Nebraska Goes Bowling With A Boy Named Suh

The Nebraska Cornhuskers defeated the Colorado Buffaloes in a game this afternoon that might serve as a textbook definition of winning ugly. After going down 14 points in the blink of an eye, the Huskers battled back and despite what Bo Pelini called the bonehead play of the year, a fake field goal intercepted by Colorado and returned for a touchdown, the Huskers were behind by only one point, 31-30 (a score that gives Nebraskans nightmares to this day), with a few minutes left in the game. Finally, Pelini made the gutsy call of trying a 57-yard field goal which was completed by Alex Henery, a school record.

But to me the real story today was a sort of star-is-born story with the young man you see pictured. Ndamukong Suh returned an interception for a touchdown late to put the game out of reach. Suh was a monster in this game and had a big year for the Huskers. With another year at Nebraska, pro scouts will be watching him very closely in 2009.