McCain On The Offensive

I have to say, I'm really impressed with the McCain Campaign as of late. It's so rare to see Republicans...any Republicans fight back against the Democrats and McCain has been hitting back at Obama at every turn. The celebrity charge he made against Obama really stung and that seems to be the central theme of his shots at Obama.

As for Vice President, if I had to put money on it, I would say McCain will pick Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota. He's pro-life, conservative, not a Washington insider and while somewhat unknown he's not so known to the political establishment that he's a polarizing figure like a Dick Cheney (not that that's all bad). Plus, Minnesota is a swing state and while I think the get-out-the-vote pull of a Vice Presidential candidate is generally overrated, he could be of some help to tip Minnesota and maybe Wisconsin to McCain. Regardless, I hope he doesn't pick a moderate and I don't think he will. The recent fighting spirit of the campaign to me is a sign that they're getting the message from the conservative base. If that's so, then it only makes sense he'll pick a conservative VP.

Meanwhile, Obama's gonna let his drones know who his pick is via text-message sometime this Saturday. I'd love it if it was Joe Biden, but that would be so much arrogance on one presidential ticket they'd probably have a hull breach. My upset pick: Mark Warner, despite his possible bimbo problem.