'The Shield' Ends Its Run On FX

I would remiss if I didn't do a post this week about the end of the FX series The Shield which starred Michael Chiklis. Many remember Chiklis as The Commish, a heart-of-gold police commissioner on the ABC series in the early 1990's or in his turn as John Belushi in the (rather unfortunate) biopic Wired. The actor has secured his legacy with The Shield and I would make the bold assessment that it was the best television series of the past decade.

What? What about The Sopranos?

Yes, it was a very good and groundbreaking series and was utterly fantastic for about 3 seasons. Then, it went downhill with ridiculous story lines, gaps between seasons that you could easily fill with the disco era and a series finale that was a cop-out of the highest order. The Shield did not fall into any of these traps. It was solid for seven seasons and the ending was absolutely perfect, both surprising and poignant rivaling that of No Country For Old Men.

Well done.