Sun Spots Fortell Ice Age?

As we all know, the sun has nothing to do with the heating and cooling of the earth, it's all caused by man. That's what makes this story by Gar Swaffer (great name) so puzzling:

No observable sunspots in the month of August correlates to a paper by two astronomers refused in 2005 by the journal Science for being too controversial. And is a possible signal of an Ice Age on the way. Not global warming!
Beg pardon?

Three past events in the observed life of the planet earth have led to much colder climate extremes. They are the reduced sunspot activity periods , Maunder, Dalton, and Spörer Minimums. They correspond respectively to the periods, 1645-1715, 1790-1830, and 1420-1570*.
Uh oh. So what does this all mean?

The opinions and experiments as noted above are still subject to interpretation, the one incontrovertible fact though is that the climate is far too complex at this point in time to be considered easily predictable. That is the essence of my argument against the concept of the global warming proponents who are seemingly in possession of a second set of Tablets from The Mount on which the Goracle has pronounced the existence of, and the inevitability of global warming due to the excesses of mankind, while he (Al Gore) travels the world in his private jet.

Hey now Gar, that's dangerous thinking. The kind of thinking that could get you a small apartment in The Hague.