Anarchy In The UK, Iowahawk Style

Iowahawk, a.k.a. Dave Burge, is now going to be writing for the British rag Anorak while still maintaining his Iowahawk site. I think the Brits has a lot of misconceptions about Americans and our culture. Who better than Iowahawk to set them straight. For example:

In the matter of politics you have "Tories" and "Labour" where we have "Republicans" and "Democrats"; just as our "lawyers" must pass the "bar exam," I'm sure your "barristers" must pass some sort of "pub quiz." In America we call our stupid white racists "crackers," where I believe you refer to them as "scones" or "crisps" or something. But these minor language quirks are nothing compared to the many things we have in common. For example, did you know we also have a new Stalinist dictator, and he also turns out to be Brown?

Bob's your uncle.