Anatomy Of A Smear, Creation Of An Urban Legend

Okay, I fancy myself a media theorist and generally brilliant guy, so in an effort to put up or shut up, here's my take on this whole Palin baby story.

First, you have a diarist at Daily Kos speculate that Sarah Palin's son Trig, who has Down's syndrome is in fact her grandchild and the baby was born to her daughter Bristol in one of those famous American teenage pregnancies. In an effort to cover for her daughter, Kos accuses Palin of faking her pregnancy. They use pictures of Bristol Palin with a bit of a tummy as their proof.

Well, as it turns out Bristol is pregnant, as we speak. She got pregnant with her boyfriend who she will soon marry and have the child. Naturally, this makes the left-wing bloggers happy while the rest of us say, okay, so what?

Now we've entered the realm where truth is no longer a factor. The story has received enough attention from the MSM that the idea of the faked pregnancy is now a part of pop culture. For the rest of Sarah Palin's life, people will always wonder if Trig is her son or grandson and it will always be quipped about by her political enemies.

The plus side for Sarah Palin in this is that it's not the worst thing one can be suspected of. What mother wouldn't be willing to do this for her child, some will say. It's out there, it can't be undone. That's the way of urban legends.

For me, it doesn't change a damn thing. I couldn't care less that her daughter is pregnant. Family matter. But I'll tell you this, there's not way the Kos diarist just got lucky. Obama's prints are all over this one.

MORE: Yes, Bristol being pregnant now makes it impossible that she is Trig's mother, but you're letting truth get in the way my dear reader. That's the point of my post. Truth doesn't matter when you're creating an urban legend. The Left knows this.