Rendell Calls Out MSM On Obama Bias, MSM Takes Umbrage

He may be your typical Philadelphia crook politician, but I've always had a soft-spot for Ed Rendell. With him, you know where you stand, and he couldn't be more right about the media.

"MSNBC was the official network of the Obama campaign," Rendell said, who called their coverage "absolutely embarrassing."

Chris Matthews, Rendell said, "loses his impartiality when he talks about the Clintons.”

At that point, PBS's Judy Woodruff, who was moderating the moderators event, said: "Why don’t we let Governor Rendell sit down."

That was met with applause from the crowd of big-time media figures, which included Arianna Huffington, Gwen Ifill, Al Hunt, and Chuck Todd.

Woodruff allowed Brokaw to respond, and in defending the network, he said that Matthews and Keith Olbermann are "not the only voices" on MSNBC.

Yes Tom, there was another voice, Tim Russert, but he's dead. Now MSNBC is just the "Daily Show" with a bigger budget.