayed the trust of Obama supporters who believed that he was something different. Not only betrayed his supporters, betrayed Obama.