Cornhuskers Loading Up On DB's

It may seem an obvious point, but I'm glad to see that Nebraska Head Coach Bo Pelini understands what needs to be done to get the team to the next level. The Huskers are loading up on defensive backs, perhaps the biggest weak spot on the team:

San Antonio prep standout Andrew Green said yes to the Huskers over conference rivals Missouri, Oklahoma State, Colorado, Baylor and Iowa State, boosting NU's current class to 21 known commits.

"It's where my heart felt right," Green told, which rates him as a three-star player and as the 50th-best prospect in Texas regardless of position. "I wasn't trying to do that many interviews, and I was just trying to clear my mind and think because I had a lot going on and stuff. I just kept praying and praying about where I should go. It's what felt right."

The Huskers have been loading up on defensive backs, the 6-foot, 180-pound Green becoming the sixth secondary player in the 2009 class.

Other defensive backs on NU’s commitment list include DeAndre Byrd (Tallahassee, Fla.), Dejon Gomes (San Francisco), Lazarri Middleton (Long Beach, Calif.,), Dijon Washington (Lawndale, Calif.) and Taylor Martinez (Corona, Calif.).

Excellent. We need all the D-backs we can get. Another thing I've been reading about Nebraska's recruits is that they like the way the coaching staff doesn't try to BS them like car salesmen. It's all very professional with straight talk about what the program is all about and what they want to do, with no promises made that the program can't keep.