Notre Dame Like Nebraska Last Year

Sitting here watching USC make quick work out of Notre Dame and it occurs to me that the Fighting Irish are very similar to my Nebraska Cornhuskers from last year. We had a former NFL coach in Bill Callahan, a great offensive mind, but he didn't know jack about defense. He was able to get the kind of recruits that impressed, but couldn't go toe to toe with much of anyone.

Notre Dame is now at the same crossroads and needs to embrace its roots. Call Hank Paulsen and get the money to buy out Charlie Weis (who should return to the NFL) and hire a good college coach to lead the team back to prominence, but also realize that it ain't the 20th century anymore. College Football now has quite a bit of parity that it didn't have in the days when Notre Dame and Nebraska ruled the world. Both these teams can come back, but it'll never be like the old days.