Michelle Obama's Makeover

I've been skimming through the various takes on Michelle Obama's speech last night and discovered quite the interesting contrast. Most of the conservative pundits are quick to say that she did really well and look at the speech with some sense of admiration. A lot of the liberal pundits (as expected) wanted more of a fire and brimstone speech like we saw her give in the primaries. James Carville even said the whole night was wasted as the Dems tried to show a kinder, gentler party with less "Bush is the devil" rhetoric. So far, the most interesting take has been Byron York's comparing the two Michelle Obama speeches from last night and the one in Charlotte, North Carolina last May. Which is genuine? Obviously the Charlotte speech, but like good little slaves to the idiot box we believe what we're told. Michelle Obama is a loving mother and a patriot who speaks fondly of the America Dream. Sure, I'll buy that...and the Brooklyn Bridge.