Looks Like It's Palin

She's smart, fiscally conservative, pro-life (even has a son with Down's Syndrome), a governor, and she's a hottie. They'll charge she has little experience, but her experience is of an executive nature, not in the Senate where the number one priority is to enrich yourself.

I gotta say, I'm so impressed with how the McCain camp has been handling things these past few months. Everything they do seems to take the wind out of the Obama sails. This is a somewhat surprising pick and it tells me that the campaign has reason to believe that the riff between Obama and Hillary voters is bigger than many of us may realize. Stay tuned.
MORE: Captain Ed has the vapors. (Scroll to the bottom)
EVEN MORE: Ed also makes the brilliant point that this pick (and the recent actions of the campaign) show that McCain is going to play offense, not defense, and that's what Republicans have been asking for for years.
STILL MORE: A Naughty Librarian? (Hat tip: Don Surber)