Detroit: For The Worst Of Everything

Detroit is a mirror image of where this country could end up if we make too many mistakes. The governor of Michigan is an incompetent liberal whose policies have made a bad situation worse; the city of Detroit has a Mayor in jail and has elected liberal Democrats for decades with the city getting worse and worse with high crime and economic futility. As a kind of mascot to this backward place, you have their professional football team, the Detroit Lions, who are now 0-15 and will probably be the first 0-16 team in history after next week. It's a shame and I feel bad for their coach Rod Marinelli and their players.

In the NFL, it's very, very simple. Teams with good owners are successful, teams with bad owners are not. New England, Pittsburgh, Atlanta, and Miami have owners that (with some exceptions) let the football people handle the football decisions while they write the checks. Arizona, Oakland, Detroit and Cincinnati are examples of teams with owners who either are too cheap, too meddlesome or completely in over their head. There are some exceptions: Jerry Jones is willing to spend whatever it takes to win and has the Cowboys mystique to aid in his goal, but he wants to do it his way which means the Cowboys always come up short (in the age of the salary cap).

Rod Marinelli may not have what it takes to be a head coach, but we'll never know for sure because he has been the head coach of the worst-run professional football team in the NFL. Just today, we learn that owner William Clay Ford may keep the front office as is. They're 0-15 folks. Bad coaching isn't enough on its own to get an 0-15 record.

So in Detroit, pretty much everything is a shambles...including the sporting press. In the post-game press conference, Coach Marinelli talked about the defense which is coached by his son-in-law Joe Barry. Marinelli pointed out that he has the final say on the defensive strategy, so their performance is on him. This didn't stop Rob Parker of the Detroit News asking this question:

"Do you wish your daughter had married a better defensive coordinator?"

Good Lord. What's next? Obviously, reaction has been harsh with some calling for Parker to be fired.