Don't Confuse Issue With Black Football Coaches

I seem to be doing a sports theme this morning. Anyway, three black head coaches in college football this year are on their way out, so naturally we have a barrage of stories about what a shame there are so few black head coaches. The problem with this is that it belittles the issues when we hit the panic button every time there's an ebb and flow in the process.

The three coaches losing their jobs (or quitting) this year are Slyvester Croom at Mississippi State, Ron Prince at Kansas State and Tyrone Willingham at Washington. Why did they get fired or quit? Because they didn't win enough games...the same reason every coach is fired or quits. Willingham drove a once proud program in Washington into the ground, Croom couldn't turn the corner at MSU, neither could Prince at KSU. So, in the natural order of things, they're out of work, but because they failed in their tasks we're back to lamenting the lack of black coaches. There's racism out there, of course, but it's a slow process changing the culture. These three coaches didn't fail because of racism, they failed because they're human beings just like the white coaches that have been or will be fired.

Greg Robinson isn't going to be coaching Syracuse any longer because he failed in his task. The Orangemen will look for a new coach which could be black man in Turner Gill (a legend from my childhood) or a white guy. The best thing Syracuse University can do for Gill is to give him a interview along with other candidates and pick him only if they feel he's the best man for the job. Any other reason would be an insult.