Matt Millen Should Run For Congress

In a move I never thought would happen while William Clay Ford Sr. was still walking the earth, the Detroit Lions have fired Matt Millen after 7 incompetent years as General Manger. The Lions are one of the worst run franchises in professional sports and they became all the more laughable as Millen kept getting contract extensions as the team got worse and worse.

So what's next for Millen? My suggestion is a run for Congress. After all, people like Congressman Barney Frank and Senator Chris Dodd helped create this financial crisis we're currently in, but have been assigned little if any blame. They've also been in Congress for longer than many can remember with reelection never in question. Millen thought he had found the perfect setup, a place where incompetence was rewarded, but it turned out that even the Detroit Lions have to draw the line eventually. In Congress, however, there is no punishment for incompetence, only glory. I look forward to the campaign.