Political Blindness

It never ceases to amaze how people refuse to see the trash littered about their own yard. Jonah Goldberg caught this review of Joe Biden's speech from Jonathan Chait in TNR (emphasis mine):

What continues to be missing is a frame to explain why John McCain believes all these wrongheaded things he talks about. But it's very simple. McCain used to stand against the ideologues and moneyed interests of the GOP, but he decided that if he wanted to win the GOP nomination, he had to make himself their ally.

Ideologues and moneyed interests? Yes, the GOP has those. Every political party has those. Congress is a cesspool of corrupt lawyers enriching themselves, but to listen to pundits talk it's as if all the evil in politics exist only on the other side. Does Chait really believe there are no ideologues (snort) or moneyed interests (double snort) in the Democrat Party? Or does he believe there are but that Obama is "standing against" them? Either way, it's political blindness of the highest order, or it's simply lies that he hopes will be believed.