Winning Over The Right People

There's a lot of kvetching going on at the indispensable Corner at NRO. That's fine, it's their job to be cautious and look at all the angles, and there are certainly some risks involved with picking Palin, but here's a few big pros.

Number one: the fact that there are risks and McCain picked her anyway proves Captain Ed's early point: McCain is playing offense, not defense. Let's talk about her drawbacks, let's have that discussion and see if they are indeed drawbacks. Have that debate with her and she more than likely will win the argument.

Number two: and this may be the most important, McCain has now galvanized some of his most ardent conservative Republican detractors. I haven't seen Michelle Malkin or Rush Limbaugh this excited and positive about the McCain campaign in, well, ever. They are two important pundits for any Republican campaign and getting them excited means the conservative base is excited, and when they're excited, Republicans win.