Meet Sarah Palin

Here's my take FWIW:

She's a beautiful woman and a strong woman. She seemed just a touch overwhelmed at the beginning, but I think that was emotion. She started the speech going through the family stuff as every candidate has to do...

...then she took off.

My favorite line was how she would explain to Obama/Biden exactly what being a Mayor/Governor entails. It was at that moment that we got the Sarah Palin Look (trademark pending). It's a look that says, "I'm gonna kick your ass!"

After this she started to loosen up. When talking about energy she really seemed to be in her element. McCain needs to use her for that in a big way.

Then it was standup comedy as she slammed Obama's bravado from his Greek temple to his self-proclaimed Moses-like qualities, not to mention a shot at Harry Reid's manhood. Can you say "barracuda?"

Bottom line: I like her, I feel better, and I think she may just have what it takes. Stay tuned.

MORE: A brilliant take from Daniel Henninger:

Hillary Clinton still plays the victim card. Sarah Palin gives off no victim vibes.