It's All On Palin, Again

The next volley from the MSM is to push the meme that Sarah Palin is the next Thomas Eagleton. They are really going for broke to destroy this woman, but let me tell you, I can understand why. If McCain were to actually chicken out and dump her from the ticket, that's over. I'll start blogging about ancient pottery techniques and call myself Sally, because there would be no point in talking about the election. It would be over. Obama would be president.

Just the fact that I'm talking about this shows the power of the MSM. They do whatever they can to make us think in a certain way, and unfortunately, we fall for it all too often. I don't see Sarah Palin dropping out, there's no reason for it and she's got millions on her side.

The GOP and the MSM are now in an all out war. Who is going to win?