A Headline That Speaks Volumes

Sometimes a news headline just throws me back on my heels as my brain goes into overload. This headline is a good example:

Okay, lots to deal with here. First, you can just sense the surprise from the AP headline writer that there are any shortcomings when it comes to government. After all, in the past week we've been hearing how private enterprise in America has failed and government is the only thing that can handle the economy correctly. Second, in this headline, we're talking about the Chinese government. This government, by the fact that it's a dictatorship, does not have "shortcomings." It is, in and of itself, an atrocity. It's like saying Adolph Hitler had an "odd" personality.

No doubt if I presented this argument to the AP they would first deny it and then if pressed say they have to appear nonpartisan in world affairs.

Journalism is dead.